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Who knows when you’ll need pest control in Larkspur? It could be when a family of mice sneaks in through the crawlspace, or maybe after a lively swarm of wasps makes a nest in your attic. Regardless of the circumstance, you will need help dealing with the problem. However, by preparing research and fact-finding in advance, you can position yourself to overcome any pest infestation with minimal damage to your property. With over a decade in the pest control industry, we’ve learned many lessons at OMNIS Pest Control. Before you schedule a free inspection, we’d like to share some of our most helpful pest control knowledge.



Preparing For a Pest Inspection

Before your inspection for pest control in Larkspur, we recommend you take some steps to prepare your home and property. These are our suggestions for pre-inspection preparation. 

Do a Little Landscaping

If you are dealing with outdoor pests, a little landscaping can help make the process move a bit more smoothly. By trimming your bushes, grass, and other plants, you can remove greenery that could conceal a pest entry point. While the inspector’s job is to find these points regardless of your landscape’s condition, it couldn’t hurt to make their job somewhat easier. 

Everything Needs To Be Accessible

Just because you never go into your crawlspace, that doesn’t mean your inspector won’t have to. The same goes for attics and other hard-to-reach areas. So make sure the areas you may normally have blocked off for safety are easily accessible to the technician. Also, make sure there is no risk of danger from falling objects or other hazards. 

The Inspector Needs a Clear Space

If your home is challenging to navigate, the inspector may have trouble finding evidence of pests. While the evidence may be around, loose clothing or other possessions may be blocking the evidence from sight.

Likewise, you may need to rearrange the items in the areas underneath sinks or cabinets. If you have a pest that likes closed spaces in your home, it is best if the pest control technician can see clearly into them.

Garages are another common place where a little pre-cleaning can go a long way during a pest inspection. Moving things away from the walls by at least two feet can give the inspector a broad enough line of sight to notice common signs of pest troubles. Some examples include mouse or rat droppings, and debris rodents use to make their nests.

What To Expect From a Pest Inspection

The purpose of a pest inspection is to determine where pests are living in your home. There are many ways to go about doing this. How they carry out the process impacts the effectiveness of the inspection. 

If you are planning to schedule a pest inspection soon, here is what you should prepare for.

flashlight for inspecting Larkspur home for insects and rodents

What Happens During The Inspection

Pest inspections normally last somewhere between one and three hours. During this period, the pest control technician will thoroughly assess the state of your property. In addition, they will be searching throughout for signs of pests, such as droppings, mud tubes, nests, and signs of structural damage. 

Your inspector will likely ask you questions during the inspection as well. These questions are aimed at finding out more about your experience with pests in the home. Through your answers, the technician will identify what kinds of pests you are dealing with. From there, they come up with the ideal approach for finding the nest, hive, or other nexus of pest activity in your home. 

pesticide treatment to remove pest from Larkspur homes

What Happens After The Inspection 

Once your inspection is complete, the technician will present you with your options for continuing treatment. If they found no evidence of an infestation, there may not be any action suggested. Though, if there is evidence of a pest problem, your inspector will offer solutions based on your needs. Depending on the exact situation, you could have more than just one option. 

Once you’ve selected a route to proceed with, the inspector will schedule a follow-up. During this follow-up, the primary treatment will be started. To learn more about treatment options, keep reading. 

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