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As we approach the winter months, it is crucial to prepare for the change in weather and its impact on pest behavior. Our fall pest control service is specifically designed to assist Colorado homes and businesses safeguard their property against invading pests during the colder months.

Our quarterly pest control service involves thoroughly inspecting your property and implementing a targeted treatment plan. This plan includes using eco-friendly products to target pests such as rodents, spiders, ants, and other nuisance pests commonly found in Colorado. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to protecting your property against a potential pest infestation.

More About Pest Control in the Fall

More pest protection.
More peace of mind.


Springtime in Colorado is a beautiful thing. The snow melts away, the flowers start to bloom, and everyone feels alive again. But while we’re all busy enjoying this season of rebirth and fresh starts, some unwelcome guests come with Spring: pests!

Pests like rodents, voles, ants, and spiders can make it impossible to relax outside without worrying about an invasion. Luckily for us Coloradans, OMNIS Pest Control has the perfect solution – springtime pest control services designed specifically for Colorado homeowners.


Safe & Effective Pest Removal

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At OMNIS, we use drone technology to assist in your pest problems.

Using semi-autonomous drones, we can safely and easily spray every acre of a large property for mosquitos. We can also use them to inspect tall buildings, roofs, eaves, and spaces that are ordinarily unreachable.

Soon, our drones will have advanced mapping capabilities to create maps that detail the size and layout of your property as well as your pest control needs.

Omnis is the go to company for pest control in the Castle Rock area

As a property management company owner, I have used Omnis for our pest control needs at our rental properties for years. I also have had routine pest treatments at my personal house for the last 3 years which have been extremely effective at eliminating bugs from our home. The owner is great and is an invested member of the Castle Rock community. You will not be disappointed if you decide to give them a try.

Ben P.
5-Star Yelp Review

Tried and True Pest Management Solutions

Along with our drone technology and high-tech methods, we utilize tried and true techniques for excellent pest management. Since 2013, we have continually combined today’s tools and techniques with well-established pest control practices to stay ahead in our field of expertise and ensure exceptional service. We design our integrated pest management strategies to be comprehensive as they are able to identify, eliminate, protect, and prevent any future pest problems. This is all with you in mind to provide you with our ultimate goal: a pest-free peace of mind.

Our Mission

Omnis means “everything” or “all.” That is the foundation of our business. We are an all-inclusive, comprehensive pest control service.

As a local company, we are committed to providing the best service to Castle Rock and surrounding areas, Parker, Monument, and Colorado Springs.

OMNIS goes above and beyond to keep your home or business pest-free.

We are your neighbors. We know the pests you are dealing with because we have dealt with them too. And since pest control strategy is always evolving, we are sure to stay up to date on current techniques and products. Through hard work and continued training, we do all we can to be your first and last stop for any pest control needs.

More About OMNIS


We now offer even more peace of mind with attic restoration–No need to worry anymore about what animal is in your attic.  

Up-to-the-Minute Pest Control Methods

We provide today’s most effective and safe pest management services:

  • Spraying
  • Dusting
  • Granules
  • Dewebbing

We offer spraying and dusting, depending on the types of pest problems you have. We apply granules in winter to keep pests down all year round. Also, we conduct dewebbing around your property to drive spiders away. Soon, we plan to add mosquito-spraying so you can enjoy your lawn and avoid mosquito-borne illnesses all summer long. Plus, we use our drone technology to remove wasp nests safely and completely.

Pest Damage Repair

We end pest infestations, but we don’t stop there. Instead, we go a step further to repair any damage caused by unwanted insects and rodents. We offer attic restoration services to wipe away the effects of gnawing, nest-building, and burrowing pests. Then, we use pesticide-treated insulation to make sure it never happens again.


Pest Prevention That Really Works

Prevention is the key to avoiding pest infestations in the future. Once your home is pest-free and back in good condition, our next step is prevention – the ultimate long-term solution to pest concerns. After pest elimination, we use techniques to stop pests from ever entering your home or commercial building. For example, we install the latest wire meshes and run caulk around openings so insects can’t come back.

Let OMNIS Put Your Pest Problems in the Past!

OMNIS has all the right solutions for your pest problems and concerns. We are ready to serve you, whether you live near our headquarters in Castle Rock or nearby in Parker, Monument, or Colorado Springs.

If you have any questions or would like to know more details regarding our services, please reach out and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can also learn more about us from our satisfied customers by checking us out on Yelp or NextDoor.

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