Pest Control in Colorado Springs

You might be hard-pressed to find quality pest control in Colorado Springs after a quick search. Many companies offer a range of services, but how many of these companies can follow through with their word? The pest control industry has evolved significantly, and gone are the days of large companies offering empty promises.

When it comes to finding a pest control company, not only should you look for a company that caters to your specific needs but understands the area you live around. More locally-based companies will offer you personalized solutions since they know what works and what does not for your home or business.

Looking Local

When searching for pest control in Colorado Springs, it is essential first to look local. Large corporate companies may come equipped with the gear, but do they have the know-how? Local pest control companies know what you need because they work in the same communities they live in outside of work.

In addition to supporting local businesses, a smaller pest control company can be more flexible in pricing and warranties. Even more, a small pest control company will focus more on quality of service versus a large company that needs quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control in Colorado Springs

What to Ask When Looking for Pest Control in Colorado Springs?

With so many options available for pest control in Colorado Springs, you should not just go with the lowest bidder. If pests are untreated, they will continue to infest your home, raising the potential for even more financial burdens. When first beginning your search, consider asking the prospective company these questions to find the best deal for you.

How eco-friendly are your products?

In today’s age of increasing environmental awareness, pest control companies need to be using safe products. Of course, we all want our homes to be pest-free, but we also need a happy world to live peacefully. So make sure to ask about the products and their effects not only on human and pet health but the environment too.

How often are you going to serve?

Pest control companies need to come by routinely for their products and strategies to be effective. Depending on the activity, products, and the company, they may have a range of routines. Ask the prospective company how often you should expect them to service your home.

Does your company offer any warranties?

A worthwhile pest control company knows that they may need to return to the home for a re-service. Unfortunately, pest control technicians can not cover the entire house, so the company should back their work. Inquire about their company warranties and which pests are protected!

What Attracts Pests to Your Home?

Pests can infest a home for many reasons, ranging from a bed bug seeking a new host to ants scouting out new food sources for their colonies. A house can provide an ample amount of food and shelter for you and these pests. Additionally, there is far less competition for food and fewer chances of coming across predators inside the home than anywhere else outside.

When to Contact a Pest Control Professional?

There is never a better time than right now to contact the professionals providing pest control in Colorado Springs. Any noticeable activity around the home may indicate that an infestation is already occurring when it comes to pests. Therefore, getting on top of pest activity before it gets out of hand will be the best way to ensure that you do not get caught fighting an uphill battle.

Industry experts of pest control in Colorado Springs understand what it takes to eradicate a complete infestation from your home or business. Before applying any products to the house, they must first identify the pests. Then, to understand how they operate regarding their breeding cycles, social behaviors, and familiar places to find them. Next, the safest option for those not seeing any activity is to still get on a routine to ensure pests never get a chance to grow.

Ways to Prevent Pest Infestations

Keeping pests out of your home can be a difficult task which is why finding pest control in Colorado Springs is growing to be a modern home necessity. Unfortunately, over time pests will learn new ways to enter the home and set up shop without realizing it. However, there are simple things you can do to help prevent this from occurring to help keep your home pest-free.

Some of these tasks may look like this:

  • Reducing excess moisture around the home
  • Trimming shrubs away from home by at least 12 inches
  • Keep woodpiles at least 20 feet from the house
  • Vacuuming carpets weekly to pick up crumbs and other potential food sources
  • Regularly washing linens
  • Mop floors and wipe down countertops daily
  • Mowing grass to reduce hiding spots
  • Fix leaking pipes as they occur
  • Get on a routine pest control service, mainly if signs of pests appear around the home.
OMNIS Pest Control service area Colorado Springs

Common Pests in Colorado Springs

ant pest control for kitchens


Any sighting of a single ant could be an indicator of an impending infestation. Ants work in large colonies to gather food and ensure the colony grows and thrives, even if it means raiding your kitchen to collect sources.

bed bugs on bed frame

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a horrific pest to encounter because they consume blood from a host for food and will quickly multiply their numbers in no time. They do exceedingly well in the cold, which Colorado Springs is known to get extremely cold in the winter.

spider removal in Colorado Springs


A single spider can make a lovely house look haunted by casting its webs everywhere. Colorado Springs is home to a few venomous spiders like the Black Widow and Yellow Sac spider.

OMNIS removes house flies


Flies are potentially one of the most disgusting pests that we most frequently encounter. They can transmit diseases because they land on anything from garbage and feces to our dinner plates with no regard.

remove mosquitoes from your yard with pest control spray


Another potentially dangerous blood-sucker is the mosquito. They roam Colorado Springs and are capable of spreading blood-borne diseases from one host to another in no time at all.

Contact OMNIS Pest Control

When you begin your search for pest control in Colorado Springs, turn to OMNIS Pest Control. They are a local pest control company operating across Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. For decades the OMNIS team has been serving the Colorado Springs community, growing their knowledge of what works and what does not. OMNIS offers residential and commercial pest control in Colorado Springs.

OMNIS Pest Control can provide you with a pest control experience unlike anywhere else, but they back their work and offer flexible pricing. Contact OMNIS Pest Control today to get a quote for service and ask any questions you may have. OMNIS knows what pest control in Colorado Springs requires and will work to ensure your home stays free of pests!