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Lindsey Staszko AvatarLindsey Staszko
Jerry Was prompt, friendly, and thorough with attention to detail. He was efficient and provided me with an overview at the end of the service. As a return customer, I am very pleased with the ease to schedule and continued reliable service. Thank you! - 4/12/2023 
Michael Gentile AvatarMichael Gentile
A great small business that did a great job at a good price. Communication was easy and I’d hire again. - 3/28/2023 
Carrie Jay AvatarCarrie Jay
We have been customers of Omnis Pest Control for over 5 years and Scott has been our technician that entire time. He is the absolute best and takes my concerns seriously. We haven't had an issue since he's been treating our home. - 3/28/2023 
Darin Aagard AvatarDarin Aagard
We were having issues with rodents at our home in Castle Rock, Colorado. We were finding rodent droppings on our patio and in our patio furniture. We called Omni and the came out promptly and inspected our property and placed bate stations where they felt they would be most effective. They also sprayed around the house to detract any other pests. Within a short time the rodent droppings were gone and we have not had any additional problems since. I would highly recommend Omni Pest Control. - 3/18/2023 
Theodore Dutcher AvatarTheodore Dutcher
Scott was a true professional. On time and very efficient. Explained the issues clearly and provided future guidance. Well done! - 11/18/2022 
Lindsey D. AvatarLindsey D.
5 star rating At my initial call could tell the owner new exactly what the pests were out here, their patterns, and how to combat them. He answered all my questions and knew exactly how to take care of the yellow jacket highway under the siding near our front door. The technicians came out and took care of everything as promised. After one day the yellow jacket highway came to a "dead stop." I will definitely be returning to Omni. - 9/23/2022 
Christina Spencer AvatarChristina Spencer
Kenny was fantastic and listened to everything I mentioned as concerns, service was super thorough! I would highly recommend Omnis Pest Control, I have been extremely happy with their service. - 9/18/2022 
Carrie Muchow AvatarCarrie Muchow
Omnis is an amazing company for both their service and the product they use. I used them for years in Colorado Springs to control spiders in my backyard that had gotten so bad I couldn't go in the grass (really - there were so many that when you took a step the ground looked like it was moving). Their treatment made a world of difference and after only 2 sprays I could use the yard again. Plus, with a dog, 2 toddlers, and an organic garden, it was nice to know the spray wasn't harmful to us or the bees since it's a natural product from chrysanthemums. Then, I moved to Denver and was devastated they didn't service up here but, after a year of disappointment from another company, they're now in Denver!! I'm extatic to go back to them and not kill 5+ spiders in my basement every week (yay old homes) or battle the 4" ones in my garden. Seriously, give them a call... you won't regret it. - 8/18/2022 
Sarah AvatarSarah
**UPDATE** I am updating my previous review to 5 stars. Bryce removed multiple bird nests and put up netting and he did a great job. He has been very professional to work with. Thanks, Bryce! - 8/18/2022 
Sarah L. AvatarSarah L.
5 star rating Great Service, Very Friendly Staff and their technicians always complete the job quickly and thoroughly - 8/04/2022 
Jeremy Begley AvatarJeremy Begley
I've been using Omnis for the past two years. They continue to do outstanding work and make sure the job is done right and thorough. I had a mouse problem in my home, and they took care of it. I've also had a few wasp issues that they have resolved right away. The staff is amazing, and I highly recommend them. - 7/18/2022 
Meg Skelton AvatarMeg Skelton
Scott has been super helpful each step of the way. We had looked at larger companies to offer service, but Omnis' reasonable pricing coupled with great customer service has been well beyond what we expected. We are fans. - 6/18/2022 

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