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To many people, bats are a symbol of misfortune and evil. Bats bring images of horror movies and Halloween. While bats can spread disease, they get a bad rap. Bats are an important part of the ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean they are welcome in your home. When bats take up residence, it is time to call your local bat removal specialists at OMNIS Pest Control for help with humane wildlife control and removal.

About Bats

While there are numerous ‘flying’ animals, most, such as squirrels and lemurs, actually glide and do not create lift on their own. Bats are the only mammal that truly fly. Bats are the largest group of mammals outside of rodents. According to the National Wildlife Federation’s Night Friends-American Bats, they make up approximately 25% of mammals species. There are about 1,4000 species found throughout the world, except in extreme deserts, some islands, and the polar regions. Of the 40 bat species in North America, 18 call Colorado home. They range in size from 1.5 inches to 6 inches and can live up to 20 years.

Colorado’s three most common bats are the little brown bat, the big brown bat, and the long-eared bat. Protected by law in Colorado, bats cannot be exterminated. When bats make their way into your home, local bat removal specialists can safely remove and relocate them.

brown bat laying on the ground close to a house

Echolocation And Diet

Most bats in the US have poor eyesight. They move around and locate food by using echolocation. A series of high pitch noises and clicks paints a picture of the bat’s surroundings. Their primary diet consists of insects. Among their favorites are mosquitoes, moths, and mayflies. Some bats along the United States’ southern border feed on fruits and nectar. No bats found within the US feed on meat or blood. The famous vampire bats are native to Central and South America. Despite their reputation, they do not feed on human blood but other wildlife and livestock blood. Bats are an essential part of the ecosystem. They devour a vast amount of flying insects, including pests like mosquitoes. Bats feeding on fruits help repopulate plants and forests from seeds deposited in their waste, or guano. 


Preferred Habitats

Bats seek shelter in dark, secluded areas. These areas often include caves, rock crevices, trees, and under bridges. When bats make their way into populated areas, they frequently take residence in houses and buildings. When this happens, it is time to contact your local bat removal specialists at OMNIS Pest Control. Bats take advantage of holes and openings in houses to get into attics and eves. There they roost during the day and venture out at night to feed.

Why Choose Local Bat Removal Specialists

Often there are measures homeowners can take to help in pest management. Dealing with bats is no different. One of the main ways to get rid of or prevent bats from moving is exclusion. By removing the ability for bats to enter your home, you also reduce the risk of infestation. However, once bats gain access, they can be difficult to remove. Local bat removal specialists have the knowledge and experience to remove the problem bats safely.

bat trying to fly away

Bat Deterring Devices

Local bat removal specialists use various tools and devices to prevent and remove bats. As detailed in seven bat control devices, a few examples include bird netting, owl decoys, and bat houses. Bird netting is helpful to cover openings in homes that cannot be sealed. The netting is also used as a one-way gate to allow the bat to leave and not reenter. Owls are natural predators of bats. When dealing with a small number of bats, these fake owl statues can deter bats from entering the area. However, over time bats generally become accustomed to the figures. Bat houses are another bat-friendly option for bat control. These small wooden structures offer ideal roosting spots for bats looking for a home. Yet, they will not coax bats already in your home to relocate. 

Bat Repellants

Another component local bat removal specialists use is repellents. Repellents come in different forms. Ultrasonic devices emit a high-frequency noise that repels bats, but humans cannot hear. However, their efficiency is unproven. The chemical repellant naphthalene is another example of what repels bats. Although, this chemical poses health risks to people and pets in the home.

The Dangers Bats Bring

It is a common misconception that a large percentage of bats carry Rabies. It is true they are the leading cause for Rabies transmission to humans; however, less than 1% of wild bats carry the disease. Signs a bat may have a Rabies infection include being unafraid of humans and being out during daylight hours. In addition, bats with advanced Rabies may foam at the mouth, have poor coordination, or become paralyzed. If a bat is spotted that shows possible signs of Rabies, do not touch it. Contact your local bat removal specialists at OMNIS Pest Control. Also, bats can transmit other illnesses through waste contamination. 

Call Your Local Bat Removal Specialists

The benefits of employing OMNIS Pest Control, your local bat removal specialists, are taking the frustration and danger out of your hands. Bat removal specialists have the training to spot the current and potential problems. They will expertly pinpoint the entry locations at risk in your home. Using various exclusion techniques, they will ensure bats can leave but not reenter. After removing the bats from the house, your local bat removal specialists will implement prevention methods to ensure the infestation does not return. 

In addition to removing current bat infestations, local bat removal specialists remove waste and debris and clean the area. Proper cleaning ensures the safety of everyone in the home. Bat guano can pass along diseases and parasites if in contact with people.

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