Our Pest Control Services: Castle Rock, Lone Tree, CO: Omnis Pest Control


Residential Pest Control Services in Castle Rock, CO

We offer both regular quarterly and seasonal services.

Most Customers prefer the peace of mind attached to our quarterly pest control program.  On this program, we contact you when treatments are due and address the problems of that season.  For example, during the springtime treatment we get you ready for the bug season by specifically focusing on ant, wasp, bed bugs and spider prevention.  During the winter, we inspect the exterior of the home to make sure that it is sealed up against rodent intruders.  We also check the mouse bait stations in the garage.  At the same time, we monitor bait stations for voles, moles, and gophers in order to avoid the tunnel damage they cause to your lawn and landscaping.  This is the best overall value because it comes backed with full satisfaction guarantee.  We promise to keep your Castle Rock,CO home bug and rodent free; if you notice any problems in between regular scheduled services, just call us and we return to your home free of charge.


Commercial Pest Control Services in Castle Rock, CO

Whether you own a small bakery or a large warehouse, we can create a custom treatment plan that will allow you to focus on growing your business and not on pest control.  Nothing can be more frustrating than having to take time out of your day to deal with bothersome insects or rodents.  That is why we go above and beyond expectations in order to keep your business PEST FREE. Call Omnis Pest today to schedule your commercial pest control treatment today!