Castle Rock Squirrel Control

Squirrels are a common sight throughout the United States. They have adapted well to living in all sorts of environments. Squirrels scamper around the trees and underground in forests, suburban, and city landscapes. Because they are so resilient, Castle Rock squirrel control is necessary to prevent these destructive rodents from damaging homes and property.

Squirrels Of Castle Rock

The squirrel family, Sciuridae, contains a variety of critters ranging in size from tiny chipmunks and widespread tree squirrels to large marmots. While all these animals are related and require Castle Rock squirrel control, when people think of squirrels, they often mean tree squirrels.

squirrel on tree OMNIS controls squirrels from coming inside
Fox Squirrel Icon

Feisty Fox Squirrels

Fox squirrels are the largest and most common tree squirrels in Castle Rock. Including their tail, they can reach lengths of up to 30 inches. They vary in color from grey to brown with red or tan undersides. In Castle Rock, squirrel control becomes necessary when Fox squirrels nest close to your home.

Albert's Squirrel Icon

Adorable Albert’s Squirrels

Albert’s squirrels, easily recognizable by their long tufted ears, are grey with black edges and white bellies. Slightly smaller than the Fox squirrel, Albert’s squirrels have a specialized diet and live in and feed off of ponderosa pine trees.

Pine Squirrel Icon

Pine Squirrels – Small But Mighty

Another common squirrel found in Colorado is the Pine squirrel. Also known as red squirrels or chickarees, these smaller squirrels are a common cause of Castle Rock squirrel control. Only 11 to 15 inches in length, including the tail, they are reddish brown with white undersides and white-rimmed eyes.

Where Squirrels Cause Problems

While cute with their bushy tails and acrobatic leaps, squirrels cause significant damage when they enter buildings and homes. By implementing Castle Rock squirrel control, you put safeguards in place to avoid damage from chewing, digging, and disease.

fox squirrels caught in trap from attic and put back outside

Attics – A Squirrel’s Playground

It is common for these accomplished climbers to find their way into attics. Here squirrels chew woods and pull down insulation to make nests. They store food and spread urine and feces. Often times they are heard moving around through the ceiling or walls. When squirrels move into your attic, it is time for Castle Rock squirrel control, including tips on how to remove squirrels in the attic.

Garages And Barns

Homes are not the only place in need of Castle Rock squirrel control. Garages and barns make perfect homes for squirrels and other pests. Often these buildings see far less human traffic than homes. Once accessed, squirrels find quiet hiding places among the debris and clutter that often finds its way into these locations. Therefore, including outbuildings in your Castle Rock squirrel control plan is essential.

Digging Up Gardens And Landscapes

Even if squirrels do not take up residence in your homes, they still cause damage to yards. Squirrels are foragers who ‘squirrel away’ their food. They collect tree nuts and pinecones and bury them, saving them for the colder season when food is not readily available. Garden beds and flower pots are perfect spots, offering soft soil. Additionally, squirrels are opportunistic, eating delicious plants and vegetables grown in home gardens and flowerbeds.

The Dangers Of Disease

In addition to the destruction caused by squirrels, they can also spread various diseases. While bites and scratches directly transmit disease, many diseases do not require direct contact with the squirrel to be transmitted.
Infected ticks, fleas, and mites can transmit the Plague, Typhus, and Lyme disease. Another disease spread by urine and contaminated water is Leptospirosis. This bacterial disease spreads quickly to humans and other animals, including pets. Using Castle Rock squirrel control to eliminate contact and contamination will also reduce the risk of contracting a disease.

Prevent Damage With Castle Rock Squirrel Control

The most effective approach to Castle Rock squirrel control is prevention. Denying squirrels the ability to enter your home eliminates the risk of damage and disease. Inspecting your home and property is the best place to start.

fox squirrel in roof gutter prevent damage

Exclusion Is The Best Form Of Prevention

Of the common 8 ways to get rid of squirrels, exclusion is a good starting point. Look for potential access points where squirrels and other pests can gain entry. Cover any opening, including gaps in eves and vents. Be sure to use durable materials, such as metal, so squirrels’ powerful jaws and sharp teeth won’t be able to chew through it. Check regularly to ensure windows and doors close securely, and there are no tears on screens.
Additionally, trim back trees and shrubs to eliminate access to the roof. Squirrels can jump across gaps up to 9 feet. So, avoid planting trees too close to your home.

Employ Castle Rock Squirrel Control Devises

In addition to sealing off entry to your home, there are 6 squirrel control devices to aid in Castle Rock squirrel control. Among the most common is the baffle. This simple device is a metal or plastic dome or cylinder that prevents squirrels from climbing up or down a pole. Often used with bird feeders, baffles stop squirrels from stealing food.
When squirrels get into gardens and flowerbeds, motion-activated sprinklers effectively stop them in their tracks. Like most animals, squirrels avoid jets of water directed at them. Using a motion-activated device can consistently deter squirrels, whether you are busy or not at home.

squirrel on backyard fence have OMNIS protect your house

Time To Call The Professionals

As with any pest control problem, calling in professional pet management is the safest and quickest way to battle Castle Rock squirrel control issues. The professionals at OMNIS Pest Control have the experience to quickly pinpoint weak spots in a home or on your property and devise a plan to remove and prevent squirrel infestations.
In addition, employing our expert technicians eliminates the risk associated with trapping and handling squirrels yourself. Highly trained technicians can safely catch the squirrels, identify contaminated areas, and remove the danger. All while you and your family are safely away from the action. Contact OMNIS Pest Control today to restore your peace of mind.