You’re Done Searching For “Bee Control Services Near Me”

We need bees. So, bees are a good thing… right? They pollinate flowers and are generally beneficial to our environments. But when bees enter your home and infest the surrounding area, the best move is to go to Google immediately and type in “bee control services near me.” This is an intelligent move because trying to get rid of bees on your own can lead to more significant issues.

Bees are hazardous, so only professionals should try to remove a large population of them. Frankly, it’s never safe to attempt to remove a bee’s nest on your own, even if you are taking the proper precautions.

Leave it to the experts at OMNIS Pest Control instead. If your search for a bee control service near me led you here, we’re glad to have you.

Let us explain why you should choose us to treat your bee infestation. 

Bees Can Be Bad

Bees benefit the environment in various ways, but allowing a beehive to thrive near your home can be very dangerous. While not as hazardous as yellowjacket wasps, bees do sting to protect themselves or defend their nests. These stings aren’t incredibly painful, but it is possible to have an allergic reaction to them.

Furthermore, beehives can ferment over time. This process attracts other insects to the area and causes damage to the surrounding structures. With bees, you are in danger of physical harm and property damage. Therefore, it’s best just to rid your property of them immediately.

honey bee on orange flower

It’s Time For A Bee Inspection

When you call the bee control services near me that you find through search engines, the first step they will recommend is an inspection. They will be looking for the hive during the inspection to identify the type of bee they are dealing with. For example, suppose the hive is within a wall or other hard-to-reach area. In that case, the technician will do their best to locate it without causing any damage or disturbing the nest. However, suppose the nest happens to be inside or close to your home. In that case, they will also suggest ways to avoid disturbing the nest until a solution is available.

Is It Legal To Kill Bees?

It is a fact that bee control services near me cannot kill bumblebees and honey bees. While many states have put protections in place to stop beneficial bees from being depopulated, there are instances where you must remove a nuisance population. The rule applies if you are allergic or if the hive is in range of your home. Other bees, like carpenter bees, should be removed immediately. This is because this type of bee is known to drill holes into wood to build its nests. This causes structural damage that will get worse as more bees populate the area.

Identifying Types of Bees

Which control method is best depends on the type of bee you have. Here is how you can identify the different types of bees that may be on your property.

bumble bee in yard

Identifying Bumblebees

Bumblebees are large and hairy bees with white stripes and short wings. They are relatively large, as they grow to be a little over one inch in length. These bees like building their nests close to the ground. You’ll typically find them under piles of wood or compost. Sometimes, you’ll even find them inside abandoned tunnels that rodents built. The average bumblebee hive has a few hundred residents.

Also, male bumblebees don’t have stingers. The females do. Curiously, a bumblebee can sting multiple times without losing its stinger, unlike other bee species. 

two bees on a sunflower

Identifying Honey Bees

Honey bees are relatively small, especially compared to bumblebees. They are only ½-⅝ of an inch. They prefer building nests inside wooden surfaces, like old logs, trees, and occasionally fence posts. Their colonies can be massive, with between 10,000 to 80,000 bees living in a single hive.

If honey bees feel threatened, they will attack. When they do, their barbed stinger gets stuck in the victim’s skin, and the bee can’t remove it. This act kills the bee in most cases.

carpenter bee damaging wood

Identifying Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are hairless bees with shiny black abdomens. They look similar to bumblebees otherwise. They enjoy building nests in large fields, parks, and alongside homes where they will have access to gardens. However, carpenter bees do not live in colonies. Instead, they drill holes in wood to create “galleries” where they then lay their eggs. Only female carpenter bees can sting. Though, like other bees, they only do this when they feel threatened.

Our Solution: Bee Control Services Near Me

Following an inspection, you can request to have the bee population on your property eradicated. There are many ways to achieve this, though our preferred method varies depending on your specific situation. For example, suppose you are dealing with carpenter bees. In that case, our pest control technicians usually spray chemicals into the holes where they live. This treatment won’t be an immediate solution, but it kills any adult bees living in the area. Unfortunately, it may not harm the eggs. Meaning, once they hatch, you’ll have to call OMNIS again to handle the problem.

The process for removing a honeybee or bumblebee hive will be different. Because we protect bees, our pest control technicians may have to contact a local beekeeper for assistance. The beekeeper performs something called humane removal. This means they bait the bees out of the hive, then relocate them to a safe area where they can populate.

Bee Prevention

Once there are no more bee issues, you shouldn’t just let your guard down. In the case of carpenter bees, there will be many holes left in your home or on other surfaces on your property. These holes can invite new bees to come to take up residence there. If this happens, you’ll be back to square one. To prevent future bee infestations, have OMNIS, a bee control service near me, treat the surfaces with a repellant. They can also fill the holes to keep the bees from nesting in them again.

Humane Removal by OMNIS

Although humane bee removal isn’t always necessary for businesses and homeowners. For example, if a bee population is swarming near your home, it is ordinarily legal to have them exterminated. Leave this decision up to us, in any case. You wouldn’t want to harm the environment by unnecessarily killing off a hive.

The Premier Bee Control Service

If bees are causing you problems at home, call the experts to get rid of them. This bee control service near me has a team of talented pest control technicians. With their assistance, you can legally remove, relocate, or eradicate a problematic bee population.

To learn how to deal with bees and bee control, call us at 720-583-4126. You can also use the contact form located below to reach out to one of our representatives.