Due to an influx of pest activity, we are currently not performing raccoon control services. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Raccoon Removal

OMNIS Pest Control will safely and efficiently provide raccoon removal in your home or business.

Although, raccoon control is only essential if they invade your inside living space. Generally, raccoons are comfortable around humans because we feed other wildlife near our homes.

Even though it’s more natural to see them walking around the yard at nighttime, it’s common to see them in the daytime as well, especially for nursing mothers. If you see baby raccoons, DO NOT approach young raccoons. Their mother walks away to feed, and she will return. A mother raccoon may show aggression when protecting her young kits. Otherwise, they run away as fast as possible when they see humans and dogs outside.

About Raccoons

Smart and sneaky are excellent ways to describe raccoons. The common raccoon, Procyon lotor, is one of seven raccoon species. We can find common raccoons everywhere in with one state exception, Alaska.  It is natural to see them walking around the yard at nighttime.

Here at OMNIS, we discourage feeding wildlife such as feral cats, squirrels, and deer, especially when you see frequent raccoon sightings. Never take in any raccoon for rehabilitation inside your home. It is also illegal to keep a raccoon as a pet. Contact OMNIS, and we will take the proper precautions in removing and safely take away injured and ill raccoons to our local wildlife center.


Features are vital for raccoons not only for appearance, but they help their survival as well. Mostly grey and white fur raccoons have noticeable rings around the tail. Also, their mask around the eyes, the black fur protects glare against the sun. Also, each face marking is different, so they can tell each other apart.

raccoons in backyard


For the most part, raccoons live in woodland areas around a water source. Usually sleeping most of the day in their den or inside trees, raccoons look around for food and water at nighttime. They prefer to be near large trees with holes to make their shelter for closed-in space or “den.” Backyard ponds are often hotspots for raccoons because they need their hands to be wet to bend closed. But if they find their way up in your attic, that’s when you will need professional raccoon removal.

Diet of Raccoons

It is no surprise that raccoons are willing to eat anything because we see them rummaging through the trash. But they do have a preference for what they would rather eat, like corn and melons. We see so many raccoons because of human resources, such as our farming gardens. In this wild, raccoons will fish, eat fruits, and even bird eggs.

Pest Threat Level


Why Raccoons Are Bad

Be sure not to handle raccoon removal yourself. Especially when a raccoon is showing signs of injury or illness, contact OMNIS Pest Control immediately for raccoon control in the Castle Rock area. Horse stables, livestock, pest, and our family are at serious risk when raccoons pose a danger.

raccoon looking straight forward

Raccoons Carry Several Transmittable Diseases

Giardiasis, a Giardia species, is an infection from a parasite that transmits through urine and feces into the soil because raccoons use the garden as a litter box. Signs of this severe illness include stomach issues because it mainly attacks the intestinal area.

Rabies is a virus, and raccoons are more likely to carry illness and spread it than other known pests OMNIS handles. Raccoons only live up to three days after exposure, showing little to no signs of rabies. Scratches, bites, and general contact from an infected animal need urgent treatment from the hospital.

Roundworm is parasites. Both humans and pests contract them through feces in the garden and yard. Remember to sanitize all fruits and vegetables that come from your garden. Deworming takes a couple of treatments with a prescription from a doctor.

Controling Raccoons

OMNIS Pest Control Provides humane raccoon control from your home and business.

Inspecting Your Property

Routine inspecting throughout inside and outside your property needs to take place for pest control against raccoons and other pests. Human activity, such as noises and flashing lights, will naturally deter animals away. Still, attics and garages are often are unoccupied areas. So if you are away or do not go into a spot often, leave a light on or keep a radio playing to scare away pests. OMNIS Pest Control recommends seasonal professional inspections. When you notice anything out of the ordinary, it will only be a short time of damages and not years of infestation.

Repel Them Away From Your Home

Natural raccoon control includes keeping a well-lit backyard, no food or water for wildlife, and keep the grass and garden clutter-free and tidy. We discourage feeding outdoor animals such as feral cats, squirrels, and deer, especially when you see frequent raccoon sightings.

When OMNIS Finds An Issue

First, the treatment or raccoon removal consists of safely removing the animal from your property. Next step, we will close off the entry point to prevent future break-ins from these sneaky animals. Finally, removing a nest with a litter of kits and place it around a nearby tree so their mother can find them. At the same time, OMNIS has professional equipment with the correct way to propper use it. Also, we are certified and licensed for raccoon removal. So, never try and remove the raccoon or a litter of kits.

Contact OMNIS Pest Control to remove your pest raccoons safely and prevent them from coming back in.

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