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Hornets, like many social wasps, can swarm to sting in defense. This is highly dangerous to humans and other animals. Hornets are more hazardous than bees, but both shouldn’t be allowed to persist on your property. If you’re concerned about hornets living on your property, there are solutions you can implement to limit the infestation. Calling a Castle Rock hornet control provider is usually the best way to deal with hornet populations.

What Are Hornets?

Hornets are wasps that closely resemble yellowjackets. They have black and white markings with long antennae. There are about 20 species, and the insects are native to Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Hornets have a life span of just a few months, but the queen of a hornet nest will typically survive through the winter. 

Hornets construct their hives by chewing wood into a papery pulp that they use for construction. The hive is where hornets mature from egg to adult. Queens are dominant in hornet hives, and they are the only females that reproduce within a hive. A majority of other hornets are asexual female works that perform necessary duties like gathering food, building the hive, and protecting the colony. There are very few male hornets in most nests, as their only role is mating with the queen. Once a male has mated, they usually die soon after. 

queen hornet flying to find nesting area and food for young

Hornet Life Cycles

If you’re in a region that experiences cold winters, you may still need Castle Rock hornet control during the winter season. You’re probably wondering why you don’t see many hornets in the winter. Well, in colder climates, hornet nests are generally abandoned in the winter. Only young queens and their eggs survive the season by finding safe areas under tree bark or inside homes. In the spring, these queens start a new nest, and their young become workers that perform vital tasks in the new hive. In addition, the queen tends to reproduce in hopes of producing more workers to expand the hive before she dies. Typically, the queen also produces a new breeding generation of queens and males that restart the cycle of life.

Are Hornets Dangerous?

Worker hornets defend their hives with their incredibly potent stingers. This is especially true for murder hornets, which are a more dangerous hornet species. While hornets don’t normally sting humans unless provoked, some people are highly allergic to hornet venom. If you are allergic, you may experience a severe reaction to stings. This is why hornets are often considered one of the more dangerous pests to have on your property.

Hornets defend their nests aggressively, so you shouldn’t ignore a nest that’s on your property. Some people attempt to poison or destroy nests on their own, but this can aggravate the hornets and make them even more aggressive. So instead, call Castle Rock hornet control to take care of the infestation for you.

hornet resting on tree bark

Getting Rid Of Hornets

Hornets do not want to be disturbed. So, you need to approach hornet removal with a plan. If you currently can’t afford Castle Rock hornet control, you have DIY removal options. Again, though, we recommend saving up to afford pest control treatment. 

Here are the steps we follow to remove hornets from our clients’ property. 

hornets building a nest under the railing

Identify The Hornets’ Nest

Hornets are highly social, so if you see them around your home, there’s likely a nest nearby. The nests are distinct, so you’ll know them when you see them. Like most wasps, hornets’ nests are papery. Hornets’ nests are more distinct because they usually have an upside-down teardrop shape with a small circular opening at the bottom. Up to 1,000 hornets can live within the typical nest, so removing nests is essential before the population grows substantially. 

Hornets prefer to build their nests in secure locations: deep in a tree or bush, tucked into a building’s crevices, or underneath the eaves of a home or shed. Some hornets even burrow into the soil, making them harder to find. 

Use Insecticide On The Nest

You should leave this step to the professional Castle Rock hornet control providers. Still, you can do it yourself with appropriate gear. Before spraying a hornet nest, you should purchase protective equipment, including long, thick pants, long-sleeved shirts, socks, gloves, and goggles. Once you have the proper equipment, arm yourself with a high-strength commercial insecticide. The best products to use will be able to be sprayed from a long distance. 

When spraying insecticide on a hornets’ nest, you must be aware of the wind. Stand where the wind will not blow the spray back into your face. Our certified Castle Rock hornet control technicians normally use a flashlight to help them aim the insecticide spray. Once you’ve sprayed, watch closely for hornet swarms, and evacuate the area if the swarm becomes overwhelming. 

If you are doing this yourself, it isn’t safe to remove a hornet nest unless you are sure you’ve killed all of the hornets living inside. Wait at least a few hours, then observe the nest to see if any hornets are still coming and going. If you notice that hornets are still living in the nest, spray them with insecticide again. You can repeat this process until no hornets remain. 

Remove And Dispose Of The Nest

When hornet activity has ceased within the nest, you should be able to remove it safely. Use a pole to dislodge the nest from its’ location. It’s best to position a trash bag beneath the nest so that it falls directly into the bag. Keep in mind that you soaked the nest in insecticide, so don’t allow it to contaminate any high traffic surfaces. 

OMNIS is in Castle Rock and provides hornet control

Keeping Hornets Away

To keep hornets from entering your home, you should close off entry points in the foundation or walls. Hornets are crafty insects that can get into tiny cracks searching for food and a new place to build a nest. Foundation cracks are the perfect entry point, so fill and seal them before hornets can enter. You should also seal areas around the windows and gaps in exterior walls. 

Another tip for keeping hornets away is that you should keep garbage cans clean and contained. The smell of garbage on a hot summer day can easily attract hornets. Rinse out your trash can any time you notice a significant odor, and if the hornet problem persists, contact a Castle Rock hornet control provider. 

Rely Castle Rock Hornet Control To Remove Hornets

Attempting to remove hornets on your own can be dangerous, so why do it yourself? Instead, trust the talented pest control professionals at OMNIS Pest Control to tackle this issue for you. We’ll perform a detailed inspection, then arrive with full protective gear to remove the nest. The process is quick and seamless, so call us now to get started.

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