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Commonly Colorado PANTRY PESTS

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Common Houseflies

Musca domestica

Houseflies are one of the most common flies that invade homes and food storage areas. These pantry pests can be vectors for disease-causing organisms, such as bacteria or viruses.

The adult housefly has a lifespan of about two weeks to a month, during which time it mates and lays eggs in locations like garbage cans, decaying organic matter and other sources of food. The eggs hatch within 24 hours, and the larvae (maggots) feed on the organic matter for up to five days before pupating and emerging from their pupal cases as adult houseflies.

drain fly

Drain Flies

Psychoda phalaenoides

Drain flies can be quite bothersome as they are aquatic pests commonly found in your pantry. These pests, also known as sewer gnats or moth flies, belong to the family Psychodidae. They are small, furry insects with a fuzzy appearance and short wings that make them resemble tiny moths.

Drain flies breed in moist areas such as drains, garbage cans, and septic tanks where organic matter accumulates. They are attracted to decaying food particles and thrive in dark, damp environments like your pantry.

To effectively eliminate these pesky insects from your pantry, it is essential to maintain cleanliness by regularly cleaning and sanitizing the area. Identifying potential breeding sites like clogged drains or leaky pipes is crucial for long-term prevention.

indian meal moth

Indian Meal Moths

Plodia interpunctella

Indian Meal Moths are the most common and troublesome pantry invaders in Colorado. They have the ability to infest a wide range of foods, including grains, nuts, and chocolate. These pests can cause significant damage to stored food items and contaminate them with their silk webbing and feces.

Indian Meal Moths are attracted to pantry staples such as flour, cereal, pet food, and dried fruits. They often enter homes through infested products purchased from stores. Once inside your pantry, they reproduce quickly and spread to other food sources.

To prevent an infestation, it is important to regularly inspect stored foods for signs of moths or larvae and properly seal all containers. If you suspect an Indian Meal Moth problem in your home, it is recommended that you contact a professional pest control service for effective elimination and prevention strategies.

fungus gnat

Fungus Gnats

Family: Sciaridae


Fungus gnats, scientifically known as Sciaridae, are pantry pests that breed in rotting wood, animal waste, and over-watered plants.

These pesky insects feed on fungi and organic matter in the soil and are most active at night. During the day, they prefer dark and moist places. What makes them particularly frustrating is their ability to pass through regular structured screens, allowing them easy access to your food storage areas.

Effective Pest Control Solutions for Flies and Gnats in Your Pantry

To effectively address the issue of flies and gnats in your pantry, you can try implementing proper sanitation practices and utilizing pest control methods recommended by professionals.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your pantry, making sure to remove any spilled food or crumbs that may attract these pests. Store your food items in airtight containers to prevent access for flies and gnats.

Additionally, consider using natural deterrents such as essential oils or vinegar to repel these pests. If the problem persists, it is advisable to seek the assistance of professional pest control experts who have the knowledge and experience to effectively eliminate flies and gnats from your pantry.

Let OMNIS Help

In conclusion, dealing with flies and gnats in your pantry can be a frustrating and unhygienic experience. However, there are effective pest control solutions available to help you combat these pests.

By addressing the root causes of infestations and implementing integrated pest management practices, you can eliminate flies and gnats while ensuring a clean and healthy living environment.

Remember to rely on reputable pest control companies like OMNIS Pest Control for professional assistance and expertise in dealing with pantry pests.

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