Preventative Wildlife Control

Preventative wildlife control is one of our specialties at OMNIS. Any homeowner who lives in the Colorado Springs area knows one of the greatest attractions is the beautiful natural landscape. As a locally owned pest control company, we commit to making our neighbors’ homes healthy, happy, and free of invasive wildlife. Consequently, we are here for you if you need to rid your home of raccoons, bats, snakes, or any other form of wildlife.

Preventative Wildlife Control for the Colorado Springs Community

Founded in 2013, OMNIS Pest Control has its headquarters in Castle Rock, Colorado. Because we are local, we understand the unique needs of our customers, who are also our neighbors. Certainly, we are familiar with the local wildlife that wreaks havoc on homes and businesses. Moreover, we not only rid properties of pests but also practice preventative wildlife control that protects your investment.

If you visit this page, there’s a chance you need help with wildlife control. As long as you live in one of our service areas, we are happy to keep your property free of pests. The areas we serve include:

By all means, call us for help to prevent local wildlife from invading your property. You can have a pest-free home with regular service visits from OMNIS.

OMNIS provides pest control services for Douglas County

Humane Treatment of Wildlife Invaders

At OMNIS, we use preventative wildlife control methods that are as humane as possible. That is to say, we use safe-capture methods for invasive animals that populate the local area. Emphatically, if your home gets invaded by protected species like bats or non-venomous snakes, it’s important to call OMNIS. We know how to trap and relocate these invaders legally, effectively, and humanely.
OMNIS Practices Preventative Wildlife Control for Many Species

Whether your home is vulnerable to rodents, furry mammals, birds, or snakes, OMNIS prevents wildlife from residing on your property. Here are some ways we keep properties safe from various forms of wildlife:

prevent mice in your house with OMNIS ongoing inspections

Seal narrow openings

Rats and mice can enter small spaces that aren’t visible to untrained eyes. Our pest control professionals know where to look for entry points, sealing them off to disease-laden rats and mice.

fruit-tree attracts wildlife

Prune trees and vegetation

Squirrels are incredibly acrobatic. Consequently, they can leap from nearby trees and bushes into hidden cracks and crannies on the roof. Since we know their habits, we cut off pathways to stop squirrels in their tracks.


Cover vents with chicken wire

Raccoons like to take up residence in attics. As a result, regular preventative wildlife control service visits may involve covering vents with chicken wire to keep out these invasive bandits.

Professional Pest Control for Effective, Sustained Results

Many species of wildlife that plague area homes in the Colorado Springs area. With this in mind, it’s important to have regular pest control services to keep your property free from invaders. Our service visits involve these key components to maintain a household that is clean and free from wildlife:

Detailed inspection

A certified pest control specialist thoroughly examines your home when you book service with OMNIS. First, we evaluate your property for potential problems, like entry points, food sources, and hiding places for wildlife.

Critter Management

The OMNIS pest control professional identifies the wildlife in and around your home. Then, a plan to trap and exclude these pests from your home. Additionally, we implement methods to keep future wildlife at bay.


Your pest control specialist removes animal waste and replaces insulation chewed through by wildlife.


A prevention plan gets implemented, which stops future wildlife infestations.

OMNIS has preventives against squirrels on roof coming into house
OMNIS Pest Control sets up live capture trap for wildlife in attic

Live Captures Are Part of Preventative Wildlife Control

By all means, some wildlife control problems require live captures. For instance, if you have a raccoon that frequents your yard and won’t leave the premises, it’s a good idea to call a pest control company like OMNIS. Without delay, we can do a live capture, take the raccoon away, and release it to a remote area so it cannot return to your home.

Additionally, after we evict the raccoon from your premises, we safeguard your property to make it undesirable for future pests. To put it another way, the best form of preventative wildlife control is regular service from seasoned professionals.

The Benefits of Professional Preventative Wildlife Control

Of course, the decision to hire a professional pest control company is important for any homeowner in Colorado Springs. However, while it may be tempting to deal with wildlife infestations yourself, there are practical reasons not to take this approach. For instance, each of our technicians are certified by standards set by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Consequently, this training protects you and your family from improper chemical usage.

Secondly, we are a local company that understands the wildlife challenge of the Colorado Springs community. Since our technicians service 10-15 homes a day, we quickly and accurately identify the wildlife species that put your home at risk. In addition, we know exactly how to treat your infestation problems, taking the guesswork out of a serious problem.

So if you’re ready to maintain a pest-free home, call us. We’re here to practice preventative wildlife control for our neighbors.

The Safe Way to Practice Preventative Pest Control

Because we harness current technology to provide cutting-edge pest management solutions, you get peace of mind. Not only are our methods effective, they are also safe. Your family and pets are never subjected to dangerous poisons and traps. As a result, your property remains a pleasant place to live, work, and relax without the interference of destructive, dirty, and disease-laden wildlife.

Rest assured that, for most of our products, adults can stay in the house during pest control treatments. What’s more, it is safe for small children and pets to re-enter a space treated for pests as soon as 45 minutes afterward. Moreover, our rodent bait stations are constructed so dogs cannot access the bait. These safeguards are part of our mission to “restore and maintain pest-free peace of mind, one neighbor at a time.”