Yard Pest Control

Have unwanted pests invaded your lawn? Yard pest control offers the best solution to bugs and other pests that keep you from enjoying time outdoors. At OMNIS Pest Control, our team provides general pest control for your home and yard. We commit ourselves to help you feel safer, calmer and enjoy your yard more.

Is Outdoor Pest Control Effective?

If all your experience with pest control services has happened inside your home, you might wonder if they work outside. You may ask how those methods can do the job in an unenclosed outside space. Honestly, the same techniques do not always work at all. The first key to eradicating unwanted bugs involves an entirely different mindset.

Professionals offering pest control for your yard do not try to eliminate all bugs. Instead, they focus only on the bugs that cause problems for humans and their pets. Likewise, pest experts do not consider pursuing an impossible goal of getting rid of all insect life. Instead, your pest control agent targets specific species. Then, when they use the proper methods, they rid your yard of the pests you want to eliminate. The rest carry on their environmental chores.

Proactive Pest Control for Inside/Outside Bugs

Getting rid of problematic pests outdoors brings an added benefit to homeowners. Our pest control team can prevent those same pests from coming inside your home with proactive yard pest control.

Specific bugs never go indoors, at least not intentionally. Yet, others grab the first opportunity they get to sneak inside your residence. After that, you cannot escape them by simply closing a door. Therefore, yard pest control agents pay special attention to these indoor/outdoor bugs. If you fail to stop them, strange bugs move inside when the temperature drops.

Importantly, agents act quickly at the first sign of trouble. They eliminate large populations of insects outside to prevent significant infestations indoors. As a result, your entire property remains safe, worry-free, and beautiful.

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We Find and Identify Insects Around Your Home

Yard pest control starts with finding and identifying insects outside your home. For example, you may have seen a swarm of scary bugs outdoors and realized you needed help. However, you cannot get rid of them if you do not know where they are now.

Your pest controls professional starts by searching your entire yard until they find the unwanted guests. Next, they identify the pests to ensure they use the right treatments for that specific variety of pests. Determining the species requires examining the bug and noting its habitat, habits, and biology. After that, they recommend the appropriate treatments to solve your pest problem.

yard free from rodents and invasive insects like mosquitos

Get Rid of These Insects in Your Yard

Most people here in Colorado enjoy the gorgeous scenery and majestic views. However, these wide-open spaces make a welcoming home for common backyard pests. If you do not want to extend that welcome to your property, yard pest control gives you a chance to take back your space.

Some of the most prevalent unwanted insects in Colorado include:

  • Scarab beetles also called June bugs, which leave dead spots on your lawn and eat foliage and flowers as well
  • Cranberry gliders, a type of grubs that eat the grass’s roots
  • Billbugs and white grubs attack the roots of the grass and attract skunks
  • Chinch bugs, which cause minor lawn damage

Again, remember that any bugs that can live both indoors and outdoors can ruin your peace of mind if they come indoors. Therefore, your pest control agent may also suggest treating for those types of pests, including:

  • Fire ants
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches

Yard Pest Control Measures for Every Season

Another way your pest control agent’s expertise benefits you involves their knowledge of seasonal factors. Different pest problems come up in each season. In addition, the various seasons require other treatment methods for some insects.

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Your professional pest control expert can find them where they hide in early springtime, whether in trees, shrubs, or any other location on your lawn. Spraying at this time offers the best chance of keeping unwanted insects off your property later. Later in the spring, your pest control agent may suggest spraying for invasive plants like crabgrass and dandelions. Why? Pest control professionals have a good reason for recommending this. By keeping down weeds, you eliminate a habitat for bugs.



Yard pest control inspections during the early summer ensure that your lawn stays protected. This is the time when a variety of insects emerge. Examples include lace bugs, cutworms, beetles, leafhoppers, and aphids. Your agent also checks for insect damage. If they find any, they can spray again.

In mid-to-late summer, mosquitoes may take over your lawn. With all the vector-borne diseases, eliminating mosquitoes on your property yard pest control makes sense. After all, it can save you and your family from a severe illness. Our technicians know where to spray to achieve a more mosquito-free lawn.

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Your primary objective during the fall consists of keeping bugs out of your home. As the weather turns colder, bugs look to your home for shelter. Your pest control agent can spray your entire lawn to create a barrier against bugs. Afterward, spiders, water bugs, ants, and other crawling insects can’t get inside your home.

Yard Pest Control Treatment Plans

Suppose you have pests in your yard that cause a threat or a nuisance. In that case, you need not only inspection but also treatment. Of course, having the proper treatment makes all the difference. For instance, many retail insecticide aerosols have little effect on the problem.

Management of pests in and around your home often requires professional treatments. These treatments include:

  • Baits
  • Granular insect control products
  • Liquid sprays
  • Termite traps

Your treatment plan may also include things you do for yourself. Examples include cleaning up debris and keeping firewood away from the outside of your house. In addition, your yard pest control agent can teach you what you need to do. Consequently, you get better results from the treatments and prevent new infestations.

Do You Need Pest Control for Your Yard?

You can never eliminate all insects from open outdoor spaces. Besides, they contribute to the ecosystem. Without some bugs, your lawn could not thrive. So, you might wonder why you need outdoor pest control at all.

Yard pest control makes sense for several reasons. First, it protects your lawn. Many types of bugs present a threat to the beauty of your yard. They can bring disease that destroys the grass. Or, they may make a feast on your lawn by munching your grass. An invasive species may damage large swaths of your yard. However, your home maintains a higher property value when you have excellent pest control.

At the same time, pest control for your yard protects your family from bites, stings, and insect-borne diseases. In addition, you have greater peace of mind when your property is free of invasive pests.

Choose the Lawn Pest Control Experts

Choosing the right yard and residential pest control company for you takes thought. You need a pest control agent near you. What’s more, you need someone with the expertise and experience to get professional-quality results. With OMNIS, you have all this, plus a friendly, supportive staff to make your experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible. Contact us at OMNIS for the best in pest control for your yard!