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Castle Rock Mouse Control

Mice shouldn’t be allowed to roam in your home or business because they can cause structural damage and spread diseases. That’s why people who want to eliminate mice go to Castle Rock mouse control providers.

If you are currently dealing with a mouse infestation, trust OMNIS Pest Control to take care of it swiftly. We are a leading Castle Rock mouse control company that offers affordable services to hundreds of customers annually.

The Castle Rock mouse control process always starts with an inspection, but before you schedule, here’s everything you need to know about mouse control and mouse infestations.

Mouse Facts

Mice are small rodents with pointed noses, furry round bodies, large ears, and long, usually hairless, tails. There are hundreds of mouse species, and biologists divided them into two subfamilies, Old World and New World. The most common mouse species include deer, house, field, wood, and zebra mice.

It’s important to note that mice are not the same as rats. These are two different types of animals that fall into the rodent family. Size can be a good indicator of the difference because rats are generally larger than mice.

Here are some more detailed facts about mice.

Mouse Size

Mice come in various sizes, typically between 1 to 7 inches in length. Keep in mind that this length does not include their tail length. The weight of mice varies as well, but expect the average mouse to weigh between 0.5 ounces to 1 ounce.

Where Do Mice Live?

Mice live in almost every terrain. Naturally, though, they prefer to live in forests, grasslands, and manufactured structures, like buildings. If a mouse lives in the wild, they are likely to dig underground burrows where it can easily take shelter. These burrows protect them from predators like cats, birds, dogs, and foxes.

Social Habits

Wild mice are timid, but they are incredibly social animals. Unfortunately, these animals are highly territorial as well. Sometimes mice fight one another to claim specific spaces.

Mice are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day. That’s why many homeowners hear mice running behind their walls while they are in bed.

Mouse Diets

Popular media often portrays mice as animals that eat nothing but cheese. This is obviously not true. Mice have a diverse diet that includes a variety of foods. They are omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and meat.

The common house mouse will eat almost anything available, as they aren’t picky eaters. Surprisingly, mice will even eat one another if food is scarce.

The average mouse eats 15 to 20 times per day, so if mice are in your home, you are most likely to find their nest near readily accessible food sources.

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Castle Rock Mouse Control and Prevention

Mice are attracted to food, water, and shelter. If your home is not mouse-proof, these pests will eventually find their way in to find these resources. The longer you allow them to stay and reproduce, the harder it will be to control the infestation. That’s why we suggest you call OMNIS Pest Control for Castle Rock mouse control and prevention.

If you aren’t ready to schedule an inspection yet, try implementing the following Castle Rock mouse control and prevention steps on your own.

clean up after mice


Mice require limited amounts of food, water, and shelter to survive. They can survive on the crumbs you drop and the residue of spilled liquids. Proper sanitation helps homeowners limit the amount of access that mice have to food and water. While they may have shelter, that’s not enough to keep them alive for long.

Unfortunately, mice with easy access to your home can simply forage outside for food and then return to their nest. This means sanitation won’t eliminate a mouse infestation. Although, sanitation can prevent future mouse infestations and slow down the progression of existing infestations.

mouse proofing house


Mouse-proofing involves eliminating all entry points through which mice can enter your home or commercial property. The process also involves sealing places where food is stored so that mice who do make it in won’t be able to access it.

To mouse-proof a home, we suggest sealing any openings large than ¼ inches using steel wool mixed with a caulking compound. Adding a patching material can ensure that the surface is smooth, preventing mice from pulling it out or chewing through it. We also recommend sealing cracks and openings in your foundation and gaps around water pipes, vents, and utilities.

set traps around active areas


People have been removing mice using traps for centuries. While the technology has advanced significantly, using mouse traps has remained relatively simple. Traps are great because they don’t rely on inherently hazardous poisons. They also force users to dispose of the mouse, so you won’t have to worry about them dying behind your walls and creating a heinous stench.

Mousetrap placement is critically important if you want your Castle Rock mouse control efforts to succeed. Traps should be placed close to walls, behind objects, in dark corners, and anywhere that mouse activity has been seen. You can use traps to get rid of mice in your walls too. Though, if you aren’t sure where to place the traps, a Castle Rock mouse control company can help.

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Why Should You Have Mice Eliminated?

While mouse damage is annoying, the main reason you should remove mice is that they spread diseases.  Mice carry a variety of bacteria and other microorganisms. When they defecate or urinate on surfaces, they spread these potentially dangerous microbes. If a person or pet comes into contact with the infected areas, they risk contracting a harmful disease. 

Some diseases mice spread include:


Hantavirus is a potentially severe disease that causes fevers, headaches, and muscle pain. If it goes untreated for too long, other symptoms, like severe coughing, fluid in the lungs, and death, may occur. The virus is most harmful if contracted via dust inhaled through the mouth or nostrils, so take additional precaution whenever cleaning up mouse droppings.


This is a disease that causes upset stomachs in humans. You can catch it if mice taint your food with urine or feces. In addition, food preparation surfaces sometimes harbor harmful microbes left by mice, so make sure you sanitize these surfaces if you have a mouse infestation.

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Choose a Trusted Castle Rock Mouse Control Company

Mice are a problem, and you know that. So why not eliminate them now, before they cause damage or someone gets sick.

If you need help with Castle Rock mouse control, OMNIS Pest Control has solutions for you. Schedule a free inspection using the contact form below to learn more.