Castle Rock Bat Control That’s Legal and Effective

Castle Rock bat control is a tricky business. That’s because Colorado considers bats to be a protected species. As a result, it’s important to take a legal and safe approach to removing bats from your space. For that reason, hiring a professional pest control company is an especially good approach to eliminating bats.

Castle Rock Bat Control That Understands Local Species

As a local company, we have first-hand experience with the challenges posed by local species of bats. Not only do we understand how these bats behave and what problems they pose, but we also know how to remove them according to strict Colorado regulations. As your neighbors, we have a special investment in keeping area homes safe from bat infestations.

Furthermore, pest control is always evolving. Since 2013, we continually combine today’s pest removal techniques with industry-established practices. As a result, we can identify, eliminate, protect, and prevent any future bat infestations from occurring at your home. Certainly, it’s this pest-free peace of mind that makes us a popular choice for bat control in the Castle Rock community.

Know the Risk of Bat Infestations

Bat infestations cause real problems for homeowners. Among the challenges bats present:

Health problems

Bats both bite people and carry disease. Their droppings can also carry fungus called histoplasma that is dangerous to the lungs if inhaled.

Loud noises

The crashing and bashing sounds that bats make when flying in a contained space can disrupt peaceful living.

Bad smells

Bat droppings are noxious, compromising your enjoyment of a clean, healthy home.

In the event your home is plagued by these pests, getting the services of a reputable Castle Rock bat control company is critical.

bat inside wall get them out safely
OMNIS Pest Control always removes baby bats safely off of your property

Removal and Prevention with Castle Rock Bat Control

Because bats multiply very quickly, they need to be removed from your living space as quickly as possible. As local bat control experts, we use the safest, fastest methods to legally remove these invasive creatures. Here is our approach to bat control in the Castle Rock area:

  1. Identify the type and number of bats on your property.
    This helps us understand the best removal methods, along with the necessary scale of deterrents.
  2. Locate all the spaces the bats occupy.
    Knowing where the bats enter your property, as well as the spaces they occupy, allows us to fine-tune our approach.
  3. Seal every point, then place a one-way door to eject the bats.
    One-way doors are cone-shaped, allowing bats to leave through the larger end, but then making it impossible to re-enter the space once they have left.

Castle Rock Bat Control Clean-Up

Unfortunately, problems can remain after bats have been successfully removed from your home. Because bats leave disease-laden feces and urine in their wake, professional cleaning is necessary. As a respected pest control company, we are experts in this type of clean-up, leaving your home hygienic and safe for both humans and pets.

Protecting Your Home from Bats During Migratory Periods

As Castle Rock bat control experts, we routinely deal with infestations of these pests. Chiefly, bats create problems during their migratory periods. If you notice an uptick in the bat population around your home, schedule a free inspection. After our visit, we make a plan to deter bats from encroaching on your property, saving you lots of time, money, and stress.

flying bat around house get control and keep away from your Castle Rock home

Repellents for Castle Rock Bat Control

For anyone struggling with a bat infestation in Castle Rock, there are do-it-yourself methods. For instance, bat repellents are an option available to homeowners. There repellents come in different forms, including:

Castle Rock Bat Control Using Ultrasonic Devices

Electronic devices that emit a high frequency sound that drive away small animals, this repellent sounds great in theory. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to prove that ultrasonic devices work on bats. To add insult to injury, they can also disturb small pets.

Chemical Repellents with Naphthalene

The main ingredient in mothballs, naphthalene interferes with the respiratory functions of bats. Unfortunately, this chemical is also hazardous to human health. If you decide to use a chemical repellent with this ingredient, use it sparingly in small areas where people and pets don’t go.

Essential Oil Sprays for Castle Rock Bat Control

Bats have incredibly sensitive noses. Therefore, they dislike the smell of certain essential oils like peppermint and spearmint. While essential oil sprays don’t present dangers to humans and animals, they aren’t effective for full-blown bat infestations. This repellent is best used during early stages of a bat intrusion and may require frequent reapplications.

Reflective Surfaces

This repellent is effective because bats prefer total darkness for sleep. Beware of using this remedy, however, as it can drive bats deeper into the darker (and often hard-to-reach) recesses of your home.

The Best Repellent for Castle Rock Bat Control

Ultimately, the best bat repellent is a professional pest control company like OMNIS. Not only do we have the expertise and equipment to eliminate bats from your home, but we can also prevent future infestations. From installing bat cones to sealing openings to recommending bat house locations, we can solve this distressing problem and keep you from going batty. (Pardon the pun.)

Locally Owned and Operated Castle Rock Bat Control

When it comes to bat control issues, it’s best to deal with a local operation. As your neighbors, we have first-hand knowledge of the 15+ species of bats that live in Colorado. Like our mission “to restore and maintain a pest-free peace of mind, one neighbor at a time” clearly states, we’re ready to tackle your bat problem. It’s a service we’re happy to provide to a community that is blessed with tremendous wildlife diversity.

Above all, it benefits you to deal with a locally owned pest control company. Why? Because we have a personal investment in keeping Castle Rock’s homes safe, clean, and free of bat infestations. As fortunate residents of a beautiful state with lots of biodiversity, it only makes sense to maintain a healthy barrier between humans and wildlife.

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