Larkspur Wildlife Control

Wild animals have the potential to damage your property, spread disease, create noises that disturb your daily life, and destroy your peace of mind. Luckily, our Larkspur wildlife control services are available to remove wild animals quickly and limit the wildlife population around your home or business.

OMNIS Pest Control offers various services to remedy active wildlife around your property and help protect your residence from future invaders. If you’re concerned about the wildlife population around your home or business, reach out to the professional wildlife control experts at OMNIS.

OMNIS Will Stop Animals in their Tracks

OMNIS will identify any animal intruders, decide on the most effective way to remove them, and customize a plan to keep animals from coming back. Our Larkspur wildlife pest control services cover many common pests, including:


While bats are a protected species in Colorado, they still pose several human threats. Bats can spread disease and bite, leading to uncomfortable treatment or even fatalities. If you notice bats around your property, the safest solution is to call OMNIS for professional wildlife removal.

wildlife control for bats inside house safely remove


You might not expect to find a squirrel within your home. Nonetheless, you might discover squirrels have made their way inside. While these creatures seem like friendly visitors, squirrels can spread disease, cause noisy disruptions, and leave behind a mess. In addition, since they can climb buildings and trees, squirrels can enter homes through unexpected places while searching for food. 

squirrel trying to get inside the house


Raccoons are intelligent and sneaky creatures and excellent scavengers. Raccoons will make a great effort to get to any food lying in or around your home or business. Trash bins commonly attract these animals, and they can make their way inside, causing damage to your property in the process. 

angry mother raccoon scaring homeowners away from backyard


Rats can enter buildings through small holes measuring 1/2-inch tall by 3/4-inch wide. Rats might travel indoors through dryer vents, chimneys, garage doors, door thresholds, and space between where water lines, pipes, or electrical lines come into your house. Rodents are known for spreading disease and gnawing through many different building materials, leaving damage in their wake. And they are often drawn in by wild bird food.

attracting rats with a birdfeeder


Voles are curious creatures that dig runways along the surface of yeards, often destroying lawns and gardens. Their digging can quickly damage your grass and other plants. Once voles populate your yard, they can be challenging to track, catch and control. The best way to manage a vole problem is by contacting wildlife control experts such as OMNIS Pest Control. 

a colony of voles in grass

Wildlife Hotspots Around Your Home

Wild animals can find an entry into various areas of your home. If you think you may have a wildlife problem, you can check the following areas of your house for signs of animal activity: 

  • Attics
  • Roofs
  • Vents
  • Wall interiors
  • Grates & pipe openings
  • Garages

If you find any evidence of animals throughout your home, make sure you call the experts at OMNIS Pest Control today for an inspection. 

A house showing with orange spots entry points pests enter the home.

OMNIS Wildlife Control Process

Thorough Inspection

Our specialists will identify animal intruders and find their entry points with a thorough inspection of your home or business. A certified pest control specialist will come to your property and perform a detailed assessment when you schedule your inspection. Our team looks for risk factors and identifies any evidence of wildlife living in or around your residence. Our specialists will note any animal activity, take photos, and evaluate any risks for animal entry. After the inspection, the specialist will inform you of the results and provide recommendations to solve any discovered problems. Then, you have the option to begin a wildlife control strategy with the assistance of the professionals at OMNIS.

Wildlife Removal

Once our specialists identify active wildlife with an inspection, we will implement the best wildlife removal strategy for your property. Our team will select the plan based on the type of wild animals present in or around your home or business. So whether you need residential pest control or commercial pest control, trust the pros at OMNIS to deliver the results you need and keep your property pest-free.

Wildlife Remediation

Wild animals can threaten your family’s safety and cause substantial damage to your property. Along with removing these animals, we remove any evidence they may have left behind. Our team will repair holes in walls or insulation, remove any animal waste, and, if needed, replace any insulation that has been chewed through by wild animals.

Continued Maintenance

After our team removes wildlife or pests from your home, an ongoing wildlife control strategy will keep them from coming back. Regular inspections and monitoring from OMNIS Pest Control will ensure that the treatment plan continues to work as long as you keep your plan.

professional safe trap for squirrels release back in wild in Larkspur

Why Choose OMNIS for Larkspur Wildlife Pest Control

OMNIS uses high-tech methods and tried and true techniques for effective pest and wildlife management. Contact OMNIS Pest Control for all of your Larkspur wildlife control needs.

house inspection

Free Inspection

If you think you may have wildlife in or around your home, an inspection will help you get the answers you need. Call OMNIS Pest Control for your free inspection so you quickly have the information you need to ensure the safety of your property and family. 

friendly caterpillar just like our customer service

Friendly Customer Service

Our team of representatives puts your needs first. Our local company understands your needs because we live here in Colorado. We do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with every aspect of our service. If you have any questions, please call us today at 720-583-4126.

pest treatment

Ongoing Maintenance

Our Larkspur wildlife control solutions are comprehensive. For example, suppose wild animals make themselves at home in or around your property. In that case, we will quickly remove them and repair any damage they have created. 

dustpan icon keep clean to prevent pests

Repair Wildlife Damage

At OMNIS, we like to keep your pest problems in the past. After ending an infestation or wildlife issue, we take it a step further and repair any damage caused by unwanted pests and wild animals. Our team will remove animal waste and clean the areas where pests were active. Our specialists will also replace insulation that animals have chewed through if needed. 

Put Your Pest Problems in the Past with OMNIS

Let OMNIS Pest Control put your pest problems in the past! Our team of Larkspur wildlife control specialists has the solutions to remedy your wildlife problems or concerns. Call us today at 720-583-4126 to schedule your inspection!

If you have any questions or want to know more about our services, please call us or reach out to us using the form on our contact page. We are more than happy to answer your questions and let you know how we can help!