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Pet-Safe Mouse Control

Mice are one of the most common pests found in homes. Having mice in your house poses a risk to you and your pets. However, using the wrong approach to mouse control is as risky as the mice themselves. Careful consideration is essential to ensure you use pet-safe mouse control to protect you, your home, and your beloved pets.

Mice Are More Than A Nuisance

Having mice in your home is enough to drive you mad. They chew through our food, leave droppings in the cabinets, and scurry around the walls. In addition to the annoyance, mice pose a health risk to people and pets. Mice carry diseases they pass along through their urine, feces, and bites, making pet-safe mouse control critical for all pet owners. Safely eliminating mice infestations ensures you and your furry friends can relax at home.

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Not All Products Provide Pet-Safe Mouse Control 

Caution is essential when battling mice in your home. Attempts to rid your house of mice put your pets at risk by exposing them to toxins and poisons. Whether your cat or dog comes in direct contact with poisons or an accomplished mouser catches a contaminated mouse, their health is in danger. Utilizing pet-safe mouse control removes the risk to your pets. 

Rodenticides Don’t Just Poison Pests

Rodenticides are a type of pesticide used to target mice and rats. While a quick and hands-off approach, exposure to pets and children may lead to the poisoning of a loved family member. If a curious cat or dog investigates and ingests rodenticide mouse traps or bait, the results could be lethal. Additionally, a mouse that has eaten rodenticide is just as dangerous. When feeding on a poisoned mouse, pets become victims of secondary poisoning. Pet-safe mouse control rids your home of mice without exposing your pets to hazardous poisons. If you believe your pet has ingested rodenticides, contact an animal poison control center and your veterinarian immediately.

Symptoms Of Rodenticide Poisoning In Pets

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Increased thirst and urination
  • Bloody nose
  • Lethargy or weakness
  • Depression
  • Difficulty walking and paralysis
  • Abnormal eye movement

Glue Boards Are Not Pet-Safe Mouse Control 

While glue boards do not contain poison, they are still dangerous to pets. Glue board traps use extremely sticky adhesive to trap pests such as mice and rats. The mouse becomes trapped until they die from starvation or exhaustion. These traps do not discriminate. They trap anything that touches them, including pets. Because their adhesive is so strong, they are painful to remove and will pull out hair and tear skin. Often, removing glue boards from pets safely requires veterinary assistance. Use alternative pet-safe mouse control techniques when battling mice infestations. 

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Pet-Safe Mouse Control Options

Still, there are many options for pet-safe mouse control. Using tactics such as exclusion and repellent is a great place to start. Also, live traps catch mice without poison. Then, you release them away from the home. Beware of products, such as ultrasonic mouse repellent, that are not as effective as advertised. Furthermore, professional pest management is the easiest and most effective pet-safe mouse control available.

Exclusion Is Key

If mice can’t get into your home, they won’t become a headache for you and your family. Removing entry, access to food, and nesting sites will keep the mice at bay. First, inspect the exterior of your home and seal any gaps or holes. Steal wool and caulk will work for small holes, while larger holes require sheet metal or cement. Next, trim bushes and plants away from your home’s exterior. Thick vegetation provides shelter and a way for mice to reach higher entrances.

Keep It Clean

Food and water sources are essential for mice. A clean home is a simple form of pet-safe mouse control. Make sure you clean any crumbs or spills as soon as they happen. Seal all food tightly and store it in rodent-proof containers. Keep your pet’s food and water bowls clean. Do not allow access to pet food to remain out if not eaten. Also, check pipes and drain to ensure they are dry with no leaks.

DIY Pet-safe Mouse Control

When exclusion methods are not enough, choose your mouse control products carefully. Many products on the market are considered pet-safe mouse control because they are natural. Read the ingredient list carefully, as many natural ingredients are also toxic to pets. Essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree may cause illness in cats and dogs. Additionally, birds are extremely sensitive to chemicals and some essential oils. If you must use a rodenticide, extreme caution is necessary. Choose a rodenticide with a low chance of secondary poisoning and place them in areas completely closed off from pets and children.

Professional Pet-Safe Mouse Control

If you are wondering when to call an exterminator for mice, the answer is at the first sign you have a mouse in the house. Calling in a professional removes the worry and responsibility of choosing pet-safe mouse control from your shoulders. Experienced technicians can pinpoint weaknesses in your home defense again mice. Then, they use that expertise to target problem areas and use the industry’s latest products to ensure safe and effective results.

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OMNIS Pest Control: Your Pet-Safe Mouse Control Experts

At OMNIS Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing friendly and effective pet-safe mouse control. Our professionals will walk you through evaluating your home and tailoring a plan for you and your home. We work hard to battle your mouse problem successfully while keeping your and your pets’ safety our top priority. Our pet-safe pest control is not just limited to mice. We tackle your most challenging pest problems, offering various services such as pet-safe ant control. Contact us today for all of your pest control needs.