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Squirrel Pest Control

OMNIS Pest Control is here to ensure your property is free from squirrels. For instance, this includes your attic, garage, and barn. While squirrels seem to be our friendly neighbor visitors, no one wants them inside spreading diseases and creating messes. OMNIS will help ensure safe squirrel control so you can enjoy them from a distance from your home.

Most commonly, when most think of squirrels, the common fox squirrel comes to mind. But, there are many up the trees and on the ground. The squirrel family, Sciuridae, ranges anywhere from a chipmunk to a marmot. But the one in the family that needs the most squirrel pest control (and that likes to disturb the interiors of homes) is the fox squirrel.

squirrel nest pest control removal near house

Nesting Together

Breeding squirrels will nest together, which is late winter and late summer, giving birth mainly in spring.  Baby squirrels or kittens (kits) will stay in the nest until they fully grow and fend for themselves against predators.

Squirrels will nest in a drey, a large pile of leaves and twigs that they can hide in together in winter to keep warm. When tree branches are close to your home, squirrels can easily hop up on the roof and find creative ways into your home. Oftentimes, in attics, we find a litter of baby squirrels.  Attics are a safe space for nesting mother squirrels, but this becomes a major problem if your attic crawls with kits, who aren’t even big enough to leave for at least four months. Seeing an adult squirrel running back and forth on your roof is a warning sign that squirrel activity may have entered your home. (She might be going in and out of your attic with food for her young kits.) If you have a squirrel infestation, it becomes a very unsanitary situation quickly.

Living in the Trees

fox squirrel on bench

Fox Squirrels

A fox squirrel ranges in various colors are the largest in size of tree squirrels. They weigh up to one and a half pounds and have a length of fifteen inches. The lifespan of a fox squirrel is anywhere from eight to twelve years, with females living longer than males. The oldest living fox squirrel was eighteen years old.

Pine Squirrels

Pine or American red squirrels a much smaller in size when you compare them to a fox squirrel. Their length is only about eleven inches, and weighing about seven ounces. Sometimes people call them a chickaree. OMNIS Pest control understands the speed of these tiny creatures. So if you have this Chickaree scurrying in your attic, don’t try and catch them. Let OMNIS Pest Control give you the safest squirrel pest control.

chickaree climbing up a house

Living Under Ground

rock squirrel eating oranges

Rock Squirrels

The rock squirrel has white edges on its bushy tails and is as long as 20 inches. Plus, they are a little bolder in attitude than other squirrels because when a predator is near, they will not run away but throw dirt at it. When attacked, these squirrels can emit a musky odor from their anal glands.

While ground squirrels do not create a drey in a tree to nest, they will burrow under the ground. So they are not likely to nest in your attic, but they will infest barns and garages. Other rodents that are not in the squirrel family are often found nesting with squirrels. These pests include rats, mice, and voles.

Are Squirrels Bad?

Once you have problems dealing with squirrels, they might not seem as cute. Regular squirrel pest control actions will ensure you will not have them enter your property again.

  1. Squirrels constantly need to keep their front upper and bottom teeth trimmed by gnawing on wood and plastic. The problem with that is that is most of the house is chewable, especially the roof leading to the attic. At least a couple of times a week, walk around your home. Make sure to look up at the top area to check if there are any chew marks.
  2. Additionally, most wires, including cable, telephone, and even sprinkler systems, get chewed up by both tree and ground squirrels.
  3. Furthermore, wild mammals such as squirrels carry diseases including typhus and leptospirosis.

Pest Threat Level

fox squirrel in snow

More information about dangerous illnesses that squirrels may carry:


Typhus is a bacteria caused by ticks, lice, and fleas that infect squirrels, which is troublesome for pets. When in direct contact with soil with urine and feces from an ill squirrel, transmission is possible. Water puddles are also commonplace for dogs to contract typhus. The sign of illness is rash on the skin, hypotension (low blood pressure), and shock.


Leptospirosis is a blood infection often found in squirrels from the bacteria Leptospira.  Signs of illness are chills, muscle and headaches, rash, red eyes, and stomach issues in humans. If a pet horse becomes infected, the horse’s eyes may become cloudy, which is a sign of a severe infection.  Pet dogs and cats are likely to get ill when in contact where infected squirrels live. The connection can be tainted soil or water puddles from squirrels’ urine and feces to pets putting their noses and breathing in bacteria.

DO NOT let squirrels or other rodents nest on your property where your family and pets may go. Have reoccurring pest inspections from OMNIS professionals.


Do not leave out any food for wildlife. They have plenty of food in the wild: nuts, seeds, insects, and bird eggs. The more comfortable squirrels become with humans, the greater their chance of entering your home without fear. Next, remove easy access by trimming tree branches away from your roof. Then, have OMNIS Pest Control conduct regular inspections to keep all pests off your property, either your home or business.


Guaranteed removal by a certified OMNIS technician is just a phone call away. If you see any damage to your roof area or any signs of a squirrel presence, do not remove them yourself. Use OMNIS for the best squirrel pest control in Castle Rock & ensure your family is safe.

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