The first thing we do in the pest control process is remove all webs and wasp nests from the home, by using a 30 foot telescoping pole.  If that pole can’t reach a certain corner, we carry a 15.5 foot ladder.  This is an important part of the process for ridding your home of wasps because their nests contain a pheromone that attracts other foraging wasps to that area.  If we can remove the wasp nest and treat the area, then the pheromone will eventually break down.

Next we address any areas of concern on the inside of the home.  Typically insects will show up in garages, windows, doorways, and unfinished parts of the home.   Then they can travel along pipes into kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.  By applying a fine band of  product along these areas, we can effectively seal off entry points to the inside.

Obviously most of the effectiveness of pest management takes place on the outside.  We make sure that we apply an impassible barrier, by treating with a power sprayer a few feet high onto the base of the house and up to ten feet out.  We continue applying under the eaves in areas where the webs and wasp’s nests were, around windows and doors, and along the corners of the home.  We also extend that barrier another 15-30 feet by spreading water activated granules.

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