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Effective Robin Removal

Robins are a well-known and welcome sign of spring. All over Colorado, the sight of robins hopping around looking for worms gives us hope warmer weather is soon to come. However, when robins take up residence, they become a nuisance. Effective robin removal is essential to keeping your home free from these noisy and messy birds.

American Robin bird

The American Robin – A Syble Of New Beginnings

These distinctive birds are a member of the Thrush family. They are easy to spot with their trademarked copper breast against their grey body. Both males and females have the same color pattern. However, females present a muted tone. Robins typically migrate in the winter and return in late March or early April. This constant movement of birds is indicative of their presence on your property. They are often seen perched on top of trees, power lines, and structures such as fences. You can recognize their presence by the soft chirping sound they make.

These birds tolerate cold weather well. Thus, they are among the first to appear at the end of winter. Because of this, they represent the coming of spring and fresh beginnings. The robin’s territory is widespread, covering most of North America, making effective robin control and removal necessary for all homeowners. Not only can robins cause property damage, but they also bring many unwanted pests with them. Our team at Omnis Pest Control has the right equipment and knowledge to help you get rid of any robin infestation effectively. Contact us today for more information on our services!

Messy Nesting Habits Require Effective Robin Removal

You may wonder why it is a problem when robins move into your outdoor spaces. Well, on top of being extremely messy, they can have up to 3 broods per season. This means you will have nearly continuous baby birds making noise and depositing droppings around the nest. To keep their nests clean, baby birds defecate over the side of the nest, littering the surrounding areas.

once baby birds leave nest then it can be removed from tree
mother robin feeding her baby birds

Robins Are Protective Of Their Nests

Furthermore, both parents are around to care for the young, doubling the protective behavior around the nest. Parent birds squawk in alarm when they perceive a threat to their young. Also, birds are likely to dive-bombing people if they walk too close to their nest. Since robins often build nests near doors and windows, this becomes a significant problem resulting in the need for effective robin removal.

Health Risks Associated With Robins

Regardless of the type of bird it comes from, bird droppings present a danger to people. But, with their larger size and amount of young they rear, the dropping around robin’s nests build up fast. As the fecal matter dries, particles get released into the air. These particles irritate airways and cause flair-ups of respiratory issues. In addition, when contaminated, they can spread diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis.

Bird Control Reduces Property Damage

Another concern when dealing with robins and other birds is damage to your home and property. Bird control is important to protect your home from various types of birds. Previously mentioned droppings stain metal, paint, and concrete. Furthermore, damage, including clogged gutters, holes in siding, and torn shingles, is typical around nesting sites.

Prevention Is Key To Effective Robin Removal

While there are many bird control tips for homeowners, there is no getting rid of birds completely. Professional bird control is the best way to achieve effective robin removal. However, there are basic prevention methods homeowners can use to reduce the likelihood of nuisance robins.

Deterrent Methods

As spring rolls around, some basic deterrent steps will help reduce the likelihood of robins moving in. Once robins have established nesting sites, they are more difficult to get rid of. When these steps are not enough, it is time to call OMNIS Pest Control for effective robin removal.

baby robin nest is unsafe by porch stairs

Remove Food Sources

Because robins do not eat birdseed, removing feeders is not a quick fix. With a primary diet of insects and fruit, it will take more precise action. If your property is teaming with insects, it is more likely to draw larger pests, such as robins, to feed on them. Having routine pest control services from OMNIS reduces a major food source of robins

Reduce Access To Nesting Sites

Another component of effective robin removal is stopping nesting before it starts. Ensuring your gutters are clean and repairing damage to siding and eaves reduces potential nesting sites. Monitor bird traffic and at-risk areas to clean out debris at the start of the nest building. Consistent disruption helps encourage robins to move on. 

Professional Bird Control Is the Best Bet

When robins and other birds move in, contacting your trusted pest control professionals is the most effective robin removal approach. Birds are a tricky pest to get rid of. Skilled OMNIS technicians give you access to a wealth of knowledge about local wildlife and pests, including robins. This knowledge, combined with professional-grade materials and techniques, will quickly have your home free of resident robins. 

Pinpointing Problem Areas

The first step in effective robin removal is identifying current and future problem areas. Our experienced pest control technicians are highly trained and have seen it all. Beginning with a thorough inspection of your property, a technician will map out areas needing bird, and other pest, control measures.

Selecting The Right Approach

After an inspection, the technician details a plan specific to your needs. There are options for varying deterrents to aid in effective robin removal. Experience lets professionals know what products, such as bird spikes, netting, or wiring, to use and where.

Safe Removal And Clean Up

Finally, contacting professionals lets you remove yourself and your family from harm’s way. Dealing with wildlife is a risky business. Enlisting OMNIS means you are not dealing with angry momma birds defending their nests. Additionally, we have the knowledge and proper gear to clean away potentially hazardous waste and debris left behind.

Do not touch active bird nest in trees unless there is possible harm

OMNIS Pest Control – Your Effective Robin Removal Experts

At OMNIS Pest Control, we aim to provide fast, friendly, and effective robin removal services. As a locally owned business, we understand the pests and problems residents of Castle Rock and surrounding areas face. Whether you want to tackle a pest infestation or start routine preventive treatments, we are only a phone call away. Contact us today to begin your journey to a pest-free home.