The Value of Preventative Pest Control

The best way to manage pests is to prevent them from ever entering your home in the first place. Preventative pest control is the best method, though few homeowners decide to be proactive in their pest control efforts. This is to their own dismay, as refusing to implement safety measures allows the bests to invade.

Through preventative pest control methods, homeowners and other property owners can ensure that pests have the hardest time possible. They lose the opportunity to reside within their building or on their property. If you are unsure of what efforts contribute to preventative pest control and whether it’s even worth the effort to implement a preventive pest control strategy, you should keep reading.

What is Preventative Pest Control?

Preventative pest control is a self-descriptive term that effectively includes measures to prevent future pest infestations. We will apply repellant substances to areas throughout the property. Other preventative pest control methods include physical obstruction and thorough cleaning. In some instances, strategic landscaping can prevent wildlife from entering or damaging property.

OMNIS professional spray around house to prevent pests

Is Preventative Pest Control Worth it?

Of course! Preventative pest control may cost some money upfront. Still, it helps many individuals eliminate the need for extensive critter removal services in the future. Likewise, preventative pest control efforts prevent pests, meaning you mitigate the damage they cause.

Another interesting fact is that you do not need to hire a pest control company to perform every aspect of preventative pest control. While we do not suggest that you do the physical or chemical tasks associated with the process, you are free to clean your home thoroughly on your own. In some instances, it may even be appropriate to do landscaping on your own. This depends on whether you know where the problem areas are and whether you have the tools to handle the job effectively.

Do You Need Preventative Pest Control

Whether you need preventative pest control depends on several factors, such as your location, the size of your home, and whether you already have an active pest infestation. If you already have pests infesting your home, preventative measures will not be as effective as in a home with few or no pests. In terms of your home’s size, smaller homes may not require as many preventative measures, as pests have few opportunities to find their way in. In some locations, pests may not be too common either.

These are a lot of what-ifs that you should not use as a reference point for exactly what you should do. The best course of action is often to invite a preventative pest control provider to your home to provide a free inspection. When the inspection is complete, they will know how vulnerable your property is to pest infestations. If you need preventative measures, trust us to provide a detailed breakdown of what services you need and how much they cost.

How Effective is Preventative Pest Control

Preventative pest control is highly effective, though not 100% effective. It is impossible to secure your property against pests entirely. Though, preventative measures will limit their ability to set foot in your precious home. Homeowners need to take a level of personal responsibility to prevent them from entering, though. For example, imagine we perform preventative pest control in your home. But, if you constantly leave the windows and doors wide open, there is a greater chance that pests will find their way inside.

Keeping your home is also essential. Pests love dirty, wet, and food-filled places where they can sustain themselves easily. If your home fits this description, pests will eventually make it their home, regardless of what we do. However, preventative pest control promotes pest-free environments for extended periods for those who do their best to keep a clean and comfortable environment.

If the pests do show up, that won’t be a problem. Having a pest control provider who is already familiar with your home helps. They know exactly where the pests are most likely to access the property. This means creating a pest removal process will be incredibly simple. Just sign off on the contract to get the job done!

OMNIS uses professional spray to prevent an infestation of spiders and insects

Why Preventative Pest Control is Important

Why not be proactive in your pest control efforts by having preventative measures taken in advance? If you do, the termite infestation is far less likely to occur. And, if you maintain routine inspection appointments, any pests that slip through the cracks will be caught. Our team stops them in their tracks immediately. With a pest control company near you watching your back, you do not need to worry about pests causing massive damage before you notice them.

Methods of Preventative Pest Control

We can provide some options we generally suggest for homeowners in the Colorado area.


Keep the home clean and free of trash

As stated earlier, pests enjoy messy, dirty, and moist areas. Like us, they also love food. If they can find a combination of these things in your home, there is a high probability that they will stick around once they find their way in. Keeping a clean home removes this issue by making it harder for the pests that do get in to survive.

food container

Store food properly

Ants come through your cracks in doors and windows, then into your pantry. You should hope that they do not find anything to eat. Otherwise, an army of them will be deep within your property within hours. By storing your food properly with sealed containers, you can prevent the odd ant from finding a food source within your home. Unfortunately, this may lead them to choose another destination for their scavenging.

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Applying treatments

Preventative pest control also involves the application of chemical substances that prevent pests from infesting key areas. Sometimes these substances kill pests, while in other cases, they simply act as a repellant. 

The Preventative Pest Control Experts

If the preventative pest control service you hire does not know what they are doing, you will end up with pests in your home. That’s why you need a trusted provider like OMNIS Pest Control with noteworthy experience and background in this industry.

OMNIS Pest Control handles all pest problems, and with a decade of experience you can count on us for preventative pest control.  Schedule a free consultation today.