Castle Rock Millipede Control In And Around Homes

If you’ve noticed millipede crawling through certain areas in your home, our Castle Rock millipede control provider can help you eliminate the problem. Although millipedes are not harmful to humans, it is still a good idea to remove them.

If you don’t, you may find one crawling on you in your sleep one day.

Call the experts at OMNIS Pest Control if you are concerned about millipedes being in and around your home.

What Are Millipedes?

Millipedes are a common occasional pest that sometimes invades buildings. This is usually the case when the weather is hot and dry, as millipedes enjoy the available moisture in many homes.

Although millipedes are said to have a thousand legs, they actually have far fewer. So each body segment does have two pairs of very short legs, there aren’t 500 segments.

Some people also confuse millipedes with centipedes, which look pretty similar. Though, centipedes only have a single pair of legs per body segment.

rock millipede up close

Millipede Habits

Cold weather can be deadly to millipedes, but some adult millipedes can survive through the winter and lay their eggs in moist organic material in the spring. The places they are likely to lay eggs include heavily mulched shrubs, flower beds, compost piles, rotting logs, and under stones. You should generally expect millipedes to reproduce in dark, cool, and moist environments that are rich in organic matter.

This means you should keep an eye on any cracks in your basement, which is attached to the soil. If millipedes discover that they can get moisture and appropriate climate conditions in your home, they will undoubtedly take residence there.

Though, if a millipede cannot find moist conditions in your home, they will be unable to survive for more than a few days.

Where To Find Millipedes

If you’ve seen a few millipedes on your property but aren’t sure where to find them, their source is likely the outdoors. Often, millipedes invade crawl spaces, basements, and other areas of buildings to find suitable living conditions. Common entry points include expansion joints, voids in walls, and door thresholds.

Frequent sightings of millipedes imply that there is a large population of them living around your home. To find out if this is the case, check beneath mulch, leaf litter, and debris that is close to your home’s foundation. If millipedes or their eggs are present, contact a Castle Rock millipede control company immediately.

Managing Millipedes

If you feel that your millipede infestation is only minor, there are certain steps you can take to manage the presence of these unsightly pests. For example, we recommend that homeowners minimize moisture and remove organic debris from their property. These are the most effective long-term measures for reducing the millipedes’ presence in your home.

Removing leaves, grass clippings, and heavy accumulations of mulch and stones will take away the millipedes’ favorite hiding places. By preventing water from accumulating near your home’s foundation, you can also eliminate the moisture they need to survive. This is achieved by keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris and using splash guards or perforated pipes to reduce the size of puddles that form.

Other sources of water should also be managed and monitored. For example, a leaking exterior water spigot can cause moisture buildup that attracts millipedes and allows them to reproduce. By fixing issues like this, you can limit the presence of these pests.

notice more millipedes than usual then contact OMNIS pest control in Castle Rock area

Get Professional Castle Rock Millipede Control

If you don’t know what you are doing, and attempt to perform Castle Rock millipede control on your own can worsen the infestation. Instead of taking on this risk, you should get professional Castle Rock millipede control from a qualified provider, like OMNIS Pest Control.

We’ll start the process with a free inspection, which will clue you in on the severity of your millipede infestation. Then, if you choose to move forward, we will treat your property to lower the pest population on your property.

Here’s what you can expect from our Castle Rock millipede control services.

Millipede Inspection

Remember, millipedes are attracted to moist, dark, and damp areas. They also prefer to be as close as possible to their food sources. That’s why you often find millipedes near rotting organic material, like rotting leaves and woodpiles. Damp lawns also offer millipedes a great water source, so they usually take up residence there.

There are other places where millipedes hide too, but there’s a chance you won’t be able to find them on your own. So instead, call a Castle Rock millipede control provider to inspect your home and the surrounding areas.

If you’ve been seeing a large number of millipedes roaming through areas in your home, the inspection will likely start in those areas. The technician will work to determine where the millipedes are coming from, then inform you of potential solutions.

If you’re more concerned about outdoor millipedes, the pest control technician can identify the root of the infestation by checking the areas around your home. Usually, this involves finding sources of moisture where millipedes like to live.

Generally, the technician will work to determine where the millipedes are coming from, then inform you of potential solutions. At this point, it’s your choice whether to proceed with treatment.

Millipede Treatment

The appropriate Castle Rock millipede control treatment depends on the circumstances in and around your home. In some cases, it is possible to dramatically reduce the number of millipedes in your home by sealing pest entry points, like cracks and openings in the outside foundation wall and around the sills of doors or windows.

It makes more sense to use a chemical control method in other cases. For example, pest control technicians can apply insecticides along the interior foundation walls of damp spaces, crawl spaces, foundation vents, and utility openings.

The chemicals used to treat millipede infestations must be able to penetrate the soil rather than lightly coat the surface. A different method may be used in areas with mulch because mulch often prevents insecticides from reaching the soil.

Long-Term Castle Rock Millipede Control

Insecticide treatment is rarely 100% effective at eliminating millipedes permanently. Instead, you’ll need to schedule regular treatments to keep the millipede population at bay. OMNIS Pest Control offers pest control maintenance services at a reasonable cost. After your initial treatment, we’ll inform you of what it takes to keep millipedes under control.

Call The Castle Rock Millipede Control Experts

Live in Castle Rock or the surrounding areas. OMNIS Pest Control can help you get your millipede infestation under control. We offer free inspections with no obligation to purchase any other services. However, we recommend that you at least use the inspection to determine the severity of your millipede problem. You can then decide about getting Castle Rock millipede control services in the future.

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