Critter Removal Services

Critter removal services in the Castle Rock area of Colorado are critical. However, the beautiful natural vistas enjoyed by our community come at a price. Often, homeowners get frustrated by the costs and frustrations associated with pest infestation. To that end, OMNIS Pest Control recommends regular pest control services for every property owner in the area.

Effective, Safe, and Proactive Critter Removal and Prevention

Whether you have an active squirrel infestation or want to keep mosquitos at bay, regular pest control service helps. Without a doubt, our professional pest control services at OMNIS have the experience, technology, and inside track to keep insects and wildlife out of your home. Using simple methods like spraying for mosquitos and providing mesh screen installation to seal points of entry to your property, regular pest control service pays off.

gopher hole to set trap next to

Of course, many homeowners prefer to handle the problem of pest removal themselves. Consequently, OMNIS has a host of DIY pest control tips. Keep in mind, however, that the state of Colorado protects several species of animals, like bats. Therefore, if you want to remove bats or other protected species safely and legally from your home, it’s beneficial to know the laws for doing so.

Clearly, if you want to remove pests quickly, legally, humanely, and effectively, it’s wise to call our expert critter removal service at OMNIS. Pro pest removal services take the following steps to eliminate the problem quickly and effectively:

  • Correctly identify the species of invader
  • Locate points of entry
  • Pinpoint areas of temptation for particular pests
  • Eliminate or capture pests
  • Humanely relocate trapped wildlife
  • Implement preventative measures to inhibit future infestations
  • Provide regular, ongoing pest control service

Common Critical Removal Challenges in Colorado

As a locally owned and operated pest control service, OMNIS has intimate knowledge of local infestation problems. Not only are we familiar with the species of pests that invade local properties, we know their habits. This expertise is critical to rid your home or business of invaders, whether insects or wildlife. Unlike so many national chains, we understand that a vole is not a mole, not to mention which snakes are protected by the state of Colorado. All this familiarity contributes to a pest control service that is reliable, authoritative, and effective.

OMNIS Pest Control removes sparrow nests from your house

Humane Bird Removal Services

Because Colorado is home to nearly 500 species, birds often pose problems for homeowners. Undeniably beautiful, birds also cause property damage, make lots of noise, and transmit disease. Consequently, regular pest control service is a wise investment for anyone who owns a home or business in the Castle Rock area.

A professional pest control company like OMNIS can help with the following:

  • Nest removal
  • Property damage
  • Roosting colonies

Once we identify the bird species that creates the problem, removing and deterring that critter from your property becomes much more manageable. Significantly, effective critter removal comes down to consistent, targeted service from a professional pest control service.

gopher destroying lawn

Critter Removal Services for Underground Pests

In the Castle Rock area of Colorado, voles, rats, and gophers wreak underground havoc with lawns. Removing these critters from a property helps to take consistent prevention measures. These steps include:

  • Build exclusion fences
  • Install metal barriers around plants, bushes, and trees
  • Use traps and cages

Overall, pests burrow underground require regular treatment from a professional pest control service. As experts in local critter removal, OMNIS is ready to tackle the damage that voles, gophers, and rats inflict on your property.

Cutting-Edge Critter Removal Services

As pest control professionals, all the technicians at OMNIS receive the latest strategies to identify, eliminate, protect, and prevent critter infestations. Consequently, property owners who use our service get pest-free peace of mind. In addition, our expertise protects you from:

  • Improper chemical usage
  • Ignorance about local pests 
  • Dirty work involved with pest prevention, animal removal, and waste cleanup

Without doubt, an investment in a professional pest control service is well worth the comfort it brings. Because as we see from future customers who call us to cope with infestations, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of trouble.

We Remove Squirrels from the Property, Too

Since squirrels are very clever, they know how to enter your property through the smallest spaces. Once they invade your attic, garage, or barn, you have a real problem on your hands. Not only do these critters make plenty of noise, but they also make a big mess and are rather destructive. The sooner you remove squirrels from your home, the safer you will be.

At OMNIS, we know the best ways to trap and relocate squirrels. Not only that, but we barricade your home from future infestations. Of course, it takes time and expertise to trap these critters humanely and effectively. Call us today for help with these critters—we know how to handle them.

keep squirrels away before they get inside with critter prevention
remove mosquitos from your yard with OMNIS Pest Control seasonal treatment

Critter Removal Includes Mosquito Control

One of the most annoying pests in the Castle Rock area of Colorado is the dreaded mosquito. These swarms of bloodsuckers make outdoor life miserable for so many property owners. As a result, we became experts in how mosquitoes breed, feed, and multiply. Thanks to our intimate knowledge of this critter’s behavior, we know the best ways to wipe out mosquito infestations with premium pest control products.

Dangerous Critters That Plague the Castle Rock Community

While it may be true that many local pests are mere nuisances, a few are pretty dangerous. For example, venomous snakes, deadly hornets, and disease-laden mosquitoes can cause health problems for you, your family, and your pets. Consequently, it’s wise to call  OMNIS to remove such critters from your premises.

When you hire our expert technicians who have training in the latest pest control techniques, you protect your home and family from danger. Not only that, you are safe from future infestations that can quickly escalate into expensive problems. We’ve seen it before, and we’ve seen it again—customers with regular pest control services save themselves from both hassle and unwanted costs.

OMNIS pest control critter removal

Critter Removal Services by OMNIS

With all its natural beauty, critters flourish throughout the Castle Rock region. And while we appreciate the diversity these creatures bring to our community, we don’t want to share our indoor spaces with them. That’s where OMNIS Pest Control can help. Our mission is to bring pest-free peace of mind to neighbors through humane and effective critter control techniques. Call us today for help.