Humane Wildlife Control

People from across the country travel to Colorado to experience nature in all its glory. However, if you live here, you know that the wildlife in this area can cause significant problems. No one wants the property damage and health risks that so often come with wildlife pests. Yet, most Colorado residents have an environmentally conscious mindset. We never want to cause unnecessary suffering to living creatures, whether we like them or not. Fortunately, OMNIS Pest Control offers humane wildlife control methods to satisfy both your conscience and your need for pest removal.

Wildlife Prevention

Exclusion provides one humane wildlife control method that helps prevent pests from entering your home. However, you can use many other prevention techniques to discourage pests from entering.

Denying the pests access to food and water helps significantly. Keeping your home clean and water off the floor prevents critters from finding the food and water they need to survive. In addition, using natural substances, such as certain herbs, may repel some types of wildlife. Consider any safe way to make your home more inhospitable to pests.

The Humane Society International’s “Humane Rodent Solutions” recommends the following methods to prevent rats and mice from entering your home. The same idea applies to different types of wildlife pests.

  • Keep crumbs picked up under the toaster and anywhere they might fall.
  • Store food in sealed metal or glass containers on the counter, fridge, or freezer.
  • Put dry pet food in sealed containers and clean up any food not eaten within a reasonable time.
  • Place cotton balls soaked in peppermint, eucalyptus, or spearmint oil in any spaces where rodents might enter.
  • Avoid feeding birds in your garden.
  • Keep grass short, and shrubs adequately thinned.
  • Grow mint or citronella plants outside of your home.

Humane Trapping

Humane trapping includes two different methods. In the first, we accomplish safe wildlife control with live trapping and relocation. This humane wildlife control method requires skill, patience, and suitable traps for each kind of pest.

In the second method, we use traps that cause a quick death to reduce suffering drastically. For example, a well-designed snap trap can kill a rat instantly. In contrast to the weeks of pain caused by the anticoagulant rat poisons, this method is much more humane.

Hand Removal

In some cases, wildlife pests need to be removed by hand. However, this method of humane wildlife control comes with significant danger if you do not have the experience or tools required to do it safely. At OMNIS, we provide hands-on snake removal to protect the animal even as we keep you and your family safe from harm.

holding bullsnake humane removal
raccoon removal in humane trap

Relocating Wildlife

Relocating wildlife may seem like the perfect solution to your pest problems. After all, the animal does not die; you put it in a location that will not bother you anymore. However, moving a possibly dangerous animal can be difficult and risky.

You also need to know the Nuisance Wildlife Laws in Colorado to know what animals you can legally release into the wild. In some cases, you need a special Relocation Permit.

Usually, safe and proper relocation requires a humane wildlife control specialist, such as our team at OMNIS Pest Control. With the appropriate knowledge, tools, and techniques, our pest control agents can relocate the pests without harming them or endangering anyone or anything else.

Exclusion Methods

An exclusion means keeping wildlife out of your property. We recommend several exclusion methods as the most humane way of dealing with rodents. Try these methods yourself or get help from OMNIS to create a comprehensive pest exclusion plan.

  • Block access points with wire wool, mesh, or sealant.
  • Use mesh or screens to cover any vents.
  • Seal gaps around doors, windows, and pipes.
  • Repair cracks in foundations using concrete or mortar.

Problems with DIY Humane Wildlife Control

Sometimes, you can manage wildlife pest control on your own using safe trapping methods and natural pest deterrents. Unfortunately, DIY wildlife pest control often comes with a variety of problems.

For one, self-help wildlife control often involves risk to your safety. For example, a wild animal may bite, claw, or attack you during the capture process. For instance, a rodent caught in a live trap may urinate, increasing the risk of spreading the disease. In addition, specific pest control procedures can create new hazards.

Finally, do-it-yourself pest management methods often fail to solve the problem. Some methods do not do a thorough enough job, while others prove altogether ineffective. Unless you have the necessary training, experience, and tools, all your hard work could go to waste.

OMNIS – Your Humane Wildlife Control Specialists

All the pest control agents at OMNIS have humanely training in dealing with wildlife pests. We are well-acquainted with the specific types of wildlife that live in Castle Rock and the surrounding areas of Colorado. The most common wildlife pests we eliminate include rodents, bats, birds, and snakes, such as:

Beyond our specialized pest knowledge, we know the best methods to humanely eliminate these creatures from your home. For example, we have the most effective humane traps, along with experts trained to trap and capture wild animals safely. Plus, we know how, where, and when to legally relocate animal pests back into the wild.

In short, at OMNIS, our humane wildlife control specialists have everything you need to keep your Colorado property free of wildlife pests.