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Professional Pest Control

Professional pest control is one of the best choices a property owner can make to maintain a happy, healthy environment. Whether you want a pest-free home or business in the Castle Rock area, OMNIS Pest Control is here to help. Because we live in a natural setting, it’s critical to maintain a continuous barrier between you and potential pests. That’s where professional pest control service plays a vital role.

Professional Pest Control Service for Homeowners

Because OMNIS has headquarters in Castle Rock, Colorado, we understand that our customers are also our neighbors. Consequently, we must provide professional pest control service that keeps the entire community healthy. Whether we treat your home for insects or wildlife, OMNIS uses safe products for pets and humans.

Certainly, every homeowner wants to protect their family from pests. For homes with pets, year-round pest control is especially critical. That’s because many insects and wildlife pose particular threats to dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. As a result, OMNIS strongly recommends a year-round safe-for-pets pest control service for all our neighbors. To that point, regular pest control service saves homeowners expensive visits to the veterinarian to treat stings, bites, scratches, and worse.

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Pest Problems That Plague Homeowners

Unquestionably, pests do serious damage to a homeowner’s quality of life. Even cute creatures like raccoons, squirrels, and birds are problematic when they use a home to feed and breed. Here are a few of the problems OMNIS solves for homeowners:

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Mosquito Infestations

Mosquitos are a serious annoyance for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors. It’s impossible to be comfortable on your deck or porch with swarms of these bloodsuckers. Consequently, OMNIS provides effective mosquito control services for homeowners, no matter the size of their property. 

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Squirrel Removal

Indeed, squirrel removal is a service OMNIS provides for many homeowners. While these animals are adorable to watch from a distance, they cause havoc in homes. They are destructive, make big messes, and carry disease. Not only does OMNIS trap and remove squirrels from attics, garages, and outbuildings, but we identify and seal off entry points. Regular professional pest control service maintains the protective barrier around your home so squirrels can’t enter it again.

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Raccoon Infiltrations

Emphatically, it is important to get professional pest control service when raccoons infiltrate your home. Not just noisy and destructive, raccoons are aggressive when defending their young. Consequently, when they gain access to your home, it’s important to trap and remove them ASAP.

As a pest control company in Castle Rock, OMNIS is ready to rid your home of raccoons. In addition, we relocate litters of kits and seal off points of entry. That way, mother raccoons can resume care of their babies outside, where they belong.

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Professional Pest Control Service for Business Owners

As local business owners, OMNIS understands the importance of a pest-free commercial property. Whether you own a restaurant, healthcare facility, housing complex, or retail store, we provide pest control service that is safe and reliable. Indeed, quarterly pest control benefits any business operation in the Castle Rock area. This precaution is a means to protect your profits, maintain your reputation, and keep staff safe.

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Mice Control

Undoubtedly, mice cannot be tolerated in a place of business. Regular mouse control service is critical for any business owner who wants to maintain a hygienic workspace. Let OMNIS help you. Our technician will:

  • Identify the type of mouse on the property
  • Locate nests and hiding places
  • Create a mouse control plan
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Rat Elimination

Rats are a serious problem for any commercial enterprise. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the integrity of your property through regular pest control. If you have a current rat problem, OMNIS has the experience, tools, and techniques to rid these rodents of your place of business. Furthermore, we create prevention strategies so rats can’t disturb your company again.

Soon, your rat problem becomes a thing of the past, and your business can operate in the healthy, profitable way you intend.

ants under floor board OMNIS Pest Control provides professional treatments

Professional Pest Control for Ant Invasions

The most common pest in Colorado, ants are enemies of area business owners. As a result, OMNIS has lots of experience with all the varieties of local ants. We know to experience the ant that is dangerous to your professional space. Furthermore, we have the tools to fix the problem. With regular professional pest control service, ants won’t invade your business, which allows you to enjoy your meals in peace.

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The Importance of Regular Pest Control Service

The key to pest-free peace of mind is regular professional pest control service. When the weather is warm, pests are most active. They build nests and hives that often encroach on human territory. Furthermore, wildlife like raccoons, rats, and mice make their presence known as they breed and feed near human habitation. When this happens, property owners enlist the aid of a professional pest control service.

Equally important to pest control service during warm weather is continued treatment during winter months. Although many animals and insects are inactive when it’s cold, your home needs continued service to stay pest-free. For instance, year-round professional pest control creates a protective barrier that insects cannot cross when spring arrives. Similarly, seasonal adjustments to rodent control keep away rats and mice that seek shelter during winter months.

The Peace of Mind from Professional Pest Control

Whether you have a home or business professional pest control is a must in the Castle Rock area. At OMNIS, we go above and beyond to keep your home and business pest-free. As a local business operation, we know how to deal with the local species of pests that plague our community. Call us for your professional pest control needs—we are here for you.