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Castle Rock Wildlife Control

Castle Rock is home to a wide variety of wildlife in all different shapes, sizes, and species. The vast, flourishing ecosystem life is what makes living in Castle Rock so unique and such a fantastic experience. However, just as there are so many different life forms of wildlife in Castle Rock, so is the destruction. That is why having a professional Castle Rock Wildlife Control service is vital to maintain your home.

When left to their own devices, wildlife will develop creative ways to find their way inside your home. After they gain access to your home, they will begin to construct nests and claim residence inside your home. Wildlife activity will lead to the spread of diseases they carry, destruction of the house, and an overall uncomfortable home.

What is Wildlife Control Castle Rock?

Wildlife spans across the whole town of Castle Rock which is why professional Castle Rock Wildlife Control services are essential. A professional wildlife control service consists of trained professionals that understand what it takes to stop and prevent wildlife activity. In addition, they know how to remove current activity safely and humanely while preventing future activity.

 Your wildlife control team will show you the signs of activity around your home, leaving you educated and more prepared. Depending on the type of critter, the wildlife may gain access through a variety of ways. Having a wildlife control team is handy to help answer those questions and protect you and your home.

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Bird Problems

Birds are everywhere, and being able to fly only plays to our disadvantage when trying to protect our homes. They commonly establish their nests in high-resting spots like attics, eves, or window sills. In addition, birds carry different diseases, such as histoplasmosis, a fungal disease transmitted through bird droppings.

When building their nests, birds damage the home by forcing entry into any available hole. Then, they will move their way in and establish a safe location for the nests while leaving their droppings everywhere.

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Rat Infestations

Rats are by far one of the most common Castle Rock wildlife home invaders, far above the list. They will gain entry through anywhere that is large enough for them to squeeze in their heads. Rats typically only need a gap to be a few inches to gain access to the home. Once inside, they begin causing mass destruction inside the house to build their nests and live their lives.

Rats carry a plethora of diseases like the plague and have no problem spreading it to us. They urinate and leave their droppings everywhere as they walk and even use them as a form of communication. Chewing on wires and tearing up insulation are just a few issues rats cause once they are in the house. A Castle Rock wildlife control program will ensure rats stay far away to save you money and the creeps.

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Sneaky Squirrels

Unlike rats, you may not realize that squirrels are in your home until they are well-established. They can typically be found nesting in the attic, basement, or crawlspace, depending on what is most accessible. Signs of squirrels are most commonly confused with rat activity because of the similar infestation traits. Knowing the proper use of squirrel repellers helps keep them away.

When it comes to understanding the difference between squirrel and rat activity, look for different dropping sizes and activities. It is important to remember that rats are nocturnal, so they are more active at night rather than squirrels. Squirrels also tend to bound when they move, unlike rats that instead leave tail drag marks.

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Messy and Mean Raccoons

If you think raccoons are destructive enough in your garbage, can you imagine what they will do in your home? Raccoons are one of the last critters you want to live in your home for many reasons. However, one of the most important reasons for raccoon prevention is your and your family’s safety. They are typically hyper-aggressive and will attack if they feel in danger, even if by accident.

Signs of raccoons are noticeable outside the home because they are notorious for getting into garbage. After sorting through the trash, they will leave the scene a mess. They will also leave scratch marks everywhere from their sharp claws, which is another strong indicator of local residency. Castle Rock wildlife control service will find the hands of raccoons to prevent them from having a chance inside the home.

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Scary Snakes

Slithering and stealthy, snakes are a severe danger and concern to have around the home. In addition, many snakes have natural looks that help them blend in with their environment, making them difficult to spot. However, the first glance of snake activity in a yard is causing to find OMNIS Pest Control for Castle Rock wildlife control services.

Depending on the species, snakes carry deadly amounts of venom and pose a severe threat to your family. You want to ensure that all the snakes in and around your Castle Rock home are gone for sure. A snake-free yard will allow you to return to enjoying your yard with peace of mind.

Wildlife Prevention Tips

Stopping activity before it occurs will save you time and money from contacting a Castle Rock wildlife control service. Follow some of the tips below to prevent wildlife activity from entering your home.

  • Install door sweeps and ensure quality weather stripping on all outside doors
  • Repair all broken screens and reinforce if needed
  • Ensure all crawlspace and attic vents are strong and have no gaps
  • Cover exterior fan vents
  • Trim trees and shrubs away from the home
  • Remove excess moisture in the yard
  • Make sure trash cans are away from home and secured
  • Remove fruit trees. If you want to keep fruit trees, make sure to harvest them frequently. Do not allow the fruit to pile on the ground.
  • Cover garden with netting to prevent wildlife from eating
  • Do not leave pet bowls outdoors
  • Remember that general insect activity around the home will draw wildlife towards the house.

Contact OMNIS Pest Control

When you begin to suspect activity, the best thing you can do is find professional Castle Rock wildlife control services. Let OMNIS Pest Control be your go-to for all things wildlife control to protect your home and yard. Our wildlife control services will control various wildlife, leaving you with peace of mind around your home.

When you contact OMNIS Pest Control to handle your wildlife activity, you call upon the best in the industry. We will find the source of your problems, remove them, and prevent the wildlife from returning. Our technicians remove wildlife with ethics in mind, ensuring nature receives the best treatment just like you. Contact OMNIS Pest Control today to see how we will help you get back to enjoying your home!