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Get Rid of Sewer Rats

How to get rid of sewer rats is a compelling question. Surprisingly, the local sewer department is not responsible for rats invading a homeowner’s pipes. On the contrary, the burden to rid rats from sewer and drain systems belongs to the homeowner. Therefore, OMNIS has advice on how to defeat this stressful problem.

What Are Sewer Rats?

Firstly, it’s important to establish what constitutes a sewer rat. Specifically, a sewer rat is a common Norway rat that adapts to life in a sewer system. In effect, there is no biological difference between an everyday rat and a sewer rat, except for where each rodent lives. Because rats are animals that burrow by nature, these creatures thrive in the shelters that sewers provide.

In addition to pre-made burrows, sewers are a rich source of food for rats. Consequently, these pests not only adapt to sewer life easily but thrive in these underground caverns. This is why sewer rats typically grow twice the size of common rats. As with most rats, sewer rats are nocturnal—that’s why they are often detected at night when they are on the move.

rodent urine on water pipe

When Rats Enter Your Home

Although sewer rats thrive in underground caverns, they multiply quickly. As a result, they go above ground for food and shelter when the sewer becomes too crowded. This becomes a real problem for homeowners with breaks and separations in their house drains, sewer vents, and toilet bowls. That’s because they are masterminds at entering homes.

As pest control professionals, OMNIS attests that sewer rats do not need a large space to get into your house. On the contrary, if such a rat can fit its head through a crack, the rest of its body will follow. Again, municipal governments do not take responsibility for such infestations. Control of rats in the home is the duty of the homeowner.

Get Rid of Sewer Rats Yourself

Because rats are great swimmers, they can swim through your drainage system and enter your home through the toilet. This leads to infestation, which is definitely a problem you want to address quickly and efficiently.

Of course, the fastest way to eliminate sewer rats is to enlist the services of a professional pest control company. For practical prevention, here are steps you can employ on your own.

two brown rats finding food in a backyard

Repair Cracks in the Pipes

  • Rat Flaps These are gate-like objects that allow only water to flow in one direction. Ideally, your flap should be made of stainless steel. This prevents rodents from gnawing through them. Homeowners who install flaps go a long way toward preventing infestations.
  • Caulk and Steel Wool When used together, caulk and steel wool create an effective seal that rodents cannot chew through.
  • Epoxy Putty This product is excellent for repairing cracks in pipes, as well as sealing access points to your home. Epoxy putty is a temporary but affordable way to eliminate sewer rats.

Get Rid of Sewer Rats by Removing Temptations

Like any living creature, rats are attracted to certain materials that help them thrive. Therefore, homeowners that eliminate or contain these lures can keep sewer rats at bay. Here are tips to make your home inhospitable to sewer rats.

brown rat living in sewer with plenty of garbage

Don’t Flush Food Down the Toilet

Flushed food can stick to your bathroom pipes. Since rats have a keen sense of smell, they are drawn to this aroma. Avoid trouble by disposing of food in outdoor trash containers.

Understand What Makes Good Nesting Materials for Rats

Diapers, sanitary napkins, and wet wipes make ideal nests for rats. Instead of using your toilet to dispose of these materials, throw them into a garbage receptacle.

Trim Vegetation Away from Your Home

Bushes and trees can cause cracks in your pipes. Avoid trouble by cutting back plants and vegetation around your property.

Set Traps to Get Rid of Sewer Rats

While repairing cracks in your pipes can inhibit sewer rats from entering your home, it may not be enough to wipe out the problem. There are different kinds of traps that effectively catch rats. They include:

Snap Traps

Snap traps use bait that lure sewer rats. When the sewer rat takes the bait, the trap is triggered and kills the animal.

Electronic Traps

These traps lure rats into a chamber, where they are subjected to a high-voltage shock that kills them.

Catch and Release Traps

Designed to catch rats without killing them, these traps use bait to lure the rodent into a small cage. Once the rat enters the cage, you can release it back into the wild.

Automatic Gas Traps

Gas traps lure rats with bait, then release CO2 gas to kill the pests once they are trapped.

Use Poison to Get Rid of Sewer Rats

Of course, rat poison is always an option to deal with this pest infestation. It is important to realize that these lethal materials can harm your children, pets, or the environment without the proper precautions. As pest control professionals, OMNIS knows how to employ the most powerful pest control materials while keeping you, your family, and your space safe. More about pet-safe rat control.

rat in backyard that came up from the sewer drain

The Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Sewer Rats

To clarify, the best way to get rid of sewer rats is to get help from a professional pest control company. In truth, rats are tenacious pests that can thrive in various environments. To compound the problem, rats multiply very quickly. What begins as a single intrusion escalates into a full-fledged infestation in a matter of days.

That’s where OMNIS can help. As professionals with years of experience, we have the knowledge, tools, and techniques to eliminate every rat from your home or business. Not only do we remove these dangerous pests, but we create prevention strategies that are tailored to your property. As a result, sewer rats can’t wreak further havoc on your life. Simply put, regular service from OMNIS is an investment that brings pest-free peace of mind. Call OMNIS.