Snake Removal

Snakes, classified as dangerous or not, are not something you want in your home or your property. With twenty-five different varieties of snakes that live in Colorado, we know how important it is to eliminate this threat for you and provide you with that much-desired peace of mind. At OMNIS, we know how to safely handle any snakes you may encounter and promptly take care of them. So, no need to worry any longer. Leave the snake removal to OMNIS!

Professional Snake Removal in Colorado

OMNIS provides professional snake removal services for Colorado homes. Our pest control technicians respond rapidly to deal with any immediate problems. Then, we not only capture these nasty reptiles and take them away, but we take steps to ensure they can’t come back.

Do-it-yourself methods can be ineffective and sometimes even dangerous. Also, there are some legal considerations when getting rid of snakes. All nonvenomous snakes are protected species. Also, the massasauga snake and the midget rattlesnake are protected. Besides that, DIY snake removal can be an ongoing battle. Yet, with OMNIS to help, you can take care of this issue safely, effectively, and in the long run.

Humane Snake Removal

OMNIS practices humane snake removal methods. We focus on capturing the snake without harming it. Then, we take it away and release it into the wild whenever possible. We always do this job according to Colorado state and local regulations. Humane methods include hands-on and snake removal tools. When we’re ready to release it into nature, we take it far enough away that it won’t be easy to return.

Pest Threat Level


Aruba Rattlesnake Ready to Strike

Identifying and Controling Colorado Snakes

Identifying the type of snakes on your property is the first essential step. According to the Colorado Herpetological Society, 25 varieties of snakes make their home in this state. Some snakes are poisonous in Colorado, such as the Western Massasauga and the Midget Faded Rattle Snakes; others are just a nuisance. And unless you know a lot about these pests, you may not be able to identify which kind you have. Whether you have an emergency or not, we begin by determining what types of snakes are causing you problems.

Once we know the type, we can determine the best way to remove it. After the initial snake removal, we inspect your property to find out if other snakes are hiding in your lawn, basement, shed, or garage. We then remove any other snakes we find so that you can feel safe at home again.

A Snake-Proof Home

Just like our other pest control services, complete snake removal includes prevention. We’ll inspect your home to find openings where snakes can enter. After that, we’ll identify areas of your property that create a cool, damp environment snakes love. Finally, we’ll help you and suggest how to keep snakes out. Some of these methods include:

  • Taking away a cool, damp environment.
  • Keep shrubbery away from your house.
  • Putting up a snake fence.
  • Seal openings in your basement, windows, doors, pipes, or crawl space.

Another thing to consider is that snakes need food to survive. So, if you have insects, mice, or rats in your home, you invite them to dinner. Instead, you can rely on OMNIS Pest Control to eliminate the pests that snakes eat. In the end, you can discourage snakes from ever entering your home.

Omnis Catching Snakes

Enjoy a Snake-Free Home and Lawn

All our pest removal experience has prepared us to take care of the snakes that are bothering you. With our expertise and focused attention, we can not only take away snakes. We can also help you avoid such problems in the future. Afterward, you can return to feeling safe and comfortable in your home. You can take your family out on the lawn for a game of touch football. Or, kick back for a picnic in the grass. In short, you can enjoy your home more than ever before.