Castle Rock Snake Control

Colorado is home to beautiful landscapes and majestic animals. Many residents chose to live in Castle Rock and other Colorado areas to feel close to mother nature. However, when wildlife enters our yards and homes, it brings a host of problems. Snakes are one such creature. While they hold an essential role in the ecosystem, they usually elicit strong reactions from people. Many people fear snakes. It doesn’t matter if they are big, small, poisonous, or harmless. In addition to fear, some venomous species present a health risk. Castle Rock snake control allows you to enjoy your yard and keep your family safe at home.

The Snakes That Call Colorado Home

As cold-blooded reptiles, snakes emerge to bask in warm and sunny locations. Also, most have camouflage to blend in with their surroundings. These two factors make it easy to sneak up on a snake unknowingly. Colorado’s rich habitat is home to approximately 25 species of snakes. Most of these do not pose an immediate threat to people. However, a few poisonous snakes do put residents at risk. Always use caution when dealing with snakes. Castle Rock snake control reduces the risk of an unexpected encounter. Being able to recognize common, and especially venomous snakes, also increases safety.

Non-Venomous Castle Rock Snakes

Outside of fright, a majority of Colorado snakes do not pose a threat to people. Snakes come in a variety of sizes and colors. The smallest snake is less than 8 inches, while the largest can grow to over 6 feet. The Western Yellow-bellied Racer, the Blackneck Garter snake, and the Colorado Bullsnake are among the most common snakes found in and around homes. These snakes are not venomous. But, they require Castle Rock snake control when found regularly around the yard and house.

yellow bellied racer on dirt covered rock

The Slick Yellow-bellied Racer

These smooth snakes prefer grasslands as they feed on insects, small mammals, and other reptiles. They average a little over 4 feet long. As their names state, they have a yellow belly with a grey or greenish-blue upper body. Yellow-bellied Racers are harmless, but Castle Rock snake control is still necessary if you find an abundance on your property.

garter snakes can sneak inside your home

Common Garter Snakes

Another abundant snake throughout Colorado is the Garter snake. The Common Garter snake is perhaps the most prevalent. A smaller snake, averaging about 2 feet, they have yellow stripes running along its black or brown body. These snakes are easy to overlook. However, when they often come together to form snake balls when breeding, the gathering of snakes usually reaches double digits. Often misinterpreted as a snake nest, these snake balls have people running to call Castle Rock snake control. 

bull snake finding shade under rock

The Bulky Bullsnake

Commonly confused with rattlesnakes, the bullsnake is the largest snake in Castle Rock. Although they share a similar appearance, bullsnakes have rounder, narrow heads, and round pupils. They can grow to an impressive length of 6 feet. Also known as a gopher snake, the bullsnake has a cream base color with black or brown splotches. They will hiss and vibrate their tail when threatened in an attempt to impersonate a rattlesnake.

Venomous Snakes Found In Castle Rock

With the possibility of venomous snakes making their way onto your property, you should always have a Castle Rock snake control plan. It is best to take venomous snakes seriously. They pose a real threat to people and pets. Furthermore, never approach a snake you suspect may be venomous. Three species of rattlesnake call Castle Rock home. The two most common are the Western Massasauga rattlesnake and the Prairie rattlesnake.

Western Massasauga Rattle Snake not safe around your property

Dangerous Western Massasauga Rattlesnakes

These rattlesnakes belong to the pit viper family. If you find a Western Massasauga on your property, immediate Castle Rock snake control is needed. A bite from this medium-sized snake poses a threat to your limb and even your life. They average 2 feet in length. A Massasauga is light brown with broad dark brown splotches covering its body. Additionally, a dark brown stripe extends from the eye to the corners of the mouth.

prairie rattlesnakes are dangerous around your property

The Venomous Prairie Rattlesnake

Prairie rattlesnakes are among the largest rattlesnakes found in the United States. They are bulky snakes that can reach 5 feet long. A common feature associated with rattlesnakes, they have a triangular head. Brown blotches dot their tan bodies. Often, white rings these brown blotches, separating them from the lighter background. When they near the tail, they turn into rings. Avoid contact with this snake, and call Castle Rock snake control experts immediately.

Castle Rock Snake Control For Your Home

When surrounded by so much wildlife,  pest control in Castle Rock is necessary for homeowners. Castle Rock snake control is extra important due to the danger venomous snakes pose. Homeowners can take several preventative measures to decrease the likelihood that snakes will take up residence. However, professional Castle Rock snake control experts are the safest bet once snakes do move in.

Know What Attracts Snakes

Like any living creature, snakes require three essential things. First, a safe place to live gives snakes a reason to stay when they are passing through. Many snakes occupy dens in the ground dug by rodents and other burrowing animals. They will also take advantage of tall grass and piles of debris. Another essential component is food. Most snakes feed on rodents, small mammals, insects, and other reptiles and amphibians. Reducing the number of different pests on your property will encourage snakes to move on to find a food source. Lastly, access to water is necessary for snakes to thrive.

Take Castle Rock Snake Control Prevention Measures

First, keep your yard trimmed and tidy when working to prevent snakes. As well as hiding places for snakes, rodents, and other animals use tall grass and debris to stay undetected too. Keeping your lawn mowed and debris piles picked up reduces potential hiding places for snakes and their food.
Additionally, take measures to reduce access moisture. Outside, eliminate freestanding water and puddles. Homeowners can take one more preventative measure in DIY Castle Rock snake control. Adding mulch or crushed rock makes an unpleasant surface for snakes to slither on.

snakes eat bird eggs then get bigger and shed their skin
snakes in the yard can be a problem if you have a dog

Don’t Give Snakes A Chance To Enter Your Home

In addition to outdoor Castle Rock snake control measures, preventing snakes from entering the home is imperative. Carefully inspect the exterior of your home for cracks, gaps, and holes. Seal any potential entry point and repeat inspection regularly. In general, snakes do not find our home an ideal habitat. However, they look for safe spaces to hibernate when the weather turns cold. Routinely check basements and crawlspaces.

Call In Castle Rock Snake Control Professionals

Handling and removing snakes is a serious business. Snakes are critical to Colorado’s ecosystem. Colorado parks and wildlife state that you can only kill rattlesnakes if they pose a direct threat. State law protects all other snake species. Professional Castle Rock snake control professionals can catch and safely relocate non-threatening species. Furthermore, when venomous snakes are present, allowing professionals to handle snake removal ensures you and your family avoid the risk of getting bitten.

OMNIS Pest Control – Your Castle Rock Snake Control Experts

At OMNIS Pest Control, your safety is our top priority. When it comes to Castle Rock snake control, we are the number one choice. Our licensed and certified technicians have the experience to inspect your home and property thoroughly. After a complete inspection, we will customize a plan to protect your home for unwanted snakes. Furthermore, our trained professionals will locate and safely remove snakes if snakes are present. All of this means you can rest easy with the confidence that you and your loved ones are safe. Contact us today for a free estimate for your Castle Rock pest control needs.

OMNIS professionals use a snake removal tool to be safe