Pest Control in Highlands Ranch

Pest control in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, comes with many challenges. From insects to wildlife, pests take up residence in your home, your garage, or on your lawn. Yet, DIY pest control brings its own problems. Fortunately, OMNIS Pest Control has the solutions you need. We inspect, eliminate, and prevent pests, helping you create a better living environment.

General and Specialty Pest Control

OMNIS general pest control and specialty pest control have you covered. Our general pest control includes getting rid of the most common pests. In Highlands Ranch, these include spiders, mice, and ants, to name a few. We quickly identify the pest and assess the infestation to determine the next steps.

Specialty pest control includes uncommon pests or those that require specialized treatments. For instance, you need more extensive services if you have a severe bed bug or termite infestation. OMNIS provides both kinds of pest control.

Extra Help From the Professionals

Now, what about effectiveness? Even if you manage to use pest control measures safely, you still may not get your desired results. That’s because DIY pest control is often only partially effective, if at all. The pests may evade you or adapt to your methods. Then, instead of disappearing, they multiply and invade even more territory. Our OMNIS technicians provide expert pest control in Highlands Ranch so you can relax and let the professionals do the job right.

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Eliminating a Vast Variety of Pests

Many types of unwanted insects cause damage, unsanitary conditions, and plain frustration in Douglas County. You can see the most common pests each month at the Colorado State University Extension’s Insect Calendars. What’s more, wild animals can invade your property. Any of these pests, large or small, can make life nearly unbearable. However, you can live a pest-free life when you choose OMNIS for pest control in Highlands Ranch.

Leave It to the Professionals

Many people want to control pests on their own with DIY methods. These techniques do work sometimes, at least on a limited basis. However, doing it yourself often involves unsafe practices. Beyond that, self-help measures rarely solve the problem for good.

First, let’s talk about safety. Highlands Ranch is a very environmentally conscious community. Yet even here, people sometimes think that they can kill whatever creeps or crawls in their home if they spray enough chemicals. They assume that the more harsh chemicals they use, the better. Unfortunately, most people do not know or have access to the best products. Also, they have no training in how to apply them safely.

EPA Recommendations About Safe and Effective Pest Control

The EPA’s “Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control” outlines some precautions you must take. The long list includes protecting pets and children, starting with low-risk pesticides, and following all label directions. Yet, OMNIS agents know even more about safe pest management practices.

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Pest Inspections

Whenever we provide pest control in Highlands Ranch, we begin with a thorough inspection. First, we look at all your home and lawn open areas. Then, we check out all the hidden places to find any bugs, rodents, or unwanted wildlife on your property.

Because of our extensive expertise, we can accurately identify the specific type of pest. But, even if you think you can tell what pest you found, you need expert identification. This step ensures that the Highlands Ranch pest control company knows more than the basic species. They also know the exact variety, unique habits, and the most effective treatments.

In addition, we take note of their numbers and stages of the pests’ development. With this information, we can assess the level of infestation. After we complete our inspection, we report what we’ve found and offer solutions. We offer a one-time free pest inspection. You can even contact and book OMNIS Pest Control online.

Pest Prevention

No one can prevent pests during an active infestation. After all, the bugs or animals already live on your property. On the other hand, OMNIS pest control agents in Highland Ranch always address the question of prevention. Before treatment, they present you with a prevention plan and may take specific steps to ensure pests stay out. Then, after treatment, they do more to prevent their return. Even better, they teach you how to avoid infestations in the future.

We offer another preventative service for those who have just moved into a new or new-to-them residence. Also, we inspect your home, create a pest management plan, and explain everything you need to do. Afterward, we can provide preventive treatments if required.

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Benefits of Going Local

A local pest control company offers many advantages. As a locally owned company, OMNIS employs your neighbors. These agents know your area better than agents from a nationwide franchise. We know what pests are most prevalent in Highland Ranch, how to identify them, and what it takes to get rid of them. We know the local weather patterns and how they impact pest populations.

In addition, our company depends more on its local reputation than any franchise ever could. That means we strive every day to give you the best possible pest control and friendly customer service. So if you need to talk to someone on the phone about pest control issues, you can connect with our local staff quickly and easily.

Why Choose OMNIS?

OMNIS has a solid reputation as one of the best pest control companies in Colorado. Our agents have extensive training as well as local experience. In fact, we have all the qualifications of the big guys but with more specialized, location-based knowledge. No other company offers better pest management services or such friendly, helpful support. Whether you are new to Highlands Ranch or have lived here for years, OMNIS provides the right solutions to your pest control problems.