Pest Control in Castle Rock

Castle Rock is one of the many excellent reasons living in Colorado is a luxury compared to many other places. The landscape paints a picture you would only find in a movie, and the people keep this growing town feeling small and friendly. However, living in a city like this does come with some drawbacks that are inevitably unavoidable. Pests are a natural part of life that forces us to continue developing strategies to overcome them. They are known for infesting your home, possibly carrying disease, and being…well, a pest! Finding pest control in Castle Rock is a worry of the past with OMNIS, we are ready to provide you with a new level of pest control services.

Our Goal

Every day we strive to continue to be the leaders of our industry by providing world-class customer service and noticeable pest control results. Pest control in Castle Rock, Colorado, is tricky because of the many considerations we have to take so you get the best results possible. Considering things like the weather or pet and child safety is always at the forefront of our minds when servicing our customer’s homes.

Years of experience and education have allowed us to become masters of our craft to give you the best possible pest control experience. Over the years, we have tested and experimented with different methods and approaches to various issues. Using our experiences and growing knowledge, we can provide a cutting-edge service unlike anywhere else.

Investing in continuing education and training for our technicians and top-of-the-line equipment and products allows us to provide you with a cost-effective service that offers unparalleled results. Our goal is to raise the standard of every service continuously. Becoming the leading company in the pest control industry is no easy feat. Still, we would let the result do the talking at the end of the day.

The pest control industry has a negative stigma from past technicians cutting corners and making empty promises. We at OMNIS are the industry leaders who strive daily to change that stigma through our experience, industry knowledge, and integrity.


OMNIS Castle Rock area pest control

Locally Based, Locally Focused

Castle Rock is not just a place where we run our business; it is our home also. Like you, we want to see that our family is taken care of and thriving in every way. We pride ourselves on being a locally-owned company because we can directly contribute to our local economy and keep our town growing strong.

One of the perks of calling Castle Rock home is knowing what issues you commonly encounter regarding pest invaders. Having the home-field advantage allows us to know the exact pests running around Castle Rock and provide quick solutions to potentially huge problems. Unfortunately, larger companies offering pest control in Castle Rock do not have the same insider knowledge as OMNIS.



As you go through different parts of the town, you will find other pests and patterns depending on the environment and development. When you call for a problem at your house, we already have several solutions to combat pest activity with minimal product use and quick results.

Environmental impact is frequently a concern in the pest control industry that we feel strongly about. Our goal is to use as few pest control products to help preserve our local environment as much as possible. We want our beautiful town to continue to flourish and thrive because, as we all know, there are sights here you can’t find anywhere else. Pest control in Castle Rock doesn’t need to be detrimental to the environment, when following direct protocol and Department of Agriculture guidelines, we can keep our beautiful state healthy and strong.

Common Pests in Castle Rock

Just as we call Castle Rock home, so do quite a few pests. These same pests also like to call your home theirs, which is why we’re here to kick them out. Some common problems that you will encounter may include:


We all have the unfortunate pleasure of housing several types of ants here in Castle Rock. Though they are a crucial component of the ecosystem, they don’t need to be in your home. Ants are a common pest throughout the nation and are most notable for their almost admirable persistence. Many homeowners try to take the DIY approach of getting rid of an ant infestation to spend even more money on supply and frustration. Skipping the DIY and going straight to the professionals will eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and keep the ant infestation from growing even more extensive.

ant infestation under floor board
house mouse on top of grains


Among one of the most commonly encountered household pests, mice are extremely invasive and sneaky! They can fit in the tiniest of holes, meaning your home is more than vulnerable to mice establishing residency in your home without you even realizing it. The average lifespan is about 12 months on the outside, but when left inside, they can live up to 2 to 3 years. This is especially dangerous because mice can give birth to about 5 to 8 pups in one litter and produce up to 10 litter a year. Left untreated, what starts as a simple mouse appearance can turn into a full-on infestation in no time.


Hornets are by far one of the scariest pests we encounter, which is why when you’re having a hornet problem, we looking for an immediate fix. They are extremely protective of their nests and will swarm anyone who gets too close without warning. It is very easy for anyone to stumble across a hornet’s nest without fully realizing it, which makes enjoying your yard difficult. Having a service with OMNIS is an excellent assurance of knowing you have an answer when problems like hornets arise.

hornet colony on backyard gate
rat in horse barn


Even though they are much out of bugs, rats are still many pests experiences living in Castle Rock. Rats are incredibly invasive and cause a lot of damage if they find the right entry point. Chewing wires, tearing up insulation, and leaving their bodily fluids everywhere without any consideration are only some of the issues rats bring to your home. The cold Colorado winters force rats to seek shelter in places where it’s warmer, which many may call your attic their new home.

There are so many more pests that linger around Castle Rock, and we see it to be our top priority to protect you and your family from these pests. Finding pest control in Castle Rock does not have to be difficult. Whether you need residential or commercial pest control, let OMNIS be your one-stop shop.

residential castle rock pest control

How OMNIS Can Help

OMNIS is ready to handle all of your pest control needs by providing a service unmatched by anyone else. Offering pest control in Castle Rock is no easy task due to the vast number of different pests that we find crawling around here. Continuous testing and training are how we constantly provide results for our customers and leave them with peace of mind knowing OMNIS has their back.

Supporting OMINS is an investment in your community by helping a locally owned small business. Living in Castle Rock gives us the unique opportunity that many other companies don’t have because we have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to provide world-class pest control in Castle Rock.

If you are looking for pest control in Castle Rock or have any questions, we are ready to talk. Contact us to speak to an OMNIS representative and see what else OMNIS can do for you!