Our Philosophy

Omnis comes from Latin and means “all, the whole.”  The word encompasses our purpose as a company: Omnis Pest Control humbly serves our communities through every practice of pest excellence.  This philosophy permeates all of our labors.  We provide top quality service for as many pest issues as possible.  In other words, we want to achieve all around competence in the world of pest management.

We set out every day to become a Renaissance Company with many talents and areas of expertise.

We want to be proficient in addressing almost anything you may encounter at your home or business.  If we do not have the resources to cover a certain issue, we will help you find a partner company that will.

Work is not all about making money, and that is exactly why each of our team members can be seen in the community sharing their time and talents.  For some this means volunteering at church.  For others it means spending time serving with Boy Scouts of America.  Feel free to invite us to service opportunities, so we can help give back to the wonderful communities in which we live.

Omnis Philosophy