Safety is the biggest priority for Omnis Pest Control. We apply all our products according to the labels to ensure the highest level of safety. For most of our products, people don’t even need to leave the house. For little kids and pets, the most important precaution is to let the product dry. In most cases, 20 minutes inside or 30-45 minutes outside is all it takes. Our rodent bait stations contain metal rods that hold the bait inside and protect it from your dogs. As long as they don’t chew their way through, they are protected.

We are locally owned and operated.  Our office is in Castle Rock, CO.  We started from 0 to now we treat thousands of homes every year.  Our mission “to restore and maintain a pest free peace of mind, one neighbor at a time” has been so well received.  We now employ a handful of local neighbors to fill your pest management needs.

Prices vary according to the time and amount of chemical required to accomplish the task of keeping your home or business pest free.  As such, we base our services off of square footage and acreage.  Many of our services can be started for far less than your cable or cell phone bills.

Contract or no contract depends on you.  Our biggest discounts are for the people that believe in us enough to commit to an agreement.  If contracts are not for you, we have separate pricing for per service treatments.  Cancel any time, but remember that you could be saving money by trusting us with your home or business.  For those that sign contracts, the only cancel fee is the discount we give, not 50% or more of the remaining contract like other companies.  After your agreement term is up, you can continue on a yearly renewal term or if you choose, you can bump up to full price and cancel at any time.

Absolutely.  For our regularly scheduled customers, we will come back to your home and treat free of charge for any issues that come up in between regularly scheduled visits with the exception of termites, mosquitoes, large rodents or animals, mites and other specialty pests.  One time or one-off services usually don’t come with any guarantee because most services break down or deteriorate over time.

No.  We mix our products with water to apply.  If you can mop or clean your surfaces with water, then we can treat those areas with our product with no staining or residue.  Untreated or unprotected woods or stone can be susceptible to water staining, but it is not because of the products mixed in with the water.

The initial service and setup can take up to an hour.  For most prevention services where only the exterior is needed, services take between 20 and 45 minutes.

Many reasons exist: firstly, our technicians have gone through strict training and testing to fulfill certification standards set by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  This training should give you peace of mind that you and your family will be protected from improper chemical usage.  Second, our technicians service 10 – 15 homes a day for the exact same pests that you are fighting We will know how to fight the problem instead of guessing.  Lastly, it takes the dirty work off your plate.  We will get into the crawl spaces, attics and under decks.  We have the equipment to knock down seemingly unreachable wasp nests or spray into hard to reach corners.  The whole time you can spend time with your family and friends.


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