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A pest infestation is more than an inconvenience. Pest can introduce health risks to your home, endangering you, your children, and pets. To eliminate the risks, have a Parker residential pest control company provide you with an inspection and treatment.

When you schedule a Parker residential pest control inspection, the operator will ask you some questions to learn what pest problems you are currently dealing with. Then, when the pest control technician arrives at your home, they will know what to look for. If there’s any more information you need to share about the infestation, you can do it at that time.

Curious about what a Parker residential pest control company can do for you? Continue reading to learn more about where to start with pest control.

Is Pest Control Necessary?

Many homeowners don’t mind having a few pests roaming in their homes. They assume that pests are harmless, so paying someone to remove them seems wasteful. Others think that hiring a pest control company is unnecessary because countless DIY solutions are available. 

The truth is that if you have pests in your home, hiring a Parker residential pest control company is the ideal solution. 

Simply ignoring pests will only lead to the infestation growing as the pests mate and reproduce. As the population of pests in your home increases, your ability to keep them away from your food and family members will rapidly wane. At this point, you’re risking the transfer of disease and damage to your home. 

Being preemptive is the best way to keep common household pests from doing costly damage. That’s why you should always call a pest control company at first sight of pests. 

OMNIS wasp nest removal nest in net Pest Control

Netted wasp nest found during routine residential pest control.

Will An Inspection Find Every Pest?

The depth of your Parker residential pest control inspection depends on the level of an infestation occurring in your home. Which pest is causing you problems also dictates what the technician will look for. For example, if you have termites, getting to the source of that infestation may require a thorough investigation of your foundation and other areas of the home. 

On the other hand, mice would likely be entering your home through another access point. Therefore, the two pests require a different approach. A skilled inspector, such as the ones at OMNIS Pest Control, will gauge the severity of your infestation and then work to find all of the sources of the pests. 

Even if you’re on the fence about hiring a pest control company, it makes sense to get a free inspection. Through the inspection, you learn what pests you are dealing with and how a pest control company would move forward. Suppose you cannot deal with the infestation on your own after that. In that case, you’ll at least know that you have professional options available. 

tidy up area where pest tend to hide

What To Do Before a Pest Inspection

There are steps that we suggest you take before your inspection occurs. First, rearrange your property to ensure that the inspector has appropriate access to every area of your home. Privacy is essential, but removing pests should take priority. Move furniture so that the inspector can thoroughly inspect areas that would otherwise be hidden. Furthermore, if the attic or crawlspace is hard to reach, make an effort to eliminate any obstructions that would keep the inspector from navigating those areas.

What Does A Parker Residential Pest Control Inspection Involve?

Expect your inspector to spend approximately two hours going through your property during a pest inspection. This timeframe varies depending on the size of your property, but use it as an approximate estimate.

The inspection process typically involves checking your home’s interior and exterior areas. As they go through your property, the inspector searches for signs of infestation. Evidence of pest presence gets documented until the inspector has a good idea of what pests are on the property, where they are living, and what damage they are causing.

Inspectors commonly check areas, including baseboards, walls, windows, crawl spaces, doors, cabinets, closets, attics, and basements. Some pests also require a thorough investigation of the home’s foundation or roof. The garage may also be home to pests, or worse, the garage could be the entry point that pests are using to enter your home.

Our Pest Control Plan

Your home deserves the best protection available. You benefit from having your house cleared of pests by following our pest control plan. Our technicians can deal with all of Colorado’s most common pests and some that aren’t so common. So whether you have termites, ants, wasps, spiders, or mice infesting your home, we can help you eliminate the problem.

Usually, you can’t expect pest control services to function as a one-time solution. Pest control is an ongoing effort that homeowners must stay actively involved in. For this purpose, OMNIS Pest Control offers Parker residential pest control customers a variety of pest maintenance programs. If following your initial visit, you choose quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly service visits; you’ll get year-round support to keep your home pest-free.

car wrap OMNIS Pest Control

What Pests Are You Dealing With?

You may be unsure about what pests are currently infesting your home. Maybe you’ve recently had bug bites appearing on your body or see any damage in odd places around the house. These are signs of pests, but what can you do if you don’t know what kind of pest it is? Of course, you can call a pest control company. But, until they arrive, it helps to know what pests are in your home so you can protect yourself from them. 

These are some common pests Parker residential pest control companies deal with. 

OMNIS bed bug removal

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are a troublesome pest that can often overtake an entire home in no time. They bite, leaving itchy bumps at the contact site, making them an incredibly annoying pest to have in your home. Bed bugs are also hard to eradicate, often requiring complete fumigation for removal.

If you recently noticed discomfort or things crawling on you in your sleep, bed bugs are the likely culprit. Fortunately, we provide thorough inspections that identify where bed bugs have infested. Then, we’ll apply bed bug treatment products to your property to eliminate them.

termites destroy lumber quick call OMNIS for removal

Termite Control

Termites are small, ant-like bugs that feed on organic material, like wood and plant debris. As a result, they can quickly eat through furniture, siding, and other structural materials. If you allow termites to infest your home unchecked, they can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage. That’s why it’s never a good idea to ignore them. Instead, call a Parker residential pest control company to implement a lasting solution. 

dangerous wasp flying OMNIS Pest Control


Wasps are flying insects equipped with venomous stingers. They are yellow and black, much like a bee, but they are dissimilar to bees. Rather than making honey, wasps build large nests filled with larvae and adult wasps. Then, they hunt for small insects to feed their young. Finally, the adults feed on pollen, nectar, and other sugary foods.

Their diets lead them to flock around human residences because people typically have sweet foods for them to eat. This is a problem because wasps can sting and cause an allergic reaction. Even without an allergy, the stings are painful and cause discomfort. Don’t let wasps persist on your property, and definitely don’t try to get rid of them on your own, as that could be dangerous. Find out more about wasp removal.

Instead, contact OMNIS Pest Control to take care of your infestation. Our technicians understand how to your pest problem, so trust us to provide you with a permanent solution. 

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