OMNIS Pest Control truck with phone number 720-583-4126

Pest Control Services in Denver, CO

OMNIS specializes in integrated pest management services in the Denver Metro and surrounding cities. That means we treat all pests and rodents using chemicals and other methods, such as sanitation, exclusions, and harborage removal. Common pests and rodents in Colorado include spiders, wasps, ants, voles, and many other invaders.

We take our time to identify any pests that we find and treat accordingly. We offer professional extermination services for all homes and businesses in the Denver area.

Residential Pest Control

Is your home or business at risk for unwanted pest or rodents? Call (720) 583-4126 we offer insect and rodent control in Denver. 

Commercial Pest Control

We offer a comprehensive range of pest management services for all our commercial clients; insect control, mouse control or bed bug control are just a few services we offer to fit your needs.