No one wants to share their home or yard with a wasp colony living under the eves. Among every type of pest, wasps induce the most fear in people. They are highly irritable and protective of their territory, which increases the likelihood of stinging. Castle Rock pest control is the best way to protect your home from an invasion of wasps.

Wasps leave you in a lot of anxiety because their unpredictability constantly forces you to be on their toes. Your backyard is an area you should be able to enjoy without the worry of being stung. Take control of your backyard with Castle Rock wasp control and stop wasps from growing their colony.

Dangers of Wasps Around Your Home

There are several reasons why wasps can threaten your family or home. The average wasp colony can grow the size of their colony in no time at all and start taking over your yard. A consistent wasp presence will increase the chances of you experiencing a wasp sting One of the worst parts about wasps stinging is their ability to sting multiple times.

Wasps will sting more than once and typically sting in large numbers when they become protective. Additionally, depending on the species, they can cause damage to the property. Yellowjackets will tear through drywall if they get inside the wall voids and enter the home. Wasps should not get a chance to grow large enough to cause damage or intimidate you around your own home.

Types of Wasps in Castle Rock

  • YellowjacketYellowjackets are, unfortunately, one of the most common wasps in Castle Rock. They are notorious ground nesters, making it easy to accidentally stumble upon an active nest. Yellowjackets are also one of the most aggressive wasps you can find in your yard.
  • Paper Wasp– A paper wasp is mostly going to live under eves. They can be aggressive when provoked but, otherwise, keep to themselves. Their nests look like honeycombs that are made out of typically fibrous material,
  • Bald-Faced Hornet– Out of all the wasps in Castle Rock, the bald-faced hornet is by far the worst wasp you can cross. They are even more aggressive than Yellowjackets and shape similar nests. Bald-Faced hornets will also famously use a spitting attack meant to blind their prey before they sting.

Attracting Wasps to Your Home

Believe it or not, wasps do not randomly pick your home to invade because they want to know you. Wasps are just like any other insect; they are just trying to survive and continue growing their population. When wasps show up at your home, it means there is something that is attracting them. Taking a quick look around your home can help reduce the chances of wasps showing up.

  • Shelter– Wasps need somewhere to live and build a nest. Your home may provide it with a vast number of gaps and cracks leading inside the walls.
  • Sweets– One of the essential items that attract wasps is sweet food items. From sugary soda in a fruit can, wasps are not picky about what sweets they find.
  • Food scraps– Any food scraps left out, whether meats, sweets, or other food, are bound to attract wasps.
wasps getting in windowsill

Get Rid of Those Wasps

When the wasps arrive, it is time to get on top of them before putting anyone at risk. Since wasps can be so elusive and difficult to find, a person with no training may struggle. Even after detecting the nest, removing the wasp nest is extremely dangerous. Most wasps are very protective of the nest and attack with colony size numbers. A wasp attack compared to a beehive attack is drastically worse because each wasp will sting more than once.

The best thing you can do is get on a Castle Rock wasp control program with OMNIS Pest Control as soon as possible. The best way to obtain rid of a wasp colony is by physically removing the Queen and nest as a whole. Our professional wasp control team will safely approach the nest, remove it, and ensure they do not come back.

OMNIS Knows Castle Rock Wasp Control

When you are ready to take back your home, Call OMNIS Pest Control to get started! Plus, our team receives the best training possible to provide you with the best wasp removal possible. Castle Rock wasp control has never been easier to find than right now. Right now, the best time to get going on a wasp control service is because wasp colonies will only continue to grow.

Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form, and we will reach out to you! Your home and yard are the places you can relax. Do not let a wasp invasion take that away from you, especially if it is highly avoidable. So lounge peacefully on your back deck, and do it confidently, knowing you are wasp and danger-free!