Safe Bat Removal

Safe bat removal is one of our specialties at OMNIS Pest Control. Certainly, after establishing our headquarters in Castle Rock, Colorado nearly 10 years ago, we have lots of experience with this protected species. As a result, we have some advice about bat infestation problems.

Eliminate Bats in a Safe, Legal Way

Since bats are a protected species in the state of Colorado, it is important not to harm them. That said, you must take safety measures before you try to get bats out of any space. Before you handle a bat, it’s critical to wear heavy gloves to protect yourself from the creature’s fangs and claws. Once you take this safety precaution, you can take the following measures to rid your property of bats:

  • Grasp the bat with a gloved hand, then release it outside.
  • Erect a bat house or bat box at some distance from your home to provide an alternative roosting space
  • Apply naphthalene bat repellant indoors
  • Train bright lights on spaces where bats roost in and around your home
  • Aim an electric fan on the place where bats roost
  • Try ultrasonic devices made to drive away bats

Symptoms to Watch for with Safe Bat Removal

Although bats rarely carry rabies, it’s important to know that most species in Colorado are healthy. First, however, it is important to know the signs of this dread disease. So before you try to remove a bat from your property, look for these signs:

  • Fearlessness at the approach of humans
  • Frenzied movement during daylight hours
  • Poor coordination 
  • No interest in food or drink
  • Paralysis and foaming at the mouth

Emphatically, call OMNIS Pest Control immediately if you see these signs in a bat. You don’t want to expose yourself to a health risk as serious as rabies.

What to Do After Safe Bat Removal

Once you remove bats safely from your home, you want to keep them out. Therefore, it’s important to plug holes with bat-proofing valves. This device allows bats to exit a space, but makes it impossible for them to enter it again. Additionally, cover any entry spaces that cannot be plugged with plastic bird net for safe bat removal. Finally, repair any broken vents where bats can enter your home.

Once you have driven bats from your home, it’s time to deal with the aftermath of their visit. Above all, it is critical to clean all traces of bat guano from places these pests occupy. If you leave bat feces and urine to fester, it can spread illness. Therefore, it is imperative to take the following steps after you get rid of bats from your property:

safely removing a bat with gloves

Do not sweep or vacuum the area To prevent harmful spores released from agitated guano, disinfect it before clearing away the debris.

Disinfect the waste In a plastic spray bottle, combine equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and water. Saturate the bat guano thoroughly; this prevents any powder residue from being released from this mess.

Cover your mouth and nose during removal—Wear a mask over your mouth and nose to prevent noxious spores from entering your breathing spaces. In addition, use nitrile gloves and goggles when you tackle this job.

Safely remove the waste Use disposable paper towels to scoop the mess, then toss the soiled towels in a disposable trash bag.

Disinfect the cleared space Use the ammonia mixture and disposable sponges to spray the cleared area. Throw the sponges in the disposable bag and put the container in an outdoor trash receptacle.

Professional Pest Control Company for Safe Bat Removal

Of course, the thought of hands-on bat removal makes many people squeamish. We understand; it takes knowledge and experience to do this job well. However, if you suffer from a bat infestation and want these pests permanently driven away, we are here to help.

Let us take away the danger, disgust, and fear that safe bat removal can bring. When you hire us to deal with a bat infestation, our technician will:

  • Pinpoint places of entry
  • Identify potential problem spots for bats that want to roost
  • Implement bat exclusion techniques that make it impossible for bats to re-enter your home
  • Capture and relocate lone bats to places far from your property where they can thrive
  • Remove and clean waste and debris left by bats

It is precisely this kind of professional expertise that makes OMNIS a great choice for safe bat removal.

long ear bat on wooden deck

Specialists with Knowledge of Local Bat Species

Important to realize is the fact we are a pest control company with deep roots in our community. Since 2013, OMNIS has served the Castle Rock community and surrounding areas. Consequently, we have in-depth knowledge of local species. They include:

  • Little brown bats
  • Big brown bats
  • Long-eared bats

And while these types of bats belong to the same species, they have different behaviors and habits. That’s where seasoned pest control technicians really shine since they have first-hand knowledge of how specific bats behave. Take it from the experts: safe bat removal becomes possible when you understand where these pests eat, sleep, and congregate.

a bat flying around your house is not safe

Use Tried and True Pest Management Solutions

Well-established pest control practices are key to safe bat removal. When you use guesswork, you can compound a bat infestation. It’s far better to employ techniques that are proven to work. That way, what begins as a minor problem won’t grow into a full-blown infestation. At OMNIS, we rely on the latest practices to keep bats away from your home, once and for all. Call on us for the peace of mind that comes when you work with a professional pest control company. 

Eliminate the Need for Safe Bat Removal Altogether

To ensure that bats, along with any other species, stay out of your home, it’s wise to get regular pest control service. Regular visits from OMNIS include:

Free inspection to identify potential entryways, roosting spots, and/or breeding grounds.
Friendly customer service that puts your needs, your children, and your pets first.
Ongoing maintenance to ensure that insects and wildlife steer clear of your home.
Wildlife damage repair for materials that various pests have harmed
Safe wildlife removal that relocates endangered species in a legal, humane manner

Contact OMNIS today for the peace of mind that comes from a reliable pest control service.

bat will not move from deck area