How Do I Get rid Of Mice In My Walls?

Imagine lying in bed at night when all is silent. All of a sudden, you are alerted to the sounds of a tap-tap-tapping within your walls. But then you think how do I get rid of mice in my walls.

It might be the noise of your house settling. Or perhaps it is the sound of the windows flexing from the window or cold. Of course, this could be what you are hearing. But, there is also a chance you are hearing the sounds of mice tip-toeing, or racing, through the walls of your home. And if you have seen other evidence of mice or a critter infestation in your home, the chances are that mice have taken up residence inside your walls. So how do you get rid of them?

mice coming out from inside wall to eat crumbs

4 ways to get rid of mice in the wall

Having mice in the walls does not indicate that you have done anything wrong as a homeowner. Mice tend to take up residence in your home because it is warm, it provides a food source, and it feels safe. Mice often work their way through air ducts, crawl spaces, and wall cavities while scavenging for food. Further, mice can climb walls and make their way through the tiniest of holes. Therefore, it’s not unusual for mice to be undetected.

However, if you believe you have mice between your walls, you want to make that problem disappear. There are many diseases that rodents carry. So, you want to get rid of those mice fast. The team at OMNIS Pest Control has put together a list of four things you can try to get mice out of the walls of your house.

1. Mouse Traps inside walls

Position Victor snap traps along your walls’ bottom edges, with the baited ends directly facing the wall. Be sure to place the traps near areas that could serve as mice’s entry or exit points. Be sure to set the traps near any small holes because mice can work their way through holes the size of a coin.

OMINS sets mouse traps

2. Trap Boxes Outside Wall

If you haven’t been able to identify any natural entry points for mice in your walls, don’t fret. You can create your hole to help rid mice in your walls. Make a nickel-sized hole in your wall using your power drill, just a few inches above the floor. Create the same-sized hole in a shoe box, and then fill that shoe box with a baited Victor trap. Cover the box with Saran wrap or another cellophane-like product. Secure the box against the wall. Check once or twice a day to see if any mice have taken the bait. Though, keep in mind that you will very likely catch your first mouse within the first few hours. Repeat the process for a few days until mice no longer fall into your trap.

stop mice from coming inside your house by OMNIS Pest Control setting up a rodent bait station outside your property

3. Ultra Sonic Sounds

Try a sonic or ultrasonic device. There are many brands of these devices available on the market. And, mice find the sound these devices emit to be quite annoying. So, if you have one of these devices emitting sound into your walls, the chances are that the mice will quickly try to escape it. Further, combine this strategy with the placement of snap traps like we recommended above. You may be able to catch the mice as they flee to a quieter space.

ultrasonic deter mice out of walls

4. Professional Mouse Removal

If you have tried one or more of the above strategies and you are still hearing mice in your walls, then chances are that you need professional help. And if you feel like you have to throw in the towel, don’t worry because you are not alone. Mice infestations can be tough to manage. And the last thing you want to do is start drilling holes in the drywall throughout your home. Before you drill more than one or two holes, give a pest control professional a call. If you live in or near Castle Rock, Colorado, then Omnis Pest Control can help.

mouse inside wall popping head out


Mice can be tough to get rid of. Sometimes, the only way to get rid of mice is through professional mice removal strategies. Calling in professional reinforcements doesn’t mean you have failed. And if you have been wondering when to call an exterminator for mice, now might be the right time. You can reach the team at Omnis Pest Control at 720-583-4126 or via email at You can also submit a completed Omnis Pest Control contact form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to arrange a plan to help you get mice out of your walls.