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Parker Mouse Control

Parker mouse control is a matter of expert persistence. With its numerous hiking trails, Parker is famous for its natural beauty. Without question, this tremendous asset poses pest control challenges. For this reason, common-sense pest control measures are essential for people who own property in Parker.

Our knowledgeable technicians understand mice and their habits, which is key to providing successful preventative services. We understand that mouse control is an ongoing process. Our experienced technicians use proven methods to protect health and property in this beautiful area in Parker, Colorado. 

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WE ARE A Local Company with Parker Mouse Control Experience

Because OMNIS has headquarters in Castle Rock, we have a commitment to our neighbors. Specifically, our mission is to create pest-free peace of mind for everyone in the area. To that end, we make it our business to know what types of pests disturb different parts of town. It is this knowledge of local construction projects and environmental changes that makes OMNIS an effective pest control service. Our team has seen how infestations can spread quickly if not taken care of correctly. It is for this reason that we take every step necessary to make sure our customers are living mouse-free. 

Problems That Mice Pose to People

Although many people find mice little and cute, these critters pose serious problems to humans. That’s why OMNIS knows Parker mouse control is essential: to maintain the health and hygiene of our community. Because when mice infestations are untreated, the following can happen:

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The Spread Of Bacteria

Mice carry many diseases. They spread germs through feces, urine, and saliva. Before you know it, illness gets transmitted to your family, friends, and pets. For this reason alone, it’s important to practice regular mouse control in your home or place of business.

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Destruction Of Property

All rodent’s teeth grow continuously. To maintain their dental health, mice must gnaw materials. In addition to food, mice chew on wood, metal, insulation, plastic, and cloth. Because of the extensive damage they can do, it’s never a good idea to tolerate wild mice in your home.

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Food Is Contaminated

Mice are cunning creatures that quickly sniff out food sources. Food stored in a cardboard box or plastic wrapping poses no problem for a mouse. Quickly, mice chew through the barrier to access the food inside. Discard any contaminated food supplies since they pose serious health problems to you and your pets.

Assume Control of Mice Infestations ASAP

Indeed, one of the greatest challenges that Parker residents face is mice. First, somebody detects signs like droppings, gnawed material, and scurrying sounds.

Soon, what begins as a small problem escalates into a full-blown infestation. 

the house mouse scientific name is mus musculus can multiply quickly

Mice Multiplication Problems

Another important thing to know about mice is that they multiply incredibly quickly. The gestation period of mice is between 19-21 days. After she gives birth to one litter, it’s possible for a mother mouse to get pregnant again right away. Subsequently, it’s common for mother mice to have litters as often as 25 days apart.

When you do the math, a single mouse can reproduce anywhere between 5 and 10 times a year. So before you know it, you have a full-blown mouse infestation. And your need for professional Parker mouse control is paramount.

Mouse Control in Cold Weather

Contrary to popular belief, mice do not hibernate. Instead, they continue to thrive by foraging for food, building nests, and gnawing on nearby materials. However, they do it from the comfort of your warm home. Simply put, you can’t neglect professional Parker mouse control service when the weather is cold. Therefore, we are your professional Parker mouse control service during the winter months.

Mouse Control in Warm Weather

Your property isn’t safe from mice when the weather gets warm, either. On the contrary, mice enjoy the cool, dark shelter of indoor spaces when the temperatures soar. Moreover, the plentiful food supplies in human habitats are highly popular with mice. Lastly, mice prefer to build nests inside since these spaces don’t expose their babies to outdoor predators.

Cats Are not Foolproof Mouse Deterrents

The news is a little better for property owners with cats on the premises. Many cats are talented at catching unsuspecting mice. However, cats emit chemicals in their saliva that scare away mice. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to maintain a mouse-free property. Mice are clever and know how to stay out of a cat’s way. As a result, when mice detect cats on the premises, they stay hidden in walls, basements, attics, and other hard-to-reach places.

Furthermore, while cats are a danger to mice, the opposite is also true. As experienced pest control professionals, OMNIS knows the damage mouse bites cause to pets. Additionally, domestic animals can catch the fleas, ticks, and other parasites that mice carry.

Consequently, the best way to maintain a mouse-free property is through regular Parker mouse control services. Again, OMNIS is up to the job. That’s because we combine expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology to drive mice out your door—and keep them out.

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Professional Parker Mouse Control Service

With attention to the problems mice pose, it is helpful to get regular pest control service from a professional company. That’s where OMNIS can help. Here’s what our technicians do when they treat your home for mice:

  • Identify the Species of Mouse
  • Locate Nests and Hiding Places
  • Create a Mouse Control Plan
  • Set Traps and Safely Apply Rodenticides
  • Implement a Prevention Plan

Regular Service for Pest-Free Peace of Mind

Since 2013, OMNIS has provided top-tier Parker mouse control service for our neighbors. Experience shows that regular treatments cultivate the pest-free peace of mind that every property owner wants. Therefore, we offer a significant discount to customers who commit to an ongoing contract. Of course, you can cancel at any time. However, when you experience the results, we know you’ll stay with OMNIS for proven Parker mouse control. Contact us now for service.