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Having the opportunity to live in such a beautiful state like Colorado often comes with a price to pay. A thriving environment means there are beings other than humans that exist, which means we need to pivot when one of these critters decides our home is theirs too. Like OMNIS Pest Control, professional wildlife control experts understand the best ways to manage a wildlife home invasion.

Take the correct steps to protect your home against wildlife such as rats, raccoons, squirrels, and even birds. These critters may not have any mal intent, but they are pretty harmful to a structure. For example, they can tear up wires and insulation without regard to you or your home.

These damages can begin to add up, and sometimes they may go unnoticed for years on end. In addition, ongoing wildlife presence is an issue. Instead of a thriving environment on the outside, your crawl space is now a comforting concrete forest while your new tenants pay no rent.

Health and Safety Concerns

The utmost priority of any home or business owner is anyone’s health and safety on their property. Maintaining healthy and safe working or living conditions is vital to ensure that your family or employees feel treated fairly and comfortable under your roof.

Wildlife running freely around the property reflects a poorly kept business or home outside, no matter what the inside offers. Therefore, ensuring that anyone who walks onto your property does not encounter a curious rodent or angry raccoon is essential.

Not only can unwanted wildlife keep people away, but many of them carry diseases that are easily transmittable to humans. Taking the extra steps to secure the grounds from diseased critters can differentiate between a broken home or business and happy patrons and visitors.

The spread of disease is not something you want to be responsible for if anything happens on your property. Hiring professional wildlife control experts will help stay up to date on preventative wildlife control and stop it from ever being a possibility.

Common Wildlife Found Around Your Home

There are quite a few different types of wildlife that roam the Colorado hills. However, understanding some of the basics will help you better identify issues. Then, help OMNIS’s professional wildlife control experts find quick and effective solutions.

Here is a list of some common types of wildlife you might find running around in your backyard or business.


The notorious rat is almost anywhere, whether it be your home or business; they do not mind either way. These intelligent rodents are famous for eating all your garbage scraps and anything else they find. Additionally, they are known for leaving urine and droppings everywhere and carrying a variety of diseases. Rats are one of the most common critters that professional wildlife control experts encounter.


Known for their mischievous ways, raccoons can be almost more of an immediate danger because they can be pretty hostile towards humans. They will scavenge through your trash bins and leave a mess like it is their signature. They may also find somewhere to live inside the property, leading to a lot more damage.


Do not let their innocent looks fool you; squirrels will tear up a garden, eat whatever they please, and even invade your home. Much like rats, they will chew up wires and leave their droppings everywhere. Squirrel pest control is essential if they’re trying to get into your house.


Gophers may not cause as much damage to a building, but they will destroy lawns and gardens. Colorado offers such beautiful weather that growing a garden is entirely possible, except when gophers are around. In no time at all, they will build a tunnel system under lawns and gardens to only start eating all the vegetation around. They will chew and claw their way through any wiring underground, which can be costly damages to irrigation.

Humane Removal

Part of OMNIS’s promise to the environment is to take care of wildlife as much as possible. Therefore, our professional wildlife control experts will always opt for the most humane removal possible while still providing results that last.

There are different steps to ensure all humane options are being utilized first, like physical exclusion work and preventing entry. It is not our goal to reduce populations. We also aim for thriving ecosystems as much as we want properties free of wildlife.

Therefore, we always make sure our techniques are as safe and humane as possible. This includes using the latest technology to prevent wildlife entry and capture animals in a stress-free environment. We have also developed innovative tools such as one-way doors that allow animals to leave on their own safely. 

Why Do I Need to Hire Professional Wildlife Control Experts?

Hiring a professional wildlife control expert is the safest and most effective way to rid a wildlife infestation. However, handling wildlife requires a lot of education and training to remove the property’s wildlife. Next, prevent future activity.

OMNIS’s technicians will offer safe removal of wildlife, so you do not have to worry about putting yourself or those around you in any form of danger. Our professional wildlife control experts receive specific training to diagnose and resolve various wildlife activities around your property with modern wildlife removal techniques and tools.

Wildlife can carry disease and are well known for attacking anyone who gets too close. Our technicians will safely deal with these critters without causing injury to the wildlife or themselves.

professional wildlife control experts will safely remove gophers

How Can OMNIS Help You?

OMNIS Pest Control is here to help you with your wildlife control problems. We use our years of experience and certified training to develop unique wildlife control strategies for home and business owners.

These issues are not something you should handle on your own because they can lead to the problem never being solved and heighten the risk of injury. Hiring OMNIS’s professional wildlife control experts will leave you peace of mind knowing there will be no more problems.

If you have any wildlife activity on your property or want to get on a preventive program, contact OMNIS Pest Control today and get the solutions you need.