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Bird Control Tips for a Peaceful Home

Bird control tips make your property and your life much easier. Unfortunately, although you might enjoy birdwatching or like the morning birdsong, birds do not always behave nicely. For example, it might not seem so pleasant when they damage your property. Likewise, you probably won’t like it when they carry disease to your family. Beyond that, birds leave droppings on your car and windows. For all these reasons, we have compiled a selection of bird control tips for Colorado homeowners.

Common Diseases Spread By Birds

Common Diseases Spread By Birds

A bird can transmit diseases to humans both indirectly and directly. Learn how to spot disease spread by birds and how to protect yourself.

Signs of a Bird Infestation

Signs of a Bird Infestation

If you’re a local resident or business owner, it’s important to be aware of the signs that indicate an unwanted bird infestation.

Bird Control Solutions

Bird Control Solutions

OMNIS Pest Control assists customers in choosing the best bird control methods for their specific bird problem.

DIY Bird Control Methods

DIY Bird Control Methods

Many homeowners seek DIY bird control methods to keep the birds away. But what noises will successfully scare birds away?

Lots of Trees, Lots of Birds

Colorado has an abundance of trees. As of 2017, the state had 11.67 billion trees in its forests. So, it might not be surprising that Colorado has many birds, too. After all, birds find their natural habitat in trees.
In fact, over 500 species of birds live in Colorado. Unfortunately, the birds do not all stay in the forest. Instead, they often make their way to inhabited areas, such as your property. Therefore, you need to prepare them with some helpful bird control tips.

mourning dove nest inside eaves

What Does Bird Damage Look Like?

Birds can intrude on your peaceful property. However, they can do much worse damage than that. Bird damage takes the form of clogged gutters, torn shingles, or broken siding. It could show up as damage on surfaces like concrete, metal, or paint from bird droppings. If you don’t control birds, they can bring diseases into your home.

Which Birds Do You Need to Control?

Not all birds damage your home or disrupt your peaceful property. However, some can cause significant destruction. Others are so loud that you can’t enjoy a quiet day at home. The following list of problem birds can help you weed out troublemakers.

  • Woodpeckers
  • Crows
  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Flickers

Of course, many other birds might cause you problems. Most birds do carry diseases, so at the least, you need to keep them away from your family. However, you can all stay safer with the right bird control tips.

Bird Control Tips for DIYers

In this blog, you can learn several DIY bird control methods that you can try out for yourself. For example, you can use some methods to scare away birds, such as using different types of noisemakers. Or you can use shiny objects or garden balls to deter them.
Once you try these tips, you might not see any changes in the bird population around your home. It can take time to have the effect you want. Or it might only work at first until the birds get accustomed to the lights and noise. In that case, you can always call OMNIS Pest Control in Castle Rock. We can rid your property of the birds that annoy you now.

outdoor speaker connects with phone app for ultasonic sounds to deter birds contact OMNIS Pest Contact if this doesn't work

Noisemakers to Repel Birds

You might have fun making DIY noisemakers, but specialized bird control devices might have a more significant effect. You can check out our blog about noises that scare birds away. Here, you can find information on helpful devices like:

  • Devices that emit high-frequency ultrasonic sounds
  • Ultrasonic bird repellents
  • Sonic bird repellents

These synthetic sounds can drive birds away and sometimes keep them away. However, if you don’t have any luck with natural or artificial sounds, you can get help from the experts at OMNIS. At OMNIS Pest Control, we go beyond simple bird control tips to bring you expert-level bird control.

OMNIS Bird Control Methods

You get the professional touch when you call OMNIS Pest Control for bird control tips. Although you might have success scaring away a few birds, they usually return. Rather than letting them take over your yard or damage your property, we use expert-level methods.

OMNIS Expertise Counts

Our team at OMNIS has the expertise to make the most of every bird control method. For example, we use the best deterrents, including bird netting, wiring, and spikes. We make these more effective by catering our approaches to the types of birds we see on your property. For instance, what works for a swallow might not work for a woodpecker.
Beyond that, we choose the right spots to place the spikes, wires, or netting. Finally, we must know where birds tend to get together and where they make their nests. Since we are pest experts, we have no problem identifying the right places to set up your defense.

bird net over backyard porch keeps them away
two flickers sitting on a fence looking for insects making holes in wood

Get Your Bird Control Tips from Pros!

Finally, we sometimes use chemical repellents to keep birds away. Remember that whenever you use chemicals around your home, you must apply them correctly and safely. Who knows better how to use professional pest methods than a pro? With OMNIS, pest control agents manage your bird problem while keeping your family safe.
If birds keep trying to destroy your home and your peace, do what you can to scare them away. Then, if they still haven’t left, call OMNIS for expert treatment!