Colorado Springs Wildlife Control

Colorado Springs is the second-largest city in Colorado. It boasts beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife. Visitors come from far away to share in the breathtaking nature Colorado Springs has to offer. However, living with wildlife in Colorado Springs has its own difficulties. Residents know the destruction wildlife causes when it enters their home. Not to mention the frustration homeowners feel when battling wildlife intruders. When left unaddressed, wildlife threatens the health and safety of residents and their homes. This makes Colorado Springs wildlife control crucial. 

Why Colorado Springs Wildlife Control Is Important

Colorado Springs wildlife control is an essential part of living in Colorado Springs. When encountering wildlife in yards and homes there is a higher risk of illness and injury. Much of the wildlife present in Colorado Springs can carry disease and parasites. Often these are transmittable to people and pets. Also, because these animals are wild, interactions can lead to injury. Additionally, homes sustain damage when wildlife moves in. Relying on Colorado Springs wildlife control professionals is the best option for homeowners and wildlife to remain safe. 

moving squirrel by cage

The Importance of Professional Help for Colorado Springs wildlife control

Colorado Springs wildlife control professionals will quickly spot the signs of wildlife in and around your home. This allows them to offer comprehensive management options. Because wildlife control professionals are experts in handling wildlife, homeowners will be safe from threat or injury. After removing wildlife, Colorado Springs wildlife control professionals clean the waste and debris left behind, eliminating the risk of disease and parasites. Next, wildlife control professionals work with homeowners on prevention. Finally, they set up future monitoring and management practices. At all times, your Colorado Springs wildlife control experts provide you with the information and education to fully understand the issues and processes.

DIY Colorado Springs Wildlife Control

There are many things homeowners can do themselves to help with wildlife control. A few examples are securely covering windows and chimneys and sealing around pipes. Also, remove branches and brush to eliminate access to your roof and attic. Basements and crawlspaces are other entry points for wildlife. Seal cracks and holes to prevent pest and wildlife entry.

However, these steps are often not enough to prevent wildlife encounters. When simple DIY steps do not keep wildlife from entering your home, professionals in wildlife control are the best option. Like the professionals at OMNIS Pest Control, calling Colorado Springs wildlife control experts means you have a knowledgeable team to perform an inspection, assess your options, and leave you free of wildlife invaders.

Common Wildlife in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs wildlife is a beautiful and necessary part of the ecosystem. Not all wildlife is a nuisance. However, when wildlife makes its way into our homes and yards they create problems and cause destruction, making wildlife control necessary. A few of the most common wildlife critters encountered by Colorado Springs residents are skunks, raccoons, rodents, and snakes.

skunk family living around house

Smelly Skunks

Skunks are unpleasant animals to encounter unexpectedly. In addition to the usual wildlife control risks of disease and injury, skunks have the added defense of their stinky spray. A skunk can spray up to 10 feet with a very accurate aim when they feel threatened. Unfortunately, the smell can linger for months. OMNIS experts in Colorado Springs wildlife control can safely remove skunks from your homes and garages and put preventive measures in place to decrease the likelihood of an unexpected skunk encounter.

Raucous Raccoons

Raccoons pose definite problems for homeowners in Colorado Springs. These large animals generally travel and live in groups. With their size and aggressive nature, they are difficult and dangerous to remove once they have taken up residence in your home. In addition, they cause significant property damage. Colorado Springs wildlife control experts are a must when dealing with raccoon removal. Raccoons are notorious for turning over trash bins and scattering debris in their scavenging. Once they are in your home, they will tear up walls and insulation, leaving a trail of refuse and debris in their wake.

large raccoon wont leave backyard
chipmunk in the wild

Rampant Rodents

Colorado Springs is home to many varieties of rodents. The most common rodents that create headaches for Colorado Springs’s residents are mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks. Like many other wildlife species, they enter our homes looking for food and shelter. Because of their small sizes, they can fit into unseen and unguarded cracks and crevices and take up residence. They cause significant damage to homes and threaten to bring disease to our doorstep. Including the plague, which they can pass on to cats, dogs, and humans. Detailed here at El Paso, Co Public Health’s facts about the plague.

Stealthy Snakes

Colorado is home to 29 species of snake. Encounters with snakes generally prompt strong emotions among people. While they play an important part in the Colorado Springs wildlife ecosystem, they pose risks to people and pets. The western rattlesnake is the most common venomous snake found in Colorado Springs. These snakes will strike when cornered or threatened. Contact Colorado Springs wildlife control experts immediately if a rattlesnake is present in your home or property for safe snake relocation and nest removal. Learn more about the snakes of Colorado.

rattlesnake living in wild too close to house
OMNIS Colorado Springs Wildlife Control

Colorado Springs wildlife control With OMNIS Pest Control

A leading and trusted Colorado Springs wildlife control partner since 2013, OMNIS Pest Control is your go-to for all wildlife control problems. Their knowledgeable staff has assisted Colorado Springs residences with friendly and reliable customer service, professional technicians, and client education.

Your OMNIS Pest Control experience begins with a free assessment. Our dedicated professionals will locate current and potential wildlife control and pest problems. Upon pinpointing wildlife control issues, their devoted staff creates a comprehensive plan to remove the wildlife carefully. They will then clean and repair the damage and begin maintenance and prevention protocols.

Visit the OMNIS Pest Control pest library for more information about wildlife and pests in the Colorado Springs area. Contact your trusted Colorado Springs wildlife control experts at OMNIS Pest Control today to begin your free assessment.