General Pest Control

With OMNIS general pest control services, you won’t ever have to worry about seeing critters crawling around your home. First, our certified pest control technicians will evaluate the condition of pests in your home. The next step is to develop a plan of attack to secure your home against the tiny invaders. We use the most advanced pest control products available to ensure long-term protection. Our general pest control services include applying insecticides, dust, baits, and traps to keep pests away from your home. And we guarantee our service with a complimentary follow-up visit if needed within 30 days to make sure the problem has been taken care of for good.

We Perform Comprehensive Inspections

When you call our office, one of our representatives will schedule an inspection for you. Our certified pest control technicians will arrive at your house on the date you select, and depending on how busy we are, we may be able to visit you as soon as tomorrow!

Whether you are selling your home soon or just dealing with a sudden infestation, our inspection process should be relatively the same. To start, our technicians will ask you some questions about the pests you’ve noticed in and around your home. They may also ask if you have any specific areas of interest where more attention could be necessary.

Where To Check

Damp, dirty, or isolated areas are all common spots for pests to build their nests, so be sure to inform the technician where these areas are at the start of the inspection. This will save time and help ensure that your pest problem gets appropriately addressed.

Once you’ve finished the conversation, it’s time to start the inspection. First, the technician will walk around your property and note anything that seems like evidence of common pests. Then, once they’ve uncovered as much as possible, they review their notes and start brainstorming potential solutions.

Before leaving, your technician will offer you some potential options for pest control, and you will have the choice of what plan we move forward with. Then, simply schedule a follow-up appointment to have us implement one of the following solutions.

Common General Pest Control Concerns

When acquiring general pest control services, you may be concerned about the safety of your pets or the integrity of your home. Working with an experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured company like OMNIS Pest Control can help you eliminate those concerns. Our technicians are knowledgeable, and their insights have helped hundreds of homeowners solve their pest problems.

Other common concerns include the following:

Will The Pests Come Back After Your Treatment?

If you work with a company like OMNIS, we can ensure that pests don’t return in full force. We suggest scheduling follow-up appointments to ensure that pests don’t come back and start another infestation. In most cases, quarterly inspections and maintenance should be enough to keep your home secure from bugs.

How Much Will General Pest Control Cost?

Pest control services can be inexpensive, but the cost will mostly depend on where you live and how severe your pest issue is. On average, you can expect a visit from a professional pest control technician to cost between $100 and $270. Larger jobs, such as tenting, may command far greater rates. If you are concerned about pricing for your job, please contact us now to acquire a free inspection and quote.

What Pests Can General Pest Control Services Handle?

Colorado is home to many pests. Suppose you’ve seen signs of bugs or animals living in your home. In that case, you should identify them to see if they are potentially harmful or destructive. Once you’ve determined that the pest should be removed, you can call a pest control company.

omnis pest control tech illustration

These are some common pests you should look out for:

Yellow Sac Spider removal for general pest control


Spiders are eight-legged bugs that have two body regions, no wings, and no antennae. They also have three or four pairs of eyes. They can be found anywhere in the typical home, and they can enter your house quickly. If you have a loose screen, a gap beneath your door, or any exterior entryways, spiders will inevitably find their way into your home.

Spiders aren’t a serious threat, and they pose little to no danger to humans in most cases. Though, be warned that some spiders do carry potentially deadly venom. The spiders that sneak into urban areas are generally harmless, so don’t be too afraid.

remove ants from your sidewalk with OMNIS general pest control services


Ants usually are drawn to areas with poor sanitation, so if your home isn’t very clean, that could be a potential source for an infestation. Unfortunately, most people ignore how little filth can attract ants. For instance, crumbs on the floor and dirty dishes can be enough to bring hundreds of ants into your home.

To avoid an ant infestation, keep your food stored in airtight containers and clean your house routinely. Don’t allow any organic material to build up in your home, and ants won’t have anything to feed on.

wasp nest removal OMNIS


Wasps are one of the more dangerous pests you could find on your property, as they have venomous stingers. If stung, you may experience pain, itching, and swelling. Allergic reactions are also possible, so you don’t want to leave a wasp nest on your property for long.

