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Parker Spider Control

Parker, Colorado, is a beautiful place to live. With a backdrop of mountains and a wide variety of wildlife, there is much to love about making a home here. However, pests, specifically spiders, are not a nature you welcome into your yard and home. Parker spider control is essential to riding your home of spiders and leaving you to enjoy the benefits Parker has to offer.

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Why You Want Spiders Kept Out Of Your Home

While spiders are not all bad, they do pose a threat. Most spiders are not venomous and are not prone to biting. But, when threatened, they will bite. Additionally, there are venomous spiders that call Parker home. Enlisting Parker spider control will keep you and your family safe from spiders.

Painful Spider Bites

Undoubtedly almost all spiders will go about their business without ever biting a human. A majority of bites will come from unexpectedly coming into contact with a spider that feels threatened. Mostly, spider bites are harmless. Minor site reactions may occur but will likely resolve in a couple of days.

Colorado Does Have Venomous Spiders

Albeit unlikely, there is a chance you will come across a venomous spider. The Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders are the venomous spiders to watch out for. A vital part of successful Parker spider control is safety. Being able to identify dangerous spiders is a must!

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The Famous Black Widow Spider

Among the most famous spiders in the U.S. is the Black Widow. These spiders build messy webs in dark corners. They have large, bulbous bodies of dark brown or black. Their identifying mark is an hourglass shape on the abdomen. Although, the hourglass shape is not always well defined and ranges in color from white to orange or red.

These spiders have a potentially dangerous bite, making Parker spider control crucial. Thankfully, they are generally timid spiders. However, if bitten, seek medical treatment. The elderly and children are at greater risk of a severe reaction. Symptoms may include severe cramping, nausea, excessive perspiration, tremors, labored breathing, restlessness, and fever.

brown recluse on blinds

Brown Recluse – Uncommon But Painful

The Brown Recluse is an uncommon spider in Colorado. Still, the Brown Recluse’s venomous bite makes it necessary to mention. They are solid tan or brown spiders with long legs. Their only marking is a darker brown mark in the shape of a violin on its back. Bites cause localized skin death and lesions that can take months to heal.

Spider Evoke A Strong Fear In Many People

In addition to physical harm, living with spiders often causes anxiety and fear. Establishing a Parker spider control program helps reduce the risk of living in a state of fear. No one wants to come face to face with an unexpected spider. Furthermore, some people have an extreme fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia. While this may seem severe to some, it is a true terror. Those who suffer from it have intense reactions to the thought of a spider, much less an infestation.

Types Of Spiders Common In Parker

Colorado spiders come in many shapes and sizes. Of the more than 35,000 species of spiders in the United States, only about 650 call Colorado home. Many fall into broader categories. Among the most common are Cellar, House, Jumping, Funnel, and Garden spiders.

cellar spider in comparison to fly

Cellar Spiders – The Daddy Long Legs Look-A-Like

Find cellar spiders in abundance in basements, cellars, and garages. Often confused with Daddy Long Legs, they can be identified by the two distinct sections of their body. Are cellar spiders good? Besides the fear factor, they are often helpful in controlling other pests.

messy funnel web spider

House (or Cobweb) Spiders

A typical spider that needs Parker spider control is the house spider. These spiders are most often harmless. They have bulbous, shiny bodies. House spiders build their messy webs in dark corners.

harmless fuzzy jumping spider

Fuzzy Jumping Spiders

Another spider frequently found in homes is the jumping spider. These fuzzy little spiders are known for their large eyes and quick, jerky movements. They do not build webs but jump on their unsuspecting prey. They are small and frequently have bold coloring.

Parker Spider Control Tips

When battling any pest, there are steps you can take to help protect your home. It is no different with Parker spider control. First and foremost, prevention measures help reduce the risk of spider problems before they start. However, if you already have a spider problem, there are also tips for clearing them out.

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Begin With Prevention

The best way to combat a spider infestation is prevention. Inspect the exterior of your home and seal any cracks and openings where spiders can gain entry. Also, ensure doors and windows close completely and screens are intact. Routinely check attics, basements, and crawlspaces to ensure spiders are not setting up shop in isolated areas.

Indoor Parker Spider Control

Additional Parker spider control measures in the home will reduce the likelihood of spiders taking up residence. They won’t want to move in if you make your home inhospitable. Remove their food source and ability to find an undisturbed living space. If you encounter a spider in your home, you likely have household products that kill spiders

More Insects Means More Spiders

Primarily, spiders eat insects and other spiders. A successful pest control plan will reduce other pests’ overall occurrence. Thus, reducing the spider population as well. At the first sign of other nuisances invading your home, call OMNIS Pest Control.

Clear Away Cobwebs

Another necessary component of Parker spider control is keeping your home clean and cobwebs-free. Sweep away cobwebs at first sight, to prevent spiders from establishing their presence. Spiders are less likely to reproduce if they cannot secure a place to live. In addition to ceilings and corners, look in cabinets, under furniture, and other dark, secluded areas.

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professional spider control in Parker, Colorado

Reducing Outdoor Spiders

In addition to keeping spiders out of your home, minimizing the number in your yard and outdoor spaces is necessary. Spiders are essential to the ecosystem and play an important role in insect control. However, keeping their outdoor population in check is crucial if you hope to keep them out of your home.

Keep Your Landscaping Trimmed

Outdoor Parker spider control begins with keeping your outdoor spaces trimmed and tidy. Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed away from your home reduces easy access points to your roof and siding. Many spiders, including funnel-web species, live on the ground. Trim your grass regularly to decrease the chance of these spiders. Again, clearing away cobwebs from porches and eves disrupts spiders, encouraging them to move on.

Professional Parker Spider Control

The safest and least stressful Parker spider control approach is employing experienced pest control experts. Utilizing professionals like OMNIS Pest Control gives you the best defense against spiders and other pests. Their knowledge allows them to assess your home and property and pinpoint weaknesses in your home’s protection. Additionally, using industry-leading technology and products will produce quick and lasting results.  

OMNIS Pest Control

At OMNIS Pest Control, we pride ourselves on offering effective and friendly Parker spider control. As a locally owned business, we know extensively about the spiders and other pests plaguing residents. We begin with a detailed inspection of your home. Then, develop and carry out a plan for spider removal and prevention. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you reclaim your home!