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There is a lot of wildlife present in Monument, Colorado. This is excellent news for wildlife lovers who like seeing animals daily. Unfortunately, a large wildlife population isn’t entirely good for residents. Monument wildlife control companies frequently speak to homeowners who are frustrated by animals that cause damage to their property and disturb their neighborhoods.

Removing wildlife from your property and limiting their access requires specific knowledge, so you won’t want to attempt doing so alone. If you are facing a Monument wildlife control issue, it’s about time you reached out to professional wildlife control experts for help.

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Nuisance Wildlife Control and Removal

We are a Monument wildlife control company that provides wildlife removal and damage remediation to our customers. We are licensed and insured, so you can trust us to provide excellent service with no risk to the property owner. Our team knows how to resolve any conflicts you may have with local wildlife, and we’ll do so in a humane and professional manner.

Getting Rid Of Wildlife

An experienced wildlife control operator has years of practice dealing with problem wildlife in the garden, yard, and home. Therefore, our operators can handle this issue better than the average homeowner. If you are experiencing difficulty trying to run wildlife off of your property—well, that makes sense. If running wild animals off of your property was simple, we wouldn’t be in business!

Monument Wildlife Control vs. Pest Control

Although many Monument wildlife control providers also handle pests, you shouldn’t confuse wildlife control with pest control.
Wildlife typically refers to larger wildlife animals causing damage. Pest control gets used in association with insects and small rodents.

Why is this important?

Well, the techniques that a wildlife control operator will use will often be different from the methods used by pest control operators. For example, pest control often relies on chemical solutions that kill or deter the target organism. Monument wildlife control instead uses techniques like trapping and exclusion.

In short, pest control involves reducing the population of insects and small animals living on your property. On the other hand, wildlife control hinges on relocating animals so that they do not interfere with your desired state of living. It’s a slight difference, but an important one nonetheless.

baby squirrel caught in a trap inside house

Monument Wildlife Control Methods

Wildlife control is a process that requires thorough knowledge of modern trapping and exclusion techniques. If you aren’t sure what we mean by trapping and exclusion, here is a little more information about each method.


Wildlife control operators use traps to capture animals that have wandered onto your property. In wildlife control scenarios, the traps usually won’t kill the animals. Instead, the wildlife control operator will take the trapped animal to another area that isn’t as populated by people. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, we use traps that kill or injure the animals when dealing with rats and mice. 


Sometimes traps aren’t an effective solution for the wildlife you are having trouble with. So, our wildlife control operators use exclusion methods to support them. Excluding an animal means preventing them from accessing certain areas and causing damage. Our operators achieve this by putting up barriers like nets, cylinders, and fences.

Exclusion often provides good protection over the long term, but it may be quite costly to implement across large areas. Still, exclusion remains one of the most effective methods of limiting wildlife presence on your property.

Other Wildlife Control Methods

We should also mention other noteworthy Monument wildlife control methods. First off, we have repellents. Repellents are chemicals that deter animal activity by triggering pain, fear, or any other negative reaction. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of repellents varies. Therefore, Monument wildlife control companies only use them under specific circumstances. 

Another Monument wildlife control method involves using frightening devices. These are tools designed to scare wildlife off your property. Some common examples of frightening devices include scarecrows and distress calls. Distress calls are audio devices that play a specific sound known to scare away the targeted animal. 

Wildlife Damage Remediation

After removing wildlife from our client’s property, we often find damage and debris left behind. The waste they leave behind can be a potential hazard, so it’s essential to clean it up. If you don’t, it could become a threat to you, your children, your pets.

Likewise, physical damage can also be a threat to your safety. Animals chew through electrical wire, which often leads to fires. They also tear up surfaces, which provides pests with a point of entry. In addition to these problems, nuisance wildlife causes other annoying issues. Some examples include eating your pet’s food, damaging your lawn or garden, and eating up your garden.

At OMNIS Pest Control, we offer to help you remediate the damage they’ve done to your property. We’ll clean up hazardous debris and waste, and we’ll also take care of minor wildlife damage on your property. 

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Why Should I Hire a Monument Wildlife Control Company?

To understand why you should hire a Monument wildlife control company, consider what will happen if you don’t. By not hiring a wildlife control company immediately, you put your property at risk of being damaged. And, in some cases, you also risk letting infectious diseases spread into your home. Beyond that, there’s also the risk of wildlife attacking you.

Fortunately, our wildlife control operators will diagnose and resolve Monument wildlife control issues. Their expertise and attention to detail are second-to-none, so trust us to get your wildlife problem under control quickly and with minimal stress.

Leaders In Colorado Wildlife Control

Work with a trustworthy Monument wildlife control provider, like OMNIS Pest Control, if you care about results. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we offer highly competitive pricing. Our approach to wildlife control prioritizes your needs while adhering strictly to humane, ethical standards.

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