If you are concerned about wasps, you should check your home’s eaves, soffits, and gutters for wasps. They may also sneak into other isolated, empty areas, like attics or open cabinets. We’ve even found wasp nests in between the walls of homes.

general pest control for cricket removal


Crickets can cause damage to your lawn or garden and become a nuisance if they get inside your home. In addition, they chirp throughout the night, making it difficult for any light sleeper to stay asleep. If you have noticed a growth in the population of crickets in or around your home, it’s time to recruit OMNIS general pest control services. We can suppress the crickets living on your property quickly and safely. Our experienced technicians will apply specialized treatments as needed to reduce the number of crickets in your home, while also providing you with helpful advice for preventative measures to keep crickets away from your property in the future. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help with cricket control!

hornet removal


Hornets like to live inside the siding of buildings, behind tree bark, and inside fallen wood. The most likely place to find a hornet’s nest is on the branches of trees or inside of shrubs. Soffits are another familiar spot for hornet’s nests.

Hornets are potentially dangerous, as they have venomous stingers that can cause significant pain, swelling, and skin irritation. However, you may be able to run off hornets by simply removing any rotting wood on your property. Still, if the bugs are living in your siding or somewhere similar, you will need help.

general pest control  to prevent mice from entering homes


Mice are troublesome pests because they have flexible bodies that can fit through a hole the size of a pencil’s circumference. They build nests in places hidden away from human traffic, so it can be challenging to find the source of your infestation. If you have mice in your house, you should notice droppings and urine near their frequent areas.

Some people suggest putting flour down on the floor where you think there may be mice, as their footprints will be left in the flour. This will allow you to track where they are traveling and potentially find their nests. And part of mouse control is removing the nest as well as the mice.

Though, there isn’t much you can do once you find the nest. Call a general pest control like OMNIS to take care of the problem. We know how to get the job done fast and efficiently.

OUR Methods Of General Pest Control

The type of pest control you need will depend on the kind of pest you are dealing with, but there are many options to choose from. For example, your technician may suggest mechanical pest control, chemical pest control, or, in rare cases, biological pest control

Mechanical Pest Control

Mechanical pest control involves using physical equipment to control the population of pests. Traps and other equipment are the primary tools used in mechanical pest control. Removing larger pests, like rodents, birds, and snakes, may require mechanical pest control methods. Though, some types of bugs can also be kept out by placing physical barriers in front of entry points or places where the bugs are traveling.

Chemical Pest Control 

There are a vast array of different chemical pest control methods. You can find many pesticides and chemical-based pest control products on the market. Still, they won’t be as helpful without the proper knowledge. Our technicians will determine if poisons are necessary, then create a safe strategy for using the chemicals in your home.  

Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control involves introducing animals to an area to eliminate your pest problem. This is an uncommon solution unless you are controlling pests on a large commercial property. However, if somehow biological pest control is necessary for your situation, we may have a solution for you. Our technicians will let you know if any biological solutions are required. 


Unlike many other commercial pest control companies, we understand that pest control is not a one-size-fits-all. Everyone has different needs and requirements, which is why we offer service packages. You choose the package that fits your needs, and we deliver results.

Service Levels

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Specialized Treatments:

Additional Information:

  • Every new service has an INITIAL startup cost to cover bait stations and assessment findings
  • All commercial services are MONTHLY unless otherwise contracted
  • Specialized treatments are priced separately and available upon request.

Specialty Pest Control vs. General Pest Control

If you are having trouble with uncommon pests that require specialized treatments to remove, general pest control may not be enough. For example, termite infestations can cause extensive to your home, and the bugs can easily penetrate large areas of your property. To remove this pest fully, large-scale treatments may be necessary.

That’s where specialty pest control companies come in. OMNIS may offer general pest control services, but we are also a specialty pest control company. We can help you deal with unique pests, like mosquitos.

yard spray for general pest control

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