Household Ant Control

Household ant control is a preventative measure that OMNIS totally embraces. The last thing any property owner wants is an ant infestation. While these pests don’t pose a serious threat to homes, humans, and domestic animals, they aren’t fun companions. Therefore, implementing ant control measures is strongly advised; it’s our mission that our neighbors have pest-free peace of mind.

Problems Caused by Ants

Without question, ants cause problems when they come indoors. Here are some of the dilemmas these small but mighty insects create:

ants jaw cuts through wood
  • Food Infiltration—Ants are clever at finding food. Once they encroach on your pantry or counter, it’s very difficult to drive them away. Save yourself time, aggravation, and expense by practicing household ant control.
  • Skin Irritation—Some species of ants bite and sting. These bites lead to rashes and even infections. As a result, when you practice household ant control, you protect the health of you, your family, and your pets.
  • Structural Problems—Carpenter ants chew through wood to create tunnels. Over time, these tunnels compromise the integrity of the structure. This damage leads to expensive repairs and replacement. Protect your property by implementing household ant control measures.

Treat Popular Ant Hangouts

In particular, ants are drawn to areas that have food. Consequently, any effective household ant control program pays special attention to the kitchen. Here are tips to keep ants away from your eating and food preparation space:

clean with vinegar to remove household ants

Spray entry points with vinegar

Monitor windows, doorways, drains, and air vents for ants. Clean these spaces regularly with a disinfecting cleanser. Create a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray these spaces regularly with this mixture. Repeat the process every few days.

Treat countertops with soapy water

Ants dislike surfaces that have been cleaned with soap. As a result, you can practice household ant control with soapy water. First, fill a spray bottle with one teaspoon of liquid hand soap and four ounces of water. Next, spray your kitchen counters and tabletops. Wait 5 minutes, then wipe off the soapy water.

Household Ant Control for the Bathroom

Ants are also drawn to water. Therefore, it’s wise to implement household ant control measures in your bathrooms. An easy way to repel ants from toilets, sinks, and shower areas, is with citrus water. Try this cleaning method to maintain an ant-free home:

lemon juice to remove ants from your house

Wipe down surfaces with lemon water

Blend one cup of lemon juice and four cups of warm water in a bucket. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture. Wipe down all bathroom surfaces. Pay special attention to drains and faucets. It also helps to clean the inside of the toilet bowl with this mixture. For an added boost of power, mop the floor with this solution.

Place fresh lemon and orange peels in cabinets and cupboards

Ants are repelled by the oil found in citrus peels. As a result, these pests will steer clear of bathroom cabinets and cupboards that contain these fresh-smelling deterrents.

Practice Household Ant Control Around Pet Food Stations

Surprisingly, natural ingredients provide reasonable household ant control. That’s helpful with regard to pet food stations. To that end, here are substances you can place around food bowls that keep ants at bay:

coffee grounds by windowsill for household ant remover

Coffee grounds

Ants dislike the scent of coffee grounds. If you keep pet food bowls outdoors, sprinkle the perimeter with coffee grounds so that pets can access their food without being annoyed by these pests.

Ground cinnamon

Interestingly, household ants that inhale cinnamon suffocate and die. Consequently, you can sprinkle the area surrounding pet food stations to repel these insects. In addition, you can create hot spots that drive away ants from food dishes. Simply soak a cotton ball in cinnamon essential oil and water solution and swab around these stations for an ant-free environment.

Maintain a Clean Home Environment

Above all, the cleaner your home, the easier it is to practice household ant control. When ants can’t find food and water sources, they have no reason to infiltrate your home. Following these tips helps maintain an ant-free living space.

no more ants in my house

Wipe Away Spills as Soon as Possible

Because ants have powerful scent receptors, they are quickly drawn to spilled food. So, it helps wipe up any food and liquid spillage. Follow with a spray of lemon-infused water to eliminate all traces of the sugar that ants adore.

Sweep Floors for Good Household Ant Control

Crumbs and food debris act like magnets for ants. Therefore, it’s smart to sweep your floors after you prepare or eat food. Do a thorough job, then dispose of the crumbs and particles in a sealed plastic bag. Ants have little interest in environments with no food sources for them to thrive.

Store Food in Air-Tight Containers

At OMNIS, during the inspection, we often see ants invade pantries and cupboards where food is stored. As a result, it’s wise to keep grains, cereals, and bread products in air-tight containers. This household ant control tip makes it hard for these insects to access and contaminate your food.

Eliminate Ant Scouts ASAP

A point often overlooked is that ants often send scouts to search for food. Therefore, it is important to kill any ant that you see on its own. Eliminating these pests as soon as possible\ prevents scouts from emitting pheromones that signal other ants to join them. After disposing of a scout ant, wipe the area with a 50-50 vinegar and water mixture.

The Ultimate Household Ant Control: Professional Pest Service

While it may be true you can implement common-sense household ant control measures, these approaches may not be enough to solve the problem. When this happens, call OMNIS. Our expert knowledge of ants enables us to banish them from your home. Here’s what we do to eliminate your ant problem:

OMNIS Pest Control sprays treatment to remove household ants
  • Identify the type of ants that invade your property
  • Match the type of ant with its preferred bait
  • Locate ant nests around your property
  • Search for favorite points of entry
  • Set up bait traps
  • Spray your foundation and yard as needed
  • Eliminate other pests in your home that feed on ants

Save yourself the stress, inconvenience, and health problems ants bring by calling us. We’re happy to bring you peace of mind from a pest-free home.