Parker Wildlife Control

Parker, Colorado, offers acres upon acres of beautiful parklands, open spaces, mountain views, and an abundance of wildlife. However, if you live in Parker, you know that wild animals can bring damage, frustration, and even health hazards into your home. In Parker, wildlife control requires special attention and expertise. Fortunately, you can trust OMNIS for professional wildlife pest control to keep your home free of unwanted animals.

The Best Solution to Nuisance Wildlife

What should you do when unwanted animal visitors invade your home? Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Living with Wildlife page suggests that you should contact a pest control company if you cannot resolve wildlife nuisances yourself.

Yet, not all pest control companies provide the same high-quality services you can find at OMNIS. Our pest control professionals have all the training and experience needed to eliminate wild animals from your property safely. Beyond that, as a locally-based organization, we have more specialized knowledge of Parker wildlife control than national companies.

Types of Wildlife Pests in Parker

The most common types of wildlife that present a nuisance in Parker include rodents, birds, and snakes.

mouse in birdfeeder wildlife control in Parker CO


Rodents can chew up your belongings, damage your home, spread disease, or even bite you or your child. The Colorado State Publications Blog, Colorado’s Small Mammals, Part 1: Rodents lists the following rodents that live in the state.

  • Beaver
  • Mice and rats
  • Pocket gopher
  • Porcupine
  • Prairie dogs
  • Squirrels and chipmunks
  • Yellow-bellied marmot
  • Voles
angry raccoon in backyard
Other Mammal Pests

Nearly any type of wild animal can cause a nuisance. For example, gophers can tear up your lawn, and raccoons raid garbage cans and scatter the remains. Another mammal, the bat, can carry disease, and all three of these animals can damage property. At OMNIS, we deal with this type of pest animal using safe, effective techniques.

bird in nest around garage Parker wildlife removal


Birds also spread disease, and they can damage buildings too. Aside from their destructive habits, birds create an unsightly mess with their droppings and scattered nest-building materials. Some of the most common nuisance birds in Colorado include larks, sparrows, and robins. You may not want to kill these birds, but you probably do not want them living in your home!

garter snakes wildlife control for Parker CO


Snakes can bite you, your child, or your pet. They come into Parker homes looking for food, shelter, and a cool, damp hiding place. Although snakes often do eat other pests, they can be dangerous and just plain scary. OMNIS Parker wildlife control includes getting rid of snakes such as rattlesnakes, bull-snakes, and even garter snakes.

Finding and Identifying Unwanted Animals

As the first step in Parker wildlife control, OMNIS pest control agents take time to listen to you. First, we discover the signs of unwanted pests you have seen, heard, or otherwise noticed. Then, we check your property where the wildlife may be hiding, such as the roof, attic, garage, vents, and walls.

Once we find wildlife pests, our agents identify the exact variety of birds, rodents, or snakes. Because our team has extensive training and experience in Parker wildlife control, we can quickly recognize any pest. From there, we create a plan to eliminate the problems and keep them out for good.

OMNIS Wildlife Control Methods

It makes sense to talk to a professional pest control company whenever you can’t quickly get rid of wildlife pests. At OMNIS, we use proven pest control methods combined with cutting-edge technology to solve the problem. In many cases, the answer to unwanted wildlife is either trapping or exclusion, and possibly both. These environmentally friendly pest control methods protect you without endangering the wildlife population.


If you aim to get rid of unwanted wildlife in the most humane way, traps offer one of the best solutions. At OMNIS, we choose the best wildlife traps, determine the ideal spots to set them, and monitor them. In addition, we relocate endangered or threatened species away from your home after we trap them. However, when dealing with dangerous and non-threatened species like rats and rat control, we use traps that eliminate them.


No matter what methods we use to get the wildlife off your property, we also ensure the pests don’t come back. Exclusion provides the best means of keeping unwanted wildlife out of your home. Depending on the type of pest, we may use netting or set up other kinds of barriers. In addition, exclusion can mean ensuring that all windows and doors close tightly. We can also suggest ways to prevent animals from accessing your home. For example, we might suggest cutting branches that squirrels use to climb onto your roof.

Fixing the Damage

Parker wildlife control does not end with getting rid of pests. It even goes beyond prevention. After the wildlife is gone, you might still need to repair the damage they left. At OMNIS, we clean up the debris from a wildlife infestation. Beyond that, we can even do some repair work, such as replacing insulation or repairing holes.

OMNIS – The Total Wildlife Control Package

For Parker wildlife control, you can count on, choose the OMNIS team of pest control professionals every time. We take care of every facet of wildlife control, from identification to elimination to prevention. With our pest control agents on the scene, you can get unwanted wildlife out and keep it away for the long term. Call us today to learn more about how OMNIS can help you solve your wildlife pest problem.