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You go to the kitchen to grab a snack and see a mouse crawling out of the pantry — gross… Of course, you still want the snack, but who knows what that mouse got into before making its exit? You may still eat the snack, but there is undoubtedly a bit of fear that your food contains bacteria or other undesirable elements. Of course, most of us would prefer to entirely avoid this line of thought by hiring a Lone Tree residential pest control provider to eliminate pests from your home.

If you want to eliminate the risk of pests impeding the comfort and safety of your home environment, consider investing in pest control services. A Lone Tree residential pest control company will gladly perform an inspection to help you learn what steps are best. To schedule an appointment soon, reach out to OMNIS Pest Control using the contact form on this page.

The Lone Tree Residential Pest Control Process

The pest control process usually has three key steps:

  • An expert technician conducts an inspection throughout your property.
  • The technician will draft an elimination plan describing an appropriate action for removing pests from your home.
  • Your Lone Tree residential pest control provider will implement the services outlined in the plan.

Technically, there is a fourth step too, but it is optional. Once the first three steps are complete, the technician also discusses maintenance options that keep pests out for good.

Here is more information about what each step of residential pest control entails:

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Lone Tree Residential Pest Control

Step 1:
Inspection of your property

Every pest control job starts with thoroughly inspecting the property where pests are causing problems. The pest control technicians assigned to your home will look at every crack and every crevice to find where the pests are. Even if they are in the walls, we will find them. 

Knowing what pests confront you is critical. Therefore we always document the pests we find for identification purposes. Our notes are detailed, so we identify the species and variety of every pest we find. No matter where the pests are in your home or on your property, expect us to uncover their location. Then, we can move on to the next step.

Lone Tree Residential Pest Control

Step 2:
Creating an elimination plan

Uncoordinated attempts at pest control usually fail to achieve the best possible outcomes. That’s why our Lone Tree residential pest control technicians craft a detailed elimination plan that describes exactly what course of action best suits the objective of removing problematic pests. This plan includes various elements, such as sanitation, treatment, structural maintenance or repair, and mechanical pest control methods.

The level of thought put into the elimination plan often determines how successful the pest control project is. That is why you need to work with your pest control technician to ensure that they have evaluated your concerns appropriately. OMNIS Pest Control puts customer service first, so expect all of your questions to get answered.

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Lone Tree Residential Pest Control

Step 3:
Eliminating the pests

After all the preparation is complete, it is time to implement the pest elimination plan. What happens next depends on the type of pests in the home. For example, a groundhog infestation will require your Lone Tree residential pest control team to trap the groundhogs on your property and destroy their nests. On the other hand, we eliminate household pests like bugs and rodents by using chemical treatments that lower their population dramatically. If there are survivors, we continue the treatment and clean up any mess.

Pests frequently cause damage, so part of eliminating them is repairing the damage they did. This ensures that pests will not have entry points that they can use to repopulate your property. Usually, this involves erecting barriers, fixing walls or floors, and other repairs.

OMNIS Means Everything

If you check the dictionary, you will find that OMNIS means “everything.” So there is a reason why we used this word for our company name — well, actually, there are several reasons.

We handle every kind of pest

Sometimes you call a pest control provider, and they inform you that the pest you are dealing with is outside of their line of work. This may be due to several reasons, but you do not have that problem contacting OMNIS. We handle all sorts of infestations, ranging from tiny insects to larger wildlife species. No matter what pest has taken refuge in your home, you can trust us to implement a strategic solution that leaves you safe, comfortable, and happy in your home.

We will eliminate pests from every part of your property.

Your residence includes more than just your home. Therefore our residential pest control services expand beyond just the building you live in. For example, if you have a mouse infestation in your barn, we will remove them promptly. Similarly, a raccoon population causing trouble in your garden is no problem for our team. Simply tell us where the pests are, and we will do our best to ensure they are gone for good.

We acknowledge every safety protocol.

Your safety is at the forefront of our work. If we cause harm to you or your family, our community will lose faith in us. Beyond that, the mere fact that we hurt someone would weigh on us morally. So, we strive to take every possible step to protect our customers. While the methods we implement throughout the pest control process depend entirely on the circumstances, trust that we will never ignore safety protocols to speed up the job or increase our profits.

Tired of Pests? Get Lone Tree Residential Pest Control Services

Pests are problematic. In the best-case scenario, they annoy your home’s occupants. In the worst-case scenario, they stand to cause harm to you and your loved ones. At OMNIS Pest Control, we believe you should never compromise with pests. Instead, have a team come inspect your home as soon as possible.

The technicians equip homeowners like you with the information they need to make an informed decision. It is also essential to know exactly what pests you are dealing with. Otherwise, a seemingly harmless critter may cause devastating damage to your home or, worse yet, harm your loved ones.

There is no obligation after the inspection; you can choose to move forward if you like. We simply suggest that you at least take the first step so you can know what your options are. To get in touch with our team today, call 720-583-4126 or use the contact form on this page.

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