Environmentally Safe Pest Control

Unwanted pests are a struggle every homeowner encounters. When insects and rodents enter homes, they bring many problems and diseases. Also, they give people a feeling of uncleanliness and unease. Upon spotting pests, people reach for the most powerful and quickest means of getting rid of the unwanted intruders.

However, pest control focused on strong chemical killers and deterrents brings a different threat into the home. Harsh chemicals damage the environment and put the health of families and pets at risk. Alternatively, choosing environmentally safe pest control options addresses unwanted pests without compromising the health and safety of you and your family.

What is Environmentally Safe Pest Control?

The focus of environmentally safe pest control is still the removal of unwanted pests. However, in place of harsh commercial pesticides, safer and lower toxicity products are used. Using any product in a home means there will be human and pet contact. When choosing environmentally safe pest control options, you lower the risk of exposure to toxins. Carefully selected and environmentally safe pest control products applied in targeted areas are part of a safe, integrated pest management program.

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Pest Control That Is Safer For Your Family

Pesticides pose a significant risk to the health and safety of people and pets. According to Californians for Pesticide Reform, children are more vulnerable to pesticide exposure. Because they are still developing, they have more difficulty processing and detoxifying pesticides in their system. Exposure to pesticides can lead to acute and long-term health problems. Examples include cancers, neurological effects, congenital disabilities, and reproductive harm. Read more about the potential health effects of pesticides from the CDC. Environmentally safe pest control greatly decreases the risks of keeping your home pest-free. The goal of any pest removal is long-term results. When faced with the need for repeated application, employing environmentally safe pest control will leave you with peace of mind and a clean home.

Environmental Benefits

Insects and rodents in the home put the health of families at risk. But, thousands of insects and critters that live outside the house play essential roles in a balanced ecosystem. Unfortunately, most commercial pesticides do not distinguish between good and harmful insects. These pesticides kill all insects that come in contact with them. Also, they pose a risk to plants, trees, and wildlife. Environmentally safe pest control targets harmful pests that may carry diseases or parasites, allowing beneficial non-targeted insects to carry on. 

How Does Environmentally Safe Pest Control Work

Many environmentally safe pest control products are biological. They use the power of plants, flowers, and other elements found in nature to dispose of pests safely. Then, if chemical intervention is necessary, products with the lowest possible toxicity are chosen. However, there is much more to pest control than pesticides. A crucial part of ending any pest problem is education and prevention. 

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Pest Identification

A well-planned integrated pest management program begins with pest identification. Environmentally safe pest control is no different. First, specific species of pest and their points of entry must be identified. Once identified, professionals, create a detailed plan to implement. These plans begin with physical pest management.

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Physical Pest Management

Next, physical management actions reduce and deter pests. They make entry difficult or impossible. Also, it limits hospitable environments and removes available food. A few of these steps include;

  • Seal possible entry points, such as cracks and crevices in foundations, walls, and windows. 
  • Fill spaces around pipes and electrical 
  • Reduce moisture by fixing leaks and using a dehumidifier in basements. 
  • Remove trash and place it in a tightly sealed bin.
  • Wipe surface and vacuum regularly.
  • Store food, including pet food, in sealed containers. 
eco friendly safe pest control for rodents

Minimizing Product Application

An important part of environmentally safe pest control is to use the least amount of chemical products possible. After achieving the identification and physical management steps, products are used to treat targeted areas. Choosing environmentally safe pest control products also minimizes health risks. Pest control professionals who use blanket, non-targeted approaches are less effective. They also increase possible exposure to harmful chemicals.

eco friendly safe pest control for rodents

Outdoor Environmentally Safe Pest Control

Often inside the home is the main focus for pest control. However, it is important to apply these steps outdoors as well. Locating and removing possible nesting sites for destructive or harmful pests surrounding the home reduces the number of pests looking to move indoors. The same steps apply to outdoor environmentally safe pest control. Identify what harmful pests are likely living in your yard. Trim and remove dead trees and branches to minimize the risk of bird activity. Also, empty standing water after rain events, eliminating potential mosquito breeding sites. When chemical or biological products are necessary, use the least toxic options and apply them only where necessary.

eco friendly safe pest control for rodents

Environmentally Safe Pest Control Provides Long-lasting Results

The goal of environmentally safe pest control is long-lasting results with minimal impact on human and environmental health and safety. Commercial chemicals offer fast results. But, they do not ensure lasting effectiveness. They also can do considerable damage to your well-being. Although using environmentally safe pest control may show slower initial results, they result in lasting effectiveness. Physical management prevents new pests from entering the home while targeted product use goes to work, destroying current infestations. However, environmentally safe pest control provides a long-lasting defense that does not compromise the safety of your household.

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