Monument Residential Pest Control

Monument residential pest control plays a huge part in maintaining the community’s health and safety. Indeed, as your neighbors, we are determined to keep your property pest-free. Regardless whether you live in Monument, Castle Rock, Parker, or Colorado Springs, you can call on us for all your pest control needs.

OMNIS Pest Control Monument Residential pest control

Insider Knowledge of Local Pests

Because we are local, we understand what kind of infestations you face. Not only do we deal with local species of insects, but also we handle area wildlife. Consequently, our extensive experience in area species can rid your residential or commercial properties of pests with the latest techniques and products.

Based right here in Castle Rock, Colorado, you can depend on us to drive away area pests that plague many of your neighbors’ homes. In view of the damage, so many insects and wildlife can inflict, we’re ready to fix the problem right away. Emphatically, we urge you to get the peace of mind that comes with a pest-free home now.

Evolving Strategies for Monument Residential Pest Control

Without a doubt, pest control is always changing. Correspondingly, we keep up to date on the latest pest management methods. Through our membership with the Colorado Pest Control Association (CPCA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), we stay on top of new developments in pest control strategy. And that includes learning about species of intruders that are new to the area and how to rid your property of them.

Among the most effective pest-control techniques that we provide:

  • Spraying
  • Dusting
  • Granules
  • Dewebbing

Certainly, these modern-day solutions to pest control are keeping Monument residents safe, healthy, and free to enjoy their homes to fullest. 

Compliant with Monument Residential Pest Control Laws

Notwithstanding the extensive damage many pests can create, certain local species are legally protected. That means you must drive them from your space without killing them. Because we are a local business, we’ve mastered the most effective techniques for eliminating protected species from your home, safely and legally.

In the same way that we’re able to legally control existing pest problems from your home, we also detect potential infestations. Investing in ongoing professional monitoring services is another way you can keep your home safe, clean, and compliant with local pest control laws.

High-Tech Methods for Monument Residential Pest Control

Our knowledge of local pest control regulations, combined with high-tech management solutions, means peace of mind for Monument residents.

Above all, yesterday’s extermination techniques are often short-sighted and ineffective. Therefore, working with a local business that uses the most up-to-date pest control methods on the market only makes sense. Call us to discuss the high-tech tools and techniques designed to keep your home pest-free.

Wildlife Pest Control for Monument Properties

Since we live in your neighborhood, we have first-hand experience with wildlife infestation problems. Not only do wild animals cause lots of mess, spread disease, and make loud noises, but they’re also very destructive. For that reason, we have an array of different solutions to secure your home against various animals.


Rats—these disease-laden animals can hide in your walls and under the floors.

Squirrels—natural acrobats that can infiltrate your home in imaginative ways, they cause lots of damage and make lots of racket.

Raccoons—skilled scavengers that are very protective of their babies, they’ll go to great lengths to find food throughout your home.

Snakes—whether poisonous or not, these reptiles require careful handling to be legally removed from any residence.

Bats—Protected by the state of Colorado, these winged creatures carry dangerous diseases like rabies and need to be removed without being harmed.

Birds—With species including woodpeckers, crows, sparrows, and pigeons, Monument area homes are often victim to problem bird infestations.

Gophers—Underground creatures that dig and burrow, these animals can not only wreak lots of damage on lawns and gardens, but also tear up water pipes and irrigation systems.

Voles—Hard to track and catch with conventional traps, these burrowing creatures can do serious damage to grass, gardens, and other plants.

Mice—Among the most common household pests in Colorado, these crafty creatures spread disease, chew electrical wires, and contaminate food, as well as multiply rapidly.

Monument Residential Pest Control for Insects

As a pest control business with local roots, we know firsthand the damage insects can do to Monument properties. Using state-of-the-art technology, we not only eliminate insects from your home but take steps to ensure these pests won’t ever return.

Mosquitoes—these irritating creatures spread blood-borne disease and multiply at an incredible rate, making outdoor life miserable for Monument residents.

Spiders—childhood literature aside, these insects pose a danger to people through bites, some of which are venomous.

Hornets—pose serious threats to human health and safety, the sting of this insect can be deadly. Hornet nest removal is also risky, prompting swarms and attacks.

Crickets—these noisy nuisances can keep you up all night and lose precious sleep.

Ants—tiny but mighty, ants bite and sting. They can also contaminate food sources, damage homes, and attract other insects that feed on them.

Wasps—Angry, aggressive, and venomous, these insects build big nests that demand careful removal. Don’t risk serious injury by dealing with these creatures.

Bees—Although most species are docile, many humans are severely allergic to bee stings. These insects often build nests that have heavy human traffic, creating nuisances for anyone in the immediate area.

spider control with dewebbing treatment

Your Best Choice for Monument Pest Control

If you are a fortunate resident of Monument, Colorado, you appreciate its natural beauty. Let us provide you with a clean, pest-free home so you can enjoy the community in good health. As your neighbors, we’re happy to serve you